Everything You Need To Know About Family Visa in Dubai: Definitive Guide 2022

Family Visa in Dubai

Back in 2019, the UAE government imposed some landmark changes to its visa requirements, especially the family visa in Dubai. The landmark changes were primarily centered on the expatriates residing in UAE. So, following the new amendments to the family visa in Dubai, the UAE authorities publicized that those with UAE resident visas could support their sons who are even eighteen years of age. The UAE family visa incorporated lots of new things that were announced by the UAE authorities. Therefore, in this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about family visas in Dubai this year.

The following are the best items to familiarize yourself with concerning the UAE family visa before you proceed to process one;

  • What is the cost of a family visa in Dubai?
  • How many days does a family visa take to be processed?
  • New rules amended in the UAE family visa
  • What are the requirements to hold a family visa in UAE?

Therefore, having a resident visa in UAE gives you top-tier opportunities to engage and feel free in Dubai. Thus, once you’re a UAE resident, it is simple and easier enough to sponsor your family. Before the new rules were documented in the UAE family visa, it was a bit tight to support or sponsor your family in Dubai. Fortunately, nowadays, the new amendments permit employees to sponsor their families without considering the job position you are in.

Additionally, males and females who want to support their families have different requirements accorded to them by the UAE authority. For instance, males residing in UAE ought to have a minimum salary of AED 3000 or 4000 plus the accommodation. On the other hand,  females who are yearning to sponsor their children, husbands, and more in Abu Dhabi have to meet certain criteria as well. 

Therefore, a female who wants to support her family in UAE must possess a Dubai permanent permit stating that she is either an engineer, doctor, teacher, nurse, or other medical-related profession. In addition, Benefits of UAE New Green Visa  her monthly salary must be ranging from AED 8,000 to 10,000 AED plus accommodation. 

Similarly, a woman employed in UAE who fails to meet the above specification can only be allowed to sponsor her family provided her monthly salary transcend AED 10,000. Apart from that, it is mandatory to ask for approval from the DNRD before sponsoring anyone in Dubai. 

Thus, UAE will always consider the income of individuals residing in the UAE who are looking forward to supporting or sponsoring their families. That means; the authorities don’t care whether you’re a manager or a Ph.D. holder in order to be allowed to support your family. Nonetheless, what matters the most is your financial stability and ability to hold a valid Dubai permanent visa. So, before delving into the act, ensure to examine your UAE visa status to see whether you are eligible to support your family or not. 

That’s said: what else do you need to know about a family visa in Dubai? Let’s find out:

Everything You Need To Know About Family Visa in Dubai

When you are illiterate about something, you’ll always lack the guts to pursue it wholeheartedly. And, so, as a Dubai resident, you may want to sponsor your family to get them to enjoy the excellent life in UAE. UAE Family Visa in Dubai However, if you’re clueless about the UAE family visa, it might be hard for you to execute the process. 

Therefore, in this article, we’ve done the hard part and compiled everything you need to know about the UAE family visa this year. 

Check it out;

What is the cost of a family visa in Dubai?

Below is the price list indicating the cost of a family visa in Dubai. It will guide and help you to set a clear and succinct budget for your family.


Out of Dubai


Not insured


Not insured

3550 AED

5322 AED

2250 AED

4022 AED


Out of Dubai


Not insured


Not insured

3750 AED

5522 AED

2450 AED

4222 AED


Note; the insurance rate of single women and that of kids is somehow less by 50 % compared to those of married women from (0- 0-65 years). Moreover, married women aged 45-90 are cheap compared to the insurance rate of parents. So, the estimated cost of a family visa in Dubai is as documented in the table above. Whether you want a 2 years or 3 years visa, all the data tabulated above will help you profoundly.

How many days does a family visa take to be processed?

Usually, it takes roughly 3-4 business days to get a family visa in UAE. However, this might not be the case when you present fake documents. UAE authorities are normally keen when attesting the documents submitted to them for verification. Therefore, sometimes it will depend on the documents you’ve issued out for processing. 

Thus, if you present the exact documents required for visa verification, 3-4 working days are the exact period for your visa to be processed. On top of that, this visa is typically for expatriates residing in the United Arab Emirates who are longing to bring their children or family members to Dubai. For you to achieve this, you must have complied with the rules and regulations as per the UAE authority rules concerning the family visa.

New rules amended in the UAE family visa

Individuals working in UAE with a resident visa are allowed to sponsor their families if they want to bring them into the country. So, before the amendments of the new rules, applicants who wanted to support their family members were required to come from specific professions. However, the new rules are subject to the monthly salary the applicant is getting in UAE.

Additionally, the price of the family visa in Dubai will be AED 100 for the first-time renewal/replacement and insurance. Earlier on, ex-pat residents were only permitted to sponsor their sons up to the age of 18, after which they needed to get support from a student visa upon issuing out valid proof of study in the country (UAE).  

What are the requirements to hold a family visa in UAE?

The UAE family visa requirements are quite straightforward, but the entire process can be a bit challenging if you don’t follow the exact requirements documented by the UAE authorities. Therefore, the following are the requirements issued by (GDRFA), popularly known as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. 

To be a family visa holder in UAE, the following are the detailed requirements you must present;

  • Original and valid Emirates ID of Sponsor
  •  Copies of your passport’s wife and children (valid for six months)
  • Four size passport photos of your family members (wife and children) having a white background
  • A copy of your Sponsor’s insurance
  • Marriage Certificate verified and translated in Arabic 
  • Residence visa and passport color copy of the sponsor with high resolution
  • Authentic Birth Certificate of the child approved and translated in 
  • A verified Labor Contract of the sponsor
  • Current Electricity and Water Bill under the name of the supporter
  • Authentic Personal Bank statement or a company if you are an investor or employer. Also, a Memorandum & Articles of Association is needed if you’re employer or investor
  • A valid trade license if you are an investor or employer
  • Monthly salary stated in your original monthly salary certificate


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