How to open a clothing business in Dubai; The Ultimate Guide

How to open a clothing business in Dubai
How to open a clothing business in Dubai

According to a journal article named “High-Valued Abaya Designs for the Middle Eastern Market,” the report suggested that the demand for fashion continues to skyrocket in the Middle East markets because of high standards of living and excessive resources in the Middle East.

Similarly, Kim said in the article that Muslims are one of the top consumers of fashion items despite their conservative image. From the data collected by Kim and other researchers, starting a clothing business in Dubai is a great deal because they are among the top consumers of fashion items, including clothing.

However, there are always set rules one needs to follow to start a clothing business in Dubai or any form of business set up in the UAE. There are many legal instructions you may be required to adhere to when starting your clothing business in Dubai.

And so, if Kim convinces you in his journal article, it is high time you set your foot off the ground for the success of your clothing business setup in Dubai. However, you might ask, how do you start a clothing business in Dubai, right?

The following are some of the best steps for your clothing business set up in Dubai;

  1. Draft a clothing business plan
  2. Select your preferred business niche
  3. Conduct a market research
  4. Register your business
  5. Collaborate with other manufactures
  6. Set a pricing tag
  7. Select where you’ll be selling your products
  8. Market your business

You need not have excellent skills to start a clothing business. Anyone can start a clothing business provided they have the energy to push their business to the next level.

Therefore, let’s dive into the proven steps you’d want to consider before launching your clothing business in Dubai;

Clothing business in Dubai
Clothing business in Dubai

How to start a clothing business in Dubai

With the competition and complexity of the clothing or fashion business, you need to execute subtle plans to beat your competitors.

Therefore, having the following steps at your fingertips will profoundly help you have a productive clothing business in the UAE.

Step 1; Draft a clothing business plan

It is always recommended to craft and implement a business plan at the onset of your business journey. A business plan will help you plan and execute effective strategies for your clothing business.

In addition, this acts as a road map or steering in a vehicle that directs you on which path to follow. Thus, when drafting a business plan, you must ensure it has the following components;

  • How you’ll reach your goals
  • The business budget
  • The sales strategy
  • Marketing components
  • The brand of your business
  • Where to locate your business, i.e., Dubai Mainland or Free Zone areas

One of the successful investors in fashion clothing named Dabney testified that a business plan is an essential element in the life of an investor or business owner.

So, always take your business plan with all the seriousness it deserves.

Step 2; Select your preferred business niche.

Once you’ve created the plan, the next step you’d consider is choosing the best niche for your clothing business.

Usually, a successful business owner identifies the problem and tries to fix it with the product. For instance, in this case, you’d want to pick a niche that answers a particular problem in the marketplace.

However, don’t let the idea of picking a niche for your clothing business disturbs you that much. You can identify the best place for your business as you keep on interacting with your clients. Similarly, you should pick a niche that you’re interested in.

Dombi, the founder of Bee Apparel, said that picking a niche you have a passion for is a big plus in doing business.

Step 3; Conduct market research.

The clothing business is so rife in Dubai. Nearly every business owner in Dubai has a clothing shop. This is because of the increased demand for fashion clothing among Muslims and other nationals found in the UAE.

This means the clothing business is very competitive in Dubai. Therefore, before resting on a specific type of business, you must conduct in-depth research to unearth every detail. Generally, research might help you discover many things that your competitors don’t know.

Additionally, conducting clothing market research helps you understand everything the business entails. By doing so, you’ll be able to devise super means of how to beat your competitors.

Immediately you’ve to understand the clothing market business; it’s high time you authenticate your business by moving to the next step.

Step 4; Register your business.

Now you’re one step toward becoming a guru in your business by understanding all the tenets involved in your industry. What else; register your business through the relevant authorities in Dubai to be permitted to conduct clothing business activities.

The following activities are involved in business registration;

  • Trading name approval
  • Licensing application

The above activities are super important when registering your business. Therefore, you’ll be required to submit your business name to the Department of Economic Development for approval. So, this is done following the naming rules implemented in Dubai. For instance, no use of blasphemous words, avoid copyright issues, and more.

Once your clothing business name is approved, it is high time to apply for a trading license through the Department of Economic Development, which is set to supervise the whole process. You can only use it for licensing registration if you’re operating in Dubai Mainland.

Business registration is one of the most demanding businesses processes in Dubai. The process typically involves legal requirements adherence. Therefore, this becomes the elephant, especially for those new to Dubai.

To shed light on this, you can seek help from one of our professional consultants at Vigor Business Set Up in Dubai to help you streamline all your business setup procedures. We aim to help aspiring investors have a say in the Dubai marketplace when launching their business.

You cannot do this without the help of a professional business consultant in Dubai. Connect with us, and establish your business successfully using Vigor Business Set up Company Formation in Dubai.

Step 5; Collaborate with other manufacturers.

Your clothing business is now registered and accepted to run clothing business activities.   Another question that might hit your mind is where to get your products from?

Thus, this step is crucial to consider for the success of your business. That means; you’ll want to collaborate or partner with other best clothing manufacturers to get reliable products.

Therefore, when selecting a manufacturer, ensure to consider factors such as the cost of the products, quality, and trustworthiness. There might be other factors to deem fit, such as the reviews of the manufacturers and more.

Step 6; Set a pricing tag

Before you launch your clothing products, it is time to zero in on how much each product will sell.

Once you’ve garnered all your products from your manufacturers, it will be easy to determine the cost of each product. And so, you’ll want to set a fair balance between the profits you’ll be making, and the price customers will be happy to hear.

Thus, here is where your marketing research will come into effect. This won’t take you edges since you have in-depth market research. After this, choose where you’ll want to sell your products.

There are lots of platforms you can think of and sell your apparel. For instance, you can decide to go an online way or a traditional way.

Some of the popular online platforms you can choose from include eBay and Amazon.

After successfully launching your clothing business, you’ll have to jump to the next step to make your business visible.

Market your business

To this juncture, having planned where to market your business is like throwing a needle into an abyss. And if you don’t know how to deal with your business, you can hire a professional digital marketer to market your products.

Similarly, you can conduct a marketing campaign on different sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clothing Business

How much does it cost to open a clothing line in Dubai?

The cost of starting a clothing business in Dubai is sometimes estimated by the amount you’ll need to pay for the clothing business trading license.

The cost of opening a clothing business in Dubai is estimated to be roughly AED 15,000.

However, the price can rise because of general factors such as trade name registration fees and government fees.

Final Thought about Clothing Business in Dubai

There is no other better place to start a clothing business if not in the UAE. The UAE comes with many features to help business owners have a productive business setup. For instance, Dubai is considered one of the stable cities economically, it has improved infrastructure and tax-free zones to attract foreign investors to invest in Dubai.

So, if you want to build a successful clothing business in Dubai, connect with Vigor Business Set Up to help you plan and execute all your business setup procedures effectively.