5 Steps for Document and Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE – 2021

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Document and degree certificate attestation in UAE is one of the most substantive processes valued by UAE authorities. Dubai being the most stable economic city in the world, the majority of foreign investors flock to UAE for business setup in Dubai. Nonetheless, it is quite cumbersome to enter and expand your enterprise in a foreign country without acquainting yourself with a tidbit of information about their global market. So, as a foreign investor, you’ll be compelled to provide documentation that has been legalized by reputable personnel.

As a general rule, the first step involved in documentation and degree certificate attestation in UAE is the notarization of a document. Typically, this helps to limit fraud and advocates for transparency. Additionally, your country of origin also needs to be attested to confirm your residency stance. The authentication process by the UAE Embassy is then conducted and once the document is brought back. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) will verify the document and give it legal effect in the UAE. 

Degree Attestation from UAE Embassy for Setting up business in Dubai 

Therefore, as a foreign investor in UAE, it will be crucial for you to strictly adhere to what UAE authority commands you to do, especially for your company formation in Dubai. Needless to say, every country has its rubrics set aside to govern its marketplace. And, if your heart propels you to start your business in UAE, then you must be well-versed with the solid steps involved in document and degree certificate attestation in UAE. 

So, before we delve much into the processes involved in document and degree certificate attestation in UAE, let’s discuss the following.

What is Document Attestation in UAE?

Attestation essentially means verifying and giving a certification of a document that is provided therein if it is valid, and legalized by a reputable party.  Most countries demand document attestation before meddling into their marketplace or engaging in serious businesses in their country.

For instance, if you want a visa to travel to another country, you’ll be compelled to issue out legal proof of your home citizenship. Other countries might require you to provide medical certificates. And some countries might require pertinent documents that are utilized by a foreign government for security reasons. Therefore, these documents need to be attested by an honorable authority to indicate that they have been obtained lawfully.

In this article, we’ve penned down some of the steps needed for your document and degree certificate attestation in the UAE this year. So, if you’re looking for business registration in Dubai or documents required for Emirates ID, this article will help you with step-by-step instructions on how document and degree certificate attestation in UAE is done.

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Let’s get started;

5 Quick Steps For Document and Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

UAE authorities are much concerned about the transparency of individuals working in their country. Therefore, to be fully eligible to start a business in Dubai, your document must pass through the following processes for attestation;

#1; Document Notarization in Dubai

Notarization of a document is the first step involved to check the legality of a document in the UAE. Not all individuals are honest in their dealing, and so this process will first knock them down if at all they have feigned their details.

So, the main purpose of document notarization is to rate the authenticity of your signature. Therefore, if the document presented has a sign before the notarization. The person involved must sign the document again while the notary is witnessing. Moreover, any other relevant documentation must be laced with transparency.

On the other hand, if the document is signed by an individual in the company, the person then must be a bonafide member and authorized by the company itself. 

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Thus, in case you are planning to invest in Dubai, ensure you provide a relevant and genuine document to the notary for authentication.

2#; Legalization of the Country of Origin

In this stage, your document is attested based on your country of origin. This process is also known as apostille or legalization. Therefore, this process primarily takes place in a certain place where it originated. So, the commonplace you’d want to undertake document attestation is at the ministry of foreign affairs of the state that serves to be the starting point of this process.

Similarly, the ministry of foreign affairs of the state will certify your document by cross-checking the details presented in the notarization stage.

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Once everything is certified by the ministry of affairs, your document is then attested accordingly based on the correct notarization. Immediately this step is complete, move to the next stage.

3#; Certification by the Consulate or UAE Embassy

This is a crucial stage in your documentation and degree certificate attestation in UAE. The UAE embassy must certify that your details are correctly placed and written without fraud whatsoever. Therefore, your attested document will be presented to this body for an intense check-up in your country of origin.

This body will perform Business Setup services, therefore, examine if the document presented is fully certified by the correct and reputable ministry of affairs before stamping the document with a UAE Consulate stamp. Immediately, the Consulate is done in this stage, the document must be presented back to the UAE for the final processes.

4#; Certification by the (MOFA) UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

When partaking in the whole process of document attestation, it might seem to be a huge task, especially if you are a new foreign investor. However, once you’re done by the UAE embassy, this will be the next effective stage to consider before delving into company formation in Dubai.

Therefore, immediately your document is returned to the UAE, it is then submitted to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs commonly known as MOFA. From here, MOFA will certify the document and authorize it in the UAE.

5#; Document Translation

Document translation is the final stage that is obligatory but not mandatory to be performed. Nonetheless, if your document has to be issued out to any government body outside the zones in the UAE, then the document must be translated by some experienced Business setup consultants. 

Thus, the translation of the document is always done in Arabic by an authorized translator who is licensed by the UAE Ministry of Justice. Immediately the translation process is done, the original documents together with the translated one are taken back to the UAE Ministry of Justice for certification.

Therefore, once everything is verified and certified. The document can be presented to any government authority figure in the UAE.


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