UAE Family Visa Salary-Guidelines for 2022

Processing Family Visa in UAE Dubai

The United Arab Emirates permits foreigners who are residing in UAE on a resident visa to sponsor their family members on arrival into the country. However, not everyone staying in the UAE can support their dependents. One has to meet a certain salary threshold to be allowed to sponsor their wives, children, husbands, etc. Therefore, what is the UAE family visa salary eligible for one to sponsor their families into the country?

UAE family visa salary permits all UAE residents willing to sponsor their families into the country to have fulfilled the following salary threshold: male foreigners in the UAE to have a minimum salary of 4,000 or 3,000 AED per month plus accommodation. Similarly, women are supposed to fulfill a UAE family visa salary of 8, 000 or 10,000 AED per month plus accommodation.

Therefore, unlike other visas in the UAE, the UAE authorities dealing with visa-related issues stress a lot on salary each foreigner ought to possess so that they can sponsor their dependents in the UAE. Simply, the UAE government wants to ensure sponsors have a sustainable amount to cater to their dependents in the country. This is a good measure to ensure family stability in different families as they reside in the UAE.

Therefore, if you are in the process of acquiring a family visa in Dubai, we got you covered. In this article, you’ll get everything you need to know about UAE family visa salary and other essential details featured during the application process. Thus, the following is what you’ll learn from this post;

  • The cost for a family visa in the UAE?
  • How many days does it take to process a family visa in UAE?
  • What is the minimum salary to sponsor a wife in Dubai?
  • Family visa UAE requirements

With the above details, you’ll be deeply informed about the UAE family visa and all the intricacies it comes with. The UAE government has strict rules and regulations every foreigner ought to adhere to fit into the country. So, if you are want to know more about a Dubai family visa, continue reading.

The cost for a family visa in the UAE?

When applying for the UAE visa, each visa comes with certain specification one need to meet to obtain the visa. The procedures for UAE employment visas might slightly differ from UAE family visas.  Meaning, each type of visa might come with different costs depending on the documents and other processes one might be involved in.

Therefore, to understand the cost of a family visa in UAE properly, consider checking the following table.

Sponsor file registration


268.90 AED
Children/Wife Outside the UAE


488.90 AED
Children/Wife Inside the UAE


1,138.9 AED
Parents Inside the UAE


488.90 AED
Medical Test (Normal)


322. 50 AED
Emirate ID (One year)


AED 250

Transfer of New Residence to a Passport

AED 259.9


The table above shows an estimated cost of a UAE family visa you must know when applying for a family visa in Dubai.

However, you may find some of the documents required in a family visa application are not relevant in other types of visa applications. Therefore, it is advisable to get updated with all the details the UAE government recommends for any type of visa you apply for in Dubai.

How many days does it take to process a family visa in UAE?

Typically, a family visa in Dubai normally takes roughly 3-4 business or working days to be processed.

However, the UAE authority is clear enough to the specific days mentioned, that is, if all documents required are submitted as needed by the bodies dealing with visa-related issues. If the applicant complies with all the rules and regulations as per the immigration authorities in UAE, yes, 3-4 working days is the exact duration to obtain your visa in Dubai.

On the other hand, your visa might be rejected or declined due to various reasons well-known by the authorities. If such happens, you won’t receive your visa and the authorities might deport you to your respective country.

Any category of visa that falls under the family visas in the UAE has the same length of processing. For instance, when you apply for a visa for your wife or husband, generally, 3-4 days is the exact duration the visas will take to be processed.

What is the minimum salary to sponsor a wife in Dubai?

Unlike other countries, the UAE has its policies when it comes to when or who to sponsor, especially when they are entering the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, they have laid down some set principles each one has to have to sponsor their families in Dubai.

In Dubai, if you want to sponsor your wife, the government has it that you must meet certain salary expectations and accommodations of 4,000 or 3,000 AED. That means; you cannot sponsor your children, wife, or other family members if your salary is below 4,000 or 3,000 AED in Dubai. Provided you meet the salary threshold, the type of job you are doing doesn’t matter to the UAE government. More details can be read here

Family visa UAE requirements

Often, individuals normally mistake when presenting their documents to the immigration authorities for visa application. You need to submit the documents required as per the immigration rules as per the type of visa you are applying for.

Therefore, the following are the UAE family visa requirements you need to meet when applying for one;

  • Approved Emirates ID of the sponsor
  • Wife/Children passport copies (valid for six months)
  • Wife/Children 4 passport copies with a white background
  • Copy of the sponsor’s insurance
  • Approved marriage certificate verified and translated into Arabic
  • Valid birth certificate of the child attested and translated into Arabic
  • Resident visa and passport of the sponsor
  • Approved salary certificate from the company or employer with the monthly salary
  • Approved Labour contract
  • Bank statement (valid for six months) and more

Final Thoughts on UAE Family Visa Salary

It is interesting to stay with your family in the UAE.  You enjoy the sunny climate, visit different attractive buildings in Dubai and experience a different culture altogether. Nonetheless, if you are a woman, you must have a minimum monthly salary of 10,000 or 8, 0000 AED plus accommodation. Similarly, males’ monthly salary ought to range from 4,000 or 3, 0000 AED plus accommodation to sponsor their family in Dubai.


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