10 Decent Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investment

Decent Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investment
Decent Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investment

Do you lack the hefty capital required to start a business in Dubai? Don’t give up on owning a business just yet, because I have amazing news for you. Dubai is one of the global dream destination cities. With millions of mixed race residents and tourists visiting,Decent Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investment living and working in the city, the corporate business industry is quite competitive and requires a ton of cash and a mountain of skill to start and operate.

However, if you need just the business to sustain you on a daily business rather than make millions, then there are plenty of plausible business ideas in Dubai with low investment that you can get up and running with minimal capital. They include

  1. food delivery from home
  2. catering services
  3. consultancy
  4. fashionwear/ thrift shop
  5. salon and beautification
  6. property management
  7. handyman business
  8. content writing
  9. Art and craft
  10. Poultry

1. Food delivery from home

This is one of the most convenient business ideas to explore in Dubai if you have excellent cooking skills. You do not require any space to set up shop hence no rental charges to worry about. Additionally, you do not need to file any paperwork or seek licensing from the Dubai municipality to conduct your business.

Food delivery from home only requires a small starting capital to buy essential supplies and ingredients, as well as some cooking and delivery ware such as disposable plates, paper cups and tins for packing.

You can prepare finger-licking delicacies and do door-to-door deliveries. You will be amazed at how many people, especially bachelors, are too lazy to cook or even go out to get food. Your door to door deliveries are convenient for such people, and if they like your cooking, well you’ve got yourself regular customers.

You can also deliver food to people in their work stations, such as construction handymen and even corporate offices, with proper connections.

You can market this business through your neighbors and friends, who can not only use your services but also help put your business out there. Social media platforms are also perfect for advertising this business for more prospective customers.  As time goes by, if you provide good quality food and delivery services, you may actually save up enough to open up your own little restaurant or fast food joint.

2. Catering services

If you have the necessary qualifications in the Hospitality field, you can start offering catering services for small and medium events within Dubai’s mainland. This does not require much capital, as most of your resources and operating materials are catered for by your client.

If your services are good enough, your business will be referred by satisfied clients, and in no time, you will be doing large events and making good money. All you need to do is build up your staff slowly by recruiting skilled kitchen hands to help in the events. You can also get apprentices and train them to perfection while they help you improve your business.

Eventually, with impressive services, you may make enough money to open up your own registered, renowned catering company complete with specialized equipment, transport vans and skilled staff.

3. Consultancy

If you have any professional skills, knowledge and qualifications in the legal field, the technological sector or in business management, you can put them to use by offering freelance consultancy and solution services to relevant companies, firms or individual clients.

This is a highly marketable business idea with Dubai’s teeming business population. Decent Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investment do not require much capital to get started; all you need are your credentials, qualifications and necessary approval papers. You can advertise your services and qualifications online.

You can operate on your own or begin a partnership firm with associate freelance consultants. This makes it easier to pool resources and ideas, and can quickly grow into a prominent consultancy firm that can recruit and employ more staff to its payroll if run diligently and shrewdly.

4. Fashion-wear/ thrift shop

Can’t open your own stylish and expensive boutique? Well no problem, you can always open a thrift shop where you can operate through buying second-hand apparel and foot-wear from trusted sources at low costs and reselling them at a profitable price.

There are plenty of people who will love the idea of looking sharp at a lesser price than they would spend at the boutique. This business does not eat too much into your pocket.

5. Salon and beautification

With good hairdressing and general beautification skills, you can set up a small salon and beauty shop, or even offer mobile services. This business is easy to set up, as most of the hairdressing material can be provided by the client, and all you need to do is have them pay for your time and expertise. You may need to buy a few materials and accessories such as combs, mirrors, blow-drying machines, and essential oils, creams and sheen sprays.

For beautification, you may need to have makeup products of your own just in case, as well as nail-painting accessories and the likes, depending on the services you offer. You will need to have clients pay for these products in addition to the service.

You can get a skilled partner or a quick-learning apprentice to help you as the demand for your services increases.

6. Property management

With thousands of real estate investors in Dubai, property management is a lucrative business idea for anyone with the relevant knowledge, expertise, qualifications and experience. Tired of offering exceptional services for firms at a specified fee? You can always offer independent services as a personalized property manager for property owners who are often away or simply have their hands full. This way, you can discuss your own terms and negotiate your own charges.

You don’t need a lot of capital to set up as a private property manager in Dubai, all you need is impressive qualifications, your credentials and enough confidence.

7. Content writing

Freelance content writing for companies blogs and websites is currently the most low-risk, profitable job with no fuss in Dubai. All you need is your desktop or any other appropriate Decent Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investment device, and exemplary writing skills, no licenses, no taxation and no starting capital.

If you are good enough, your work sells you, and with time you can even train and recruit more freelance writers for hire under your personal brand.

8.  Art and craft

If you can paint or carve beautiful household ornaments and mementos, then you only need to employ your skills to your advantage. With Dubai’s tourist-infested population, your art and craft handwork is bound to sell quickly. You can as well make money from your talent by supplying art galleries and gift shops around Dubai with gorgeous pieces of your work.

This business requires just a small capital for painting and carving tools such as paint brushes, pencils, paint, canvas sheets and flint stones among others.

9. Handyman business

This business involves recruiting skilled personnel in a particular field and hiring them out to companies in need of them. You can recruit plumbers, electricians, wiring experts and general blue-collar workers and pay them per contract.

It is a low-investment business opportunity that you can effortlessly start with the right connections, proper advertisement and shrewd planning and management. With Dubai’s industrious and competitive economy, there are plenty of companies that could use such services.

10. Poultry farming

Poultry farming requires just a little capital to get started; you only need a small space, an affordable trade license from the Dubai municipality and enough money to get a few birds, proper housing facilities and other equipment, as well as enough feeds for the birds. With poultry farming, you need to start small. With proper management and maintenance, and a stable market, the business will scale itself higher real effortlessly.


Dubai offers an impressive investor-friendly environment with low tax rates and a stable economy. The vast population offers a wide market for countless businesses that thrive Profitable Business Ideas In Dubai For Beginners within the city. As a competitive economic giant, Dubai holds numerous multi-billion business and corporate investments.

However, the city also offers plenty of low-investment business opportunities with impressive ROI. Technically, you can’t lack something to do. All you need to do is find your niche, explore it with the capital and skills at your disposal, and try scaling your business actively.