Product & Trademark Registration

Product Registration

Dubai has become a major trading hub in the world. All forms of trading activities such as importation, exportation, manufacture, distribution, and re-exportation are widely known to thrive in Dubai. Due to this, the government of Dubai established a product registration process. The goal of this process is to regulate trading activities and ensure that only high-quality goods are traded in Dubai, UAE.

What Does Product Registration In Dubai

Product registration in Dubai is regulatory approval granted by bodies in the Dubai government allowing the importation, exportation, marketing, distribution, sale of the product in the Emirate of Dubai. Those bodies are:

The Ministry of Health which regulates and controls the manufacture, importation, exportation, sale, and advertisement of health products. The health products may also include food items.

The Dubai Municipality – an arm of the Dubai government with jurisdiction over city services and upkeep in the Emirate of Dubai that allows products to be marketed, distributed, sold, and imported in Dubai.

All forms of products in Dubai can be registered and are mandated to be registered before any kind of trading activity. These products registered in Dubai are integrated into a system making it easy for government bodies, consumers, buyers, and traders to get all the information about any product.

Why Is Product Registration Compulsory In Dubai?

Products are mandated to be registered by any of the regulatory bodies prior to their distribution, launch, and trade in Dubai.

Some reasons why this is are:

Steps For Product Registration In Dubai, UAE

To register your product in Dubai UAE, Here are some steps to take:

Company Formation

To register a product in Dubai, UAE, you must have set up a company in Dubai. To own a legally recognized company, your company must have a valid Dubai trade license that enables it to successfully run its business operations.

Registration of your company with the right body

The next step after setting up your company is to register that company with the right authority. To do this, you will need to provide some information about your company. This information includes basic things like the contact details of the directors and the company, the email address, and the company’s trade license.

Tendering the needed documents to the authority.

The third step in registering your product in Dubai is to submit all documents required from you. These documents need to be available before the product registration process begins.

Some of the documents include:
Dubai Country

What Kind Of Products Require Registration In Dubai?

Here are some products that require product registration in Dubai:

What Products Are Banned In Dubai?

Some other products are termed restrictive items. They include:

How Long Is A Dubai Product Registration Valid?

For every registered product in Dubai, the product registration is valid for 5 years. After which, the company has to renew.

Registration Your Product In Dubai, UAE Easily.

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Trademark Registration

A trademark is a trade name, emblem, symbol, design, or logo used by a company as a distinguishing feature firmly associated with their brands.

In Dubai UAE, The Ministry of Economy is responsible for trademark registration. A company with a Dubai trademark certificate can protect its services and assets from infringements and attacks in the UAE.

What Are The Benefits Of Trademark Registration In Dubai, UAE?

Here are some benefits of registering your company’s trademark in Dubai:

  • Trademark registration enables your customer to easily identify and connect with your company and its services.
  • Trademark registration helps to protect your product’s and company’s identity.
  • Trademark registration enables trust and confidence in your company’s product and services.
  • Trademark registration distinguishes your company from others in your niche.

What Documents Do I Need For Trademark Registration In Dubai, UAE?

The following documents required for trademark registration in Dubai:

  • An application form for the company.
  • The company’s business license.
  • The passport copies or ID of the person who will sign the application form of the trademark registration.
  • A sample of the company’s trademark design.
  • The contact information of the director or applicant.
  • The list of goods or services to be protected.
  • A receipt of the official payment.

How Long Is A Dubai Trademark Registration Valid?

A trademark registration certificate is valid for 10 years, after which it can be renewed.

What is the Trademark Registration Process in Dubai, UAE?

  • An application form that ensures that your trademark is original and legal needs to be filled and registered.
  • The fee for the approval of the registration form is to be paid.
  • The application form must be properly evaluated to void rejection from the ministry.
  • Once the trademark is approved, the approval letter is to be published in 2 local UAE newspapers to rule out disapprovals.
  • Another fee is to be paid for the final trademark review and issuance of the trademark registration certificate.
registered trademark

We Will Help You With Your Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE

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