Digital Printing Business in Dubai; Definitive Guide

Digital Printing Business in Dubai
Digital Printing Business in Dubai

Are you a small business entrepreneur looking for printing ideas or starting a printing business in Dubai? Like any other business, you can as well earn a living by opening a printing business. However, you are required to strategically locate your business where the printing services are in-demand.

Therefore, before starting a printing business in Dubai, there are some basic tenets you must acquaint yourself with to execute a successful printing business in Dubai. Thus, if you want to start a profitable printing business, read on to find some of the noteworthy pointers to get your digital printing business up and running.

  1. Is starting a printing business profitable?
  2. What equipment is needed for a digital printing business?
  3. Steps for the registration of a printing company in Dubai
  4. How can you grow a digital printing business?

Since Dubai is a business hub and accords both the foreign investor and UAE nationals ground to start their business, you must understand what the business entails before diving into it. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with the aforesaid points will not only help you grow your digital business successfully but have a serene and peaceful rapport with UAE authorities in the marketplace.

So, without wasting time, let’s get started;

Is starting a printing business profitable?

This is one of the most popular questions on the internet people are asking before delving much into the digital printing business. Nonetheless, does it mean some business ideas aren’t profitable in Dubai?

I hear you say yes.

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Aside from that, we did conduct in-depth research on the different forums including Quora, and garnered some of the comments people were making when asked if starting a printing business is profitable.

The following are the comments from different people on Quora about the subject in question;

“Yes, the printing business is a lucrative industry! Today, the global printing industry is worth more than 800 billion U.S. dollars, and the T-shirt printing is by far the most popular and common activity. According to relevant data, the average annual income of T-shirt shops is $100,000, and the more they work, the higher their income.

Therefore, the printing business will always be profitable. If you have made up your mind to start your printing business, then you can go to FashionTIY to register your account. They have professional experts to guide you through the complete blueprint to start your printing business.”-By Jessica Wilson

“The short answer is yes. There are barriers to entry as previously mentioned if you want to enter the high(er) end of the market: Book, Magazine, Poster, Chipboard, or Corrugated.

There are niches though that can be exploited, especially in underdeveloped countries where flyers, business cards, letterheads, and Invoices are still being used. If you meant is the Printing business still profitable? Then there is also an opportunity in Digital Printing. The initial investment is high and the skills needed are different, but there is a growing niche for certain volumes of printing.” By Gabriel Cabanas

From the above two comments picked, it is clear you have no excuse to start a digital printing business in Dubai this year.

Now that you are aware digital business is a profitable business to start, what tools are you needed to execute your business?

Let’s find out;

What equipment is needed for a digital printing business?

Starting a business means investing in the machines and equipment that will help you carry out your business successfully.

Nonetheless, if you want a prolific business, you must invest in the right type of equipment. And starting a digital printing business is no exception. So, here is the best equipment you need for your digital business;

  1. Cutting System
  2. Graphic Design Software and Computer
  3. Laminator
  4. Printers
  5. Binding Equipment

Therefore, if you want a bare-bone operation, ensure to purchase inkjet printers and pro-grade lasers. Additionally, a robust cutting system and a computer with graphic design software are also needed.

On the other hand, if you are looking to perform a well-rounded operation, you can purchase a laminator, commercial offset printer, and binding equipment.

However, if you need help, get in touch with us.

Once you have your equipment for your digital business intact, move to the next part.

Steps for the registration of a printing company in Dubai

As a rule of thumb, you can’t launch your business in Dubai with an unregistered company.

Therefore, registering your digital printing business in Dubai is the most important aspect to execute your business journey. There are some laid down steps you’ll want to take for the success of your registration process.

So, the first step in your digital printing business registration is to submit relevant documents to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. Note your trade name must pass all these legalities to ensure you’re in terms with the UAE policies.

You must register your trade name by submitting at least 3 names to the DED for verification. After everything is clear, you can apply for a commercial digital business license. A digital business needs a permit to carry out some of the business activities. And so, having a trade license is a big plus in this step.

How can you grow a digital printing business?

As an investor, growing your business is the main thing you’d be concentrating on. If your sales dwindle every day, you’d be wondering what you are doing wrong to have such plummeted returns.

Therefore, growing your business becomes the number one priority for every business proprietor. Nonetheless, different business models might need specific strategies to be put in place for the success of that particular business. So, how can you grow your digital printing business?

Let’s get started;

Reduce the printing wastes

Reducing printing waste is considered the first step to enhancing the growth of your business. This can be done by measuring the correct printing materials. This will help you plan your printing process and have high returns at the end of the day.

Additionally, reducing printing waste helps you save some operational costs in your business.

Cut off the Client waiting time

Imagine getting served after waiting for 30 minutes in a restaurant? Sounds awkward, right?

Similarly, clients may walk out of your printing business if you take too long to attend to their services. So, you must hire some experts in the field to help you conduct some of the business activities faster.

When work is delivered on time, it is needless to say you’ll have high returns. Therefore, to facilitate your printing business growth, reducing the time clients wait to be attended to might help you a great deal.

Expand your Services

Expanding your business from not only proving banners and flyers services but to other businesses such as engaging in acrylic, paper-based media and other forms of digital printing will help your business grow exponentially.

Similarly, other than adding the same products, you can add a variety of products to boost your source of income as well.

Therefore, by expanding your services, your digital business will grow and results to increase profit at the end of the tunnel.

Final Thought; Dubai Printing Business

This is the right opportunity to start a digital printing business in Dubai. You need not have expensive equipment to start a printing business. However, you must invest in the right type of equipment to have higher returns.

Start today with the help of Vigor Company Formation and count your profit from day one!