Top 10 Small Scale Business Ideas in Dubai

Small Business Ideas in Dubai
Small Business Ideas in Dubai

Do you wish to set up a small scale business in Dubai? The highly developed Emirati city holds endless business opportunities for prospective investors. With one of the best company incorporation processes in the world as well as affordable and investor-friendly policies, setting up your Small Scale Business Ideas in Dubai can be quite easy. However, for you to excel in what you do, you must pick the appropriate business idea.

As a small-scale investor, there is a myriad of suitable business opportunities in Dubai that you can decide to explore. They include

  1. Photography
  2. Bee-keeping
  3. Poultry farming
  4. Car-wash
  5. Book-keeping
  6. Recycling
  7. Clothes store
  8. Beauty salon
  9. Handyman business
  10. Cleaning agency

1.      Photography

Dubai receives scores of tourists daily, being one of the most popular tourist destinations globally. Dubai is not only famous as a tourist holiday destination, but people also come from all over the world to benchmark progress-related achievements in the technological, health, education, and economical sectors.

With such a high number of tourists, you are bound to rack up quite a fortune with a photography business. Tourists like to take pictures to keep memories of their expeditions, so such services are in high demand. However, you need to stay competitive enough in quality and pricing, to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

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The photography business does not require much capital to start. All you need is a good quality camera, and if you have the money, you can spend a little bit more on lighting and regulating equipment. You do not need to rent business premises if your target clients are tourists. Rather, you can operate as a mobile photographer or agency. This makes your business more flexible and cheaper.

Alternatively, you can make money from this business by setting up a photo studio where residents can come for souvenir photo-shoot sessions such as baby showers and other events such as wedding photography and video coverage. Notably, you can still opt to be mobile and take your business to the aforementioned events.

2.      Bee-Keeping

Bee products are in high demand all around the world. Honey has countless health benefits when consumed, and the knowledge of this is spreading like a wildfire. It is also used in making a variety of foodstuff, health syrups, and cosmetic products such as lotion. Beeswax is also a valuable component used to manufacture many cosmetic and commercial products. Bee farming is therefore a profitable business venture with a readily available market.

All you need to start this business is a collection of well-designed bee hives and a field of nectar-rich flowers. After obtaining the relevant trade licenses from the Dubai municipality, you are free to monitor your bees, harvest your products and sell them within Dubai’s mainland and the free zone.

3.      Poultry farming

Poultry farming is among the best small scale business ventures you can set up in Dubai.  The market for broilers and eggs is readily available and increasingly demanding. Poultry products also have a wide market scope from direct residential home supplies, to contract supplies to the expansive food industry ventures and bakeries around Dubai, this business is highly profitable.

The good news is that it is quite easy and affordable to set up this business. The first step is to obtain approval and licensing from both the DED and the veterinary and health departments. After that, all you need are a few stock birds to Small scale Business Ideas in Dubai  get you started, sufficient space, proper housing, and feeding facilities as well as enough feeds and water supply for your poultry stock. Relevant vaccinations, treatments, and proper management should give you a guaranteed stable and profitable source of income.

4.      Car wash

Dubai’s population includes millions of personal and commercial vehicle owners. Government and educational institutions also own fleets of service vehicles. All of these vehicles need to be cleaned regularly as part of their maintenance routine. This creates a ready market for car-wash business.

With proper licensing, you can establish mobile and designated car-wash services where you offer thorough, comprehensive automobile cleaning services. You can additionally offer waxing and interior detailing services for interested clients.

All you need to set up this business is one or more pressure washing machines, a reliable source of clean water, and car-paint-friendly washing agents. Unless your business is mobile, you also need a business space and a proper housing structure with conspicuous sign advertising.

5.      Gift shop

Gift shops are more profitable in Dubai than in most places in the world. Due to lenient taxes and competitive pricing, a gift shop business in Dubai is bound to earn you a decent income. With scores of tourists flocking into the Emirati city on a daily business, all you need to do is set up your gift shop conveniently close to popular tourist attractions, and keep an interesting, dynamic inventory of relevant souvenirs and momentum.

You may as well offer essential supplies as well as fast food and drinks in addition to your stock to widen the customers’ options.

6.      Recycling

Recycling common disposables is also a good small-scale green business that is not only profitable but also charitable. There are many creative ways to recycle non-organic litter in Dubai. For instance, used wine bottles and other glassware can be recycled for aesthetic curio. Wine bottles can be embroidered Small Scale Business Ideas in Dubai  creatively and sold as wall decorations. Broken glass bottles can also be used to line the tops of perimeter walls to prevent burglars from jumping over them.

It is also common to see worn-out tires painted in bright colors and used to line driveways and flowerbeds, while some are simply converted to makeshift flower pots that are an absolute beauty to behold.

It does not cost much to set up a recycling business. In this case, one man’s trash is another’s gold.

7.      Clothes store

A fashion-wear store is one of the most profitable small scale businesses you can venture into in Dubai. Being a city with a flashy lifestyle,  practically everyone needs to look good and frequently update their wardrobes. Opening a clothes store and stocking it with the latest affordable trends guarantees you a successful business.

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8.      Beauty Salon

If you have good grooming and hairdressing skills, starting a beauty salon would be such a good idea. You can also offer personalized, mobile hairdressing services, especially for upscale residential clients who prefer such services.

To set up a beauty salon in Dubai, all you need is a shop to let, comfortable furniture for the lengthy beauty sessions, and basic cosmetic products and beautification equipment such as a hair dryer.

9.      Handyman business

The handyman business is one of the most profitable small-scale businesses in Dubai, with an abundance of various types of companies and real estate developments. Depending on the particular skill set, you can offer relevant and reliable handyman services to companies on a contract and hire basis.

This business requires less money to start and manage, as it mostly involves dealing with human labor and technical expertise

10. Cleaning Agency

A cleaning agency offers cleaning services to residential properties, business complexes, and civil or private institutions. This is one of the best small scale businesses that have the market in Dubai. With comprehensive cleanings, and services such as couch dusting, carpet vacuuming, and wall detailing, you can establish a successful business venture with little capital.

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Find Your Business Idea with Vigor Business Set Up in Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai is quite easy, whether you are a small or large-scale investor. The UAE has created an investor-friendly business environment that favors all investors, local and foreign alike, with very lenient tax rates and a quick and affordable company incorporation process.

If you do not have enough capital to start up your dream business, you need not worry as there are plenty of profitable small business ideas that you can start with and scale higher with time. All you need to do is find the appropriate business idea, identify your target market and manage it shrewdly.


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