How to Start a Manufacturing Company in UAE; 6 Steps that Worked for Many Investors

How to Start a Manufacturing Company in UAE
How to Start a Manufacturing Company in UAE

The UAE is among the sought-after country where investors are looking forward to starting a manufacturing company. This country comes with tons of advantages to support any type of business set up in Dubai. For instance, the UAE is featured with a stable economy; an ideal location for business setup and has a very advantageous tax system.

These and other reasons, therefore, make Dubai one of the best cities to start a manufacturing company. Thus, as an investor looking forward to Start a Manufacturing Company in UAE, here are the 6 steps to consider for the success of your manufacturing company in Dubai;

  • Select an ideal manufacturing business model
  • Conduct a market research
  • Familiarize with the legal requirements for starting a manufacturing business
  • Get additional permits
  • Apply for a manufacturing license and register your company
  • Pass certification checks

Generally, the manufacturing companies in the UAE contribute 14% of GDP. And the country has laid down some strategic plans to skyrocket this to 25% in the coming next fifteen years. The manufacturing industry can be divided into several groups you can select to venture in for your business.

Therefore, in this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about starting a manufacturing business in Dubai including the following;

  1. Why is the UAE the Best Manufacturing Hub?
  2. What are examples of Manufacturing Business Ideas?
  3. Factors to consider when starting a manufacturing business in the UAE

Why is the UAE the Best Manufacturing Hub?

You might wonder why foreign nationals from all over the globe are looking forward to starting a manufacturing business in Dubai, right.

Here are the reasons why Dubai seems so productive when it comes to manufacturing business setup.

Strategic Location

Location is one of the best reasons why Dubai is the best manufacturing hub in the world. Typically, Dubai is strategically located and is easily accessible via different international airports.  Generally, the UAE is considered the connecting hub between different markets of the West and Eastern parts of the world.

Therefore, its location facilitates business deals 24/7.

Talent Pool

Imagine starting a business where there are lots of professionals and exceptional engineers and innovators?  Essentially, you’ll have all your business problems solved easily in Dubai when struck with one.

Additionally, Dubai incorporates the world’s most forward-thinking, ambitious, technologists, sophisticated engineers, and innovators who desire to prosper and thrive in Dubai. So, with a pool of such sophisticated engineers in Dubai, the city permits a thriving business space in the UAE.

Incorporate a Pool of Foreign Nationals

Dubai attracts lots of foreign nationals to carry out their business activities. In fact, it is ranked among the top 10 international cities that are said to attract different nationalities to invest in Dubai.

In 2017, foreign investment was estimated to attract US$ 7.4 billion annually. Therefore, this has increased lots of business opportunities in Dubai and paves way for a more growing market to conduct manufacturing business in the UAE.

Mature Client Base

With a myriad of business opportunities in Dubai, you’ll find a mature client base looking forward to doing business. And, Dubai has a proven record of registering serious client all over the world who is extremely dedicated to doing business.

Thus, with the aforementioned points, there is no other better place to Start a Manufacturing Company in UAEif not in Dubai. The city is featured with a mature client base, a pool of foreign investors, and it is strategically located to facilitate every type of business set up in Dubai.

Therefore, having known the noteworthy reasons as to why you should start a manufacturing business in Dubai, what are examples of manufacturing business ideas to embrace this year?

Let’s find out:

What are examples of Manufacturing Business Ideas?

If you want Start a Manufacturing Company in UAE in Dubai, we’ve penned down some of the manufacturing ideas you can choose from. Thus, it is always recommended to select one business idea and execute it fully with all open arms.

So, if you want to make something instead of purchasing it, here are some of the manufacturing ideas you can venture into this year;

  • Shoe Manufacturing
  • Towel Manufacturing
  • Baked-goods
  • Grape Wine Production
  • Cosmetics Manufacturing
  • Wigs, Weaves, and Hair Extensions
  • Soya Chunks Processing
  • Candle Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing ideas, you are spoilt for choices. However, it is advisable to select a business idea you’re well conversant with. Additionally, you can learn all the nitty-gritty incorporated into a certain business idea.

If in any case, you’re clueless about the business idea you want to start in Dubai, We at Vigor Business set Up Company Formation offers a detailed guide to help investors start their business successfully.  You can reach out to us for services such as banking activities, translation, consultations, and licensing applications among others.

Factors to consider when starting a manufacturing business in the UAE

Usually, before launching a business in Dubai or any city, there are preliminary factors one ought to consider when starting up a manufacturing business in Dubai.

Therefore, be it you are in a bid to start a candle manufacturing, wigs, chunks, and hair extensions business, the following pointers are key when jumpstarting your business in Dubai;


Location is one of the crucial factors to consider when starting a manufacturing company business in Dubai. Generally, the UAE permits business investors to start their business either in Dubai Mainland or Free Zone.

Therefore, before launching your manufacturing business, you must have decided on the location of your business.  Note each zone comes with different rules and regulations that ought to be adhered to when setting up your business.

For more details needed to start your manufacturing business in either Dubai Mainland or Free Zone, feel free to consult one of the expert consultants at Vigor Business Set up Company Formation in Dubai.

Selecting a Trading Area

Where do you want to sell your manufactured products? Do you want to sell it locally or export it? And so, you must select a trading area for your manufacturing business. Therefore, ensure the location of your business doesn’t confine your plans.

Raw Materials

This type of business always calls for quality raw materials to produce superb products for your clients. So, as business owners, where do you intend to get your raw materials? Do you intend to get it locally or import it?

Select an ideal method of obtaining your raw materials. While deciding on the appropriate method, ensure to have all the permits needed to enable you to facilitate all your business activities flawlessly.

Staff Members

A Start a Manufacturing Company in UAE requires tons of workers to help in processing and other steps involved in the manufacturing of products.

Therefore, before you recruit your staff members, conduct a thorough investigation so that you may recruit skilled members in your company.

Product Certification

Before you release your manufactured product to the marketplace, you must ensure all your products are certified. That means; all products must pass through product certification checks.