Top 5 Factors to Consider when Importing Cosmetics Products on the UAE Market


Cosmetics are among the most popular products in the world. Everyone is fighting for tender and beautiful skin. Therefore, a lot of investors are looking forward to ways on how to import cosmetic products on the UAE market. Currently, UAE has grown and is perpetually growing in terms of export and import capabilities. According to TechSci Research statistics, the personal and beauty market in UAE has exponentially increased over the past 5 years; and is expected to grow at a rate of more than 4% per year between 2018 and 2023.

As a result, as a cosmetics investor, there are some tenets you must examine before importing cosmetics products into the UAE market..

‘’ So, the legal scope for cosmetic products in Dubai, safety protocol, product wrapping and packaging are great determinants to deem fit before importing cosmetics products on the UAE market.  Additionally, an authentic certificate of Conformity from ESMA for Cosmetic and product registration from a reputable municipality holds lots of gravity in this context.’’

Therefore, the locally manufactured cosmetic products from different companies as well as the imported personnel ought to be certified before diving deep into this business. Primarily, they must get a clearance letter of certification from an authorized government figure before selling in the UAE market.

In this article, we strictly narrow down to the top 5 factors to consider when importing cosmetics products on the UAE Market. If you are looking for a cosmetic business setup in Dubai, this article will shed light on some of the endless questions crisscrossing your mind. Oftentimes, the majority are clueless about what is needed before jumpstarting a certain business in a foreign country. Thus, if you’re passionate about cosmetic products, then, we got you covered.

Without further ado, let’s get the ball spinning;


Things to Know before Importing and Selling Cosmetics Products & Perfumes in UAE

Whether you want to import or sell perfumes and other cosmetic products, one thing for sure is that you must prioritize some factors before rolling the ball. Thus, below are some of the plain points to know before importing and selling cosmetic and perfume products in UAE;

1. Legal Requirements 

In every marketplace, there must be a body in charge of certain aspects of the market. So, products are normally relegated to a specific body to deal with and enact substantive rules to keep them safe in the global market.

Similarly, the Fragrance Law and the Cosmetic Law in UAE regulate the Cosmetic and Perfumes Sector in town. So, if you are into this enterprise, you must be enlightened on each law governing the cosmetic and perfume sector before selling them.

However, as a foreigner, you might be baffled by these rules and end up doing contrary to what is anticipated. If you find yourself in such a position, feel free to hire a professional business setup consultant in Dubai to walk you step-by-step.

2. Safety Protocols 

If the environment is not safe, then human life might be in danger as well. So, the cosmetic segment in UAE must always adhere to the general safety protocols of the (GSO) Gulf Standard Organization. 

Generally, the Gulf Standard Organization is out to ensure the products are entirely free from any harmful substance. Additionally, dangerous chemicals that may cause irritate when used ought to be dash away from cosmetic and perfumes products. 

When you decide to start a perfume business or import cosmetics products into the UAE, you must ensure that the product is safe.

3. Packaging and Wrapping of the Cosmetic Products

The perfumes and other cosmetic products must be pack in clean and appropriate containers. Essentially, the containers ought to be well seal, devoid of sharp edges, and more. In addition, you must ensure that the quantity highlight on the container is examine and is genuine.

In the same vein, UAE has its labeling standards to adhere to before selling cosmetic and perfume products. Therefore, the labeling ought to include the following;

  • Expiry date
  • Country of Origin
  • The use of the product
  • Batch number/code
  • Ingredients
  • Visible fonts
  • Manufacture’s address and name
  • Precautionary details
  • Storage information

4. ECAS Certification 

In UAE, you must be certified for you to do certain business. This ensures the authenticity and safety of the vendor in specific businesses. Moreover, Cosmetic products and perfumes are among the products consume by humans and the items must be safe.

Therefore, the UAE government demands you be certified first before selling, distributing, or importing cosmetic products on the UAE market. So, Emirates Standardization and Metrological Authority, popularly known as ESMA is the body that deals with the personal care segment in UAE.

Similarly, these perfumes and other beauty products have to get certification from ECAS, so that they can be ship to the UAE marketplace. Also, the ECAS has to be aware and notified to the Customs Department to allow importation and distribution of certain products to the country and consumers. 

5. Product Registration from the Municipality in UAE

Registration of the product is another pertinent factor to deem fit before selling or importing cosmetic products on the UAE market. Products need to be register under a certain body before they are out.

So, all the locally Cosmetics and perfumes that import must be register with Dubai before they are out in the marketplace. 

It’s vital to know that only Dubai firms allowed to register products with ESMA and local areas.

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