What are the Responsibilities of a Top Business Setup Consultant in Dubai?

What are the Responsibilities of a Top Business Setup Consultant in Dubai?

Having a leading business setup in Dubai does sound exciting but company formation in the UAE needs a lot more than just having a unique business idea. In UAE, there are certain rules and regulations, that the state wants you to follow if you want to open a business in UAE. Besides, the UAE has allotted certain locations mainly for business purposes, and understanding the jurisdiction is also a must if you start a business in UAE. In such times, opting for the professional services of the best business setup consultants in Dubai is the best option.

Many think business consultants only help with the business plan, but in reality, consultancy offers pro services for specific businesses’ problems. Their leading business set services handle business aspects related to legal, documents, license, administration, and advisory.

An ideal business consultant helps all kinds of businesses in Dubai whether you are a veteran or just an aspiring entrepreneur. The pro services for professional business, and all other business activities, the UAE consultants can prove to be beneficial as they are familiar with the UAE’s legislature and have been working in the local industry for good years.

So, what should you expect from consultants in Dubai, what are their responsibilities and role? What kind of business setup services do they offer? Read on to learn more about top business setup consultants in Dubai, and across UAE.

What are the Roles of Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE?

Company formation consultants have numerous roles. Rather their responsibilities mostly depend on the expectations of business owners.

Select the jurisdiction

Mainly there are three ecosystems where the UAE allows to open businesses in the UAE. Those are mainland, free zone, and offshore. These are called jurisdictions.

Every jurisdiction offers business advantages and disadvantages. You have to select which economic zone goes well with your business plan. For that, you need to have updated knowledge and relevant experience to make this decision. Here the help of an experienced consultant can make your decision-making easy and right. Opening a company in a free zone is one of the easiest.

Select the Suitable Legal Structure

There are multiple types of legal structures to choose from for your company registration. But not all economic zones offer the same types of legal structures. Choosing from a long list of legal options related to business can be overwhelming especially if it is the first time you are doing the best company formation in Dubai and the UAE. It is one of the responsibilities of consulting services to choose the right as this decision will decide all the further steps for setting up a business.

Here is the list of the most common legal structures the UAE offers;

  • Partnership
  • Mainland LLC company (limited liability company)
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Joint business venture
  • Public shareholding business
  • Commercial company
  • Private shareholding business
  • Civil business
  • Sole trader
  • Professional business

Legal structures in Dubai and UAE provide businesses with a set of regulations to ensure a healthy and transparent business ecosystem.

Registration for company formation

Every zone has a specific registration process. The documents you require for the free zone may not be required for mainland or offshore. There are more than 30 free zones in the UAE and more than half exist in Dubai. It is the responsibility of business setup consultants in UAE to be aware of all the zones and their specific legal formalities well to make the company formation registration process smooth and efficient.

Submission to the Government Department

Once the legal structure and documents have been assembled, the department of economic development in Dubai (DED) will share the further steps to acquire a trade license for business setup in Dubai. It might be hard for you to communicate with the officials due to the language barrier and it is also possible you may not understand all the legal requirements. Besides, consultants in Dubai and UAE have internal connections in such administrations as they get in contact with them on regular basis to register new businesses in Dubai.

Documents Completion

Every zone offers different services in Dubai and requires specific documents for registration and trade license grant. Business consultants know all the documents you require to register your business in the free zone, mainland or offshore. They will procure all the paperwork and handle all the matters in case of any problems or missing a document.

Here are the most common documents that every economic zone administration asks you to submit.

  • 2 copies of valid passports of business owners
  • Filled trade license application
  • Certificate of EJARI registration
  • The tenant agreement
  • The letter of company name’s approval from DED
  • Attested copy of company formation approval from DED
  • The memorandum of association for business in the UAE

Consultation after the Registration

It depends on the entrepreneurs what kind of pro services they are looking for in a consultant in Dubai. Many business setup consultants in Dubai keep working on after the documents’ submissions with new clients. They offer free consultation and manage all the day-to-day tasks to major tasks so the entrepreneurs can focus on more important business factors.

Services for Visa and Bank

Out of a wide range of services consultants provide is taking care of pro services for visa and bank accounting opening for their clients. It requires to have trust as sensitive information will be shared between the expert team and clients.

Save Money and Time

One of the basic responsibilities of all the leading business consultants in Dubai is to save time and money for their clients during and after the company setup process. Having the right experience, knowledge, and connections, it is the job of consultants to offer the best advice to their clients and apply the proven practices that they can learn from their daily interactions with the business community.

Dubai business setup consultants have been working in the business industry for many years now and have helped many entrants reach their business goals. 

Need of company formation consultants in Dubai

Working with a business consultant ensures business improvement and growth as they apply the right tactics and bring important changes in the policy and business model. They also help foresee and overcome challenges and in return company enjoys more revenue and better status.

The cost of hiring a business consultancy in Dubai, UAE

As the UAE is becoming the business hub and investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world are coming to launch their own businesses here, the need for consultants is also on the rise. But with the professionals, come many fake consultants as well who neither have the right qualifications nor relevant experience to prove what they claim. So, finding and hiring the right one can be time-consuming and costly. But once you find the right one, do not hesitate to ask about their budget. They will offer their quote in AED.

According to the market rates, their fee lies between 20k AED to 50k AED depending on the project type and what services in UAE are they offering.

Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

Dubai welcomes hundreds of investors every day from everywhere in the world to start any business. Why they love this place because of its legal transparency and easy process for business establishment. The UAE’s visa services require you to have a valid passport and anyone from any country can apply for the visa. Dubai Business Setup Consultants are here to help you walk through the process of registration and setting up companies.