Business Center in Dubai- Definitive Guide (2022)

Business Center in Dubai- Definitive Guide (2022)
Business Center in Dubai- Definitive Guide (2022)

As an investor, I bet you know how important it is to find an ideal business center in Dubai. Generally, a productive business center in Dubai plays a big role in business productivity and performance as well. However, finding a suitable business center in Dubai might not be easy, especially when you are just starting your business in Dubai.

Therefore, you might need a professional business consultant in Dubai to walk you through the best business centers in Dubai. So, if you are looking forward to investing in Dubai, having a business center is one of the key items to consider. In this article, we’ve documented some of the pointers you need to know about business centers in Dubai.

The following is what you’ll get from this article;

  • What is a business center?
  • Importance of a business center in Dubai?
  • Requirements for a business center license in Dubai

Similarly, business centers are popularly known for creating the best and most amicable business setting. Also, having the best business center contributes to the growth of all business sizes in the country. And, Dubai has the best business centers every investor could think of when starting up their business. On top of that, the UAE offers the best business environment coupled up with the best business centers in the marketplace.

These factors tend to attract lots of foreign investors into the United Arab Emirates to carry out their business activities. Additionally, these centers in Dubai are mostly affordable and give a profound solution for those foreign investors who are longing to have offices features with all the basic amenities at low or zero cost.

Having said that, let’s jump right into the main tenets of this post.

What is a Business Center?

Business Center in Dubai

Generally, a business center is defined as a place that offers different office facilities or services.

Therefore, as an investor, you can select one of the best business centers and Dubai where all your office work will be executed. With all the basic amenities provided in those centers, it is easy to carry out your office work without straining at all.

However, at some point, you might lack all the machines needed to set your business running such as a laptop, desktop, and more. If this is the case, business centers in Dubai provide you with everything you need for your office work. You can visit the centers and book or perform any business practice of your choice.

Additionally, some of the business centers are well-versed with secretarial services. That means; there are slim chances that you won’t get the services you deserve.

So, why should you have a business center in the first place? Let’s find out;

Importance of a business center in Dubai?

There are lots of business centers in Dubai that offer an excellent environment for all kinds of business ranging from virtual services to meeting services. So, anyone who wants to establish their business can find a solution to their problems.

One of the popular advantages of business centers is that they provide a complete solution when it comes to the internet connection. The majority of these centers are fully equipped with WI-FI that will help your surfing activities within the office faster and more conveniently.

Apart from that, here are the importance of having a business center in Dubai.

Lowers the Initial Set up Cost of your Business

Generally, lots of business owners get a lot of challenges when setting up their business. Cost Of Business Setup In Dubai For instance, startups encounter difficulties because they are new in the Dubai marketplace and know nothing about the imposed rules that govern the UAE marketplace.

Therefore, moving to a fully furnished office makes things easier. Firstly, it will lower the initial setup cost of your business.  Similarly, you’ll get all the designs and arrangements that have been made. Instead of looking for a designer to design your office, everything will’ve been done once you find the best business center in Dubai.

Business Centers comes with Different facilities

Imagine moving into a place packed with all the basic amenities an office ought to have? So, phenomenal! And so, if you want a fully packed office, look for no other town to carry out your business but Dubai.

The following are some of the basic amenities included when you move into the best business center in Dubai;

  • Meeting rooms
  • Reception
  • Mail management
  • Access to scanners
  • Coffee machines and more

So, anyone in the office might opt to use any of the above facilities without paying any additional cost.

They provide Investors with Legal Guidance

Legal activities in the UAE are some of the main tasks that disturb several investors when setting up their business.  The UAE authorities have set some stringent policies every business investor ought to follow for their business success in Dubai.

Therefore, not all investors are equipped with what is needed when setting up their business in Dubai. So, business centers take this opportunity to guide new investors in issues of legal matters concerning business setup in Dubai. For instance, they take part in assisting new investors to fulfill the legal information of Ejari and the tenancy contract as well.

Requirements for a business center license in Dubai

Having an excellent business center in Dubai comes with some requirements you need to adhere to before you obtain a license in Dubai. A work permit is one of the essential documents the UAE authorities value the most when starting your business in Dubai.

You must fill and submit relevant documents required for you to obtain your business center license. Just like other businesses where you need to have a work permit, a business center is not exceptional in Dubai.

Therefore, before seeking a work permit for your business center in Dubai, the following are the important requirements to take into consideration;

  1. You can obtain a legal type of license either as a sole, civil, or an LLC
  2. The exact fee to be paid for all the activities apart from licensing (AED 25000)
  3. RERA online training, especially for managers of the organization
  4. RERA training fee (AED 520)
  5. The business structure of the office is to be submitted to the Land Dept and Dubai Municipality for approval
  6. 5000 sq feet is the minimum space required