Top 6 Factors to Consider When Starting the Best Construction Company in Dubai

Factors to Consider When Starting the Best Construction Company in Dubai
Factors to Consider When Starting the Best Construction Company in Dubai

Nowadays, Dubai is a hub for the tallest buildings in the world including the Burj Khalifa, unlike when it used to be a desert place void of neither any vegetation nor any elegant building. Currently, the continuous erection of building after building has made Dubai a city on its own. As a result, investors globally are looking forward to investing in the construction industry in Dubai. One of the lucrative businesses set up sough-after in Dubai is the construction business and the entire sector of it, especially in Abu Dhabi.

The building construction business in Dubai is thriving daily and more opportunities are presented to aspiring business investors. However, starting a construction company in the construction sector in the UAE is not a walk in the park as the majority might take it. Some considerations need to be adhered to before launching your company successfully in Dubai.

Therefore, if you desire to have a portion of the construction business in Dubai, you’ll learn some basic tenets you must have before starting a construction company in Dubai or any other city in the world.

Here are the top six factors you need to consider before you set up a construction company in Dubai;

  1. Building Permit
  2. Construction field
  3. Safety of the Company and the Healthy Requirements of the Employees
  4. Tools and Equipment
  5. The Company Insurance covers
  6. Training; business experts

Let’s expound on the things to consider before starting construction companies in the region from the top;

6 Steps to Start a Construction Business in the UAE

Yes, it is always cumbersome to start a business in Dubai or any new construction if you do know not the requirements to put in place for the success of your construction process. Read on to find out things you need to consider before starting a construction business in the UAE;

Building Permit

Generally, before any company formation process is taken in Dubai, it is always a must to acquire a license to run a full-fledged or permit for your company. The UAE authority commands all businesses set up in Dubai to have a license and business account for additional approvals.

Any business activities done within the Dubai marketplace without a valid license are deemed illegal and if found, the Dubai authority can heavily fine you for failure to have the required approvals and license to run your construction works.

For a valid license, you must obtain it from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai Mainland, especially for the company on the mainland.

However, the Free Zones have their jurisdictions where you can apply for a permit to run a full-fledged construction company in UAE.  So, without a construction trading license, you cannot conduct your construction services and development projects in the UAE.

Construction Field

The construction field is another indispensable factor when starting any construction group of industry in Dubai. Therefore, establishing a company in a strategic location is what makes a difference in terms of growth in the construction sector. A business that is located in a productive position having in mind its target audience and demand will always have unprecedented growth, unlike one located without strengthening its ground on demand and market audience.

Additionally, the location must be awesomely connected to various places in Dubai. This will boost your networking strategy and thus attract tons of leads to your Arabian construction company. Also, the UAE provides two grounds for business setup, the Dubai Mainland and Free Zone. The free zone offers full ownership of the company and investors and business aspirants get a considerable profit from their business. Therefore, it is always recommended to choose an ideal location that aligns with the needs of your business and investment plans.

Thus, choosing a suitable location considering its drainage and irrigation plays a pivotal role in the foundation of a company. In addition, the company must be well-styled, arranged and to give an excellent impression when clients visit your construction office.

Safety of the Company and the Healthy Requirements of the Employees

Who said construction companies need not be located in safety and healthier environment? Safety is paramount, especially when starting any type of business. Above all, employees need to have a healthy ground to provide you with the best services at the workplace.

In most cases, construction companies encounter accidents when using construction equipment. Several accidents within these sites happen because of negligence and insufficient safeguard at the place of work among the domestic staff.

Therefore, it is prudent to conduct background research on the place and its safety plus health condition before erecting your local construction site or steel construction. On the other hand, environmental factors need to be included in your plan without which there might be endless disturbances. Ensure to equip your employees with safety gear such as helmets, vests, goggles, and more so that they may work in a hassle-free construction working environment.

Additionally, the working hours set in your organization must be following the government authorities stipulated in UAE law concerning health. When these steps are carefully put in place, your company will have no notice of closure because of law violations and therefore there will be unprecedented growth in the construction.

Tools and Equipment

Which equipment will quicken your company’s productivity? There are dozens of construction equipment in the marketplace which can be somewhat daunting to select the top-notch for your construction business.

However, keep in mind the purpose of each tool you need in your organization and how prolific it will be when in use. Once you’ve to fathom this, select only quality equipment for your construction projects and those that will aid you in the transportation infrastructure. Equipment to select for your work can be from barrels, trolleys, pulley, wheelbarrow, cement mixers, trolleys, and excavation equipment, lifts, wheelbarrow, among others.

It is recommended to always move the extra mile to research how these tools are used depending on your requirements. Any problem witnessed with the tool can cause to a big blow in your financial matters in your company. Primarily, Dubai companies use top-notch equipment of world-class standards enabling quality construction in the UAE.

The Company Insurance Covers

Insurance plays a monumental role when it comes to employees or company compensation when accidents occur. There are lots of cases hovering around about accidents occurring on construction sites, not once, twice, or thrice, but many accidents happen even in infrastructure projects.

To avoid huge damage whether you’re experienced in the construction or not, ensure all your employees and your company is insured. The insurance company will therefore cater for the damage incurred in your organization when accidents strike.

Training; Business Experts

Training is another essential aspect to deem fit when launching a successful construction business in the UAE. Construction companies use sophisticated equipment that needs an in-depth understanding of how to use them.

Therefore, it is advisable to train all your laborers before using this equipment. You can hire an expert to get things done or buy a course and walk them through until they are conversant with the tools and how they are used.

Training your employees on how to use construction tools will lessen the accident rates in the place of work.

Now you know some of the proven steps to start the best construction business in Dubai, for in-depth knowledge about the state of the construction business in the UAE, read on to find out some of the most frequently asked questions about construction business setup.

Who Regularizes construction companies in Dubai?

The regularization of construction companies in the UAE is overseen by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development. Companies must adhere to strict guidelines and regulations to be registered and operate legally in the country. The ministry is responsible for ensuring that construction companies meet all safety and quality standards, as well as ensuring that they are properly insured.

What are the business opportunities for the Construction business in Dubai?

There are many business opportunities for construction companies in the United Arab Emirates. The country has a growing economy and a need for new infrastructure. Construction companies can bid on projects to build new roads, bridges, and other structures.

There is also a demand for housing, both for locals and expatriates. Construction companies can build residential complexes and villas. There is also a need for office buildings, hotels, and other commercial structures. With its growing economy, the United Arab Emirates is an attractive market for construction companies.

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