A Complete Guide: Freelance in Dubai (2021)

Freelance in Dubai

There are numerous motives why freelance in Dubai is developing in recognition all around the world.

People are running as freelancers because of what that they’ve obtained, and are creating an earning space by enrolling themselves in numerous websites, which have been developed for freelancing.

Among them are famous registered websites which act as a market for freelance activities.

People at the moment are paying their bills and sustain their lives via the net by offering their services, and get paid for completing the tasks assigned on time by clients.

Thanks to the internet.

So, in this article, we’ve compiled a complete freelance guide with all the nitty-gritty you’d love to know to jumpstart your freelance career in Dubai.

As the world is becoming more digitalized, individuals are shifting to an internet-based platform to conduct their business.

Therefore, it will be prudent if you master an online skill and dive into the field of freelancing, and avoid the hassles in physical work with your colleagues. If this is you craving to master all the intricacies entailed in Freelancing especially in Dubai. You are lucky to meet this post.

Are you willing to give it a try? Here are some pointers you must know:

Freelance in UAE

Just like every other country, freelancing has stuck the attention of individuals in the UAE because of the amazing components associated with Dubai, which is hardly found in other countries and towns.

Generally, not every individual and organization is in a position to recruit an expert in a certain field to do some works for them.

Experts will always demand exorbitant salaries that most companies and individuals won’t manage to pay. So, this has pave way for freelancing to skyrocket in demand and gain momentum especially in 2021.

It isn’t hard to become a freelancer when you have the proper abilities, mindset, and knowledge in what you’ve set to do.

These skills set essentially determine what styles of jobs you’ll be capable to offer online. For example, a brand fashion dressmaker is predicted to be innovative and feature information of brand growing software’s.  A copywriter will be trusted to craft convincing copies that lure people to buy a product. A web designer is responsible for site maintenance and layout among others skills.

Nonetheless, just like a full-time job at an organization, you can also create full-time or part-time services for your client and grow your skills and network connection.

Also, when a freelancer is already running a full-time job at an organization, the worker is needed to acquire a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their employer.

Moreover, ex-pats are allowed to acquire a freelancer license on their partner’s visa. They are required to acquire a NOC from their partner and a labor card from the licensing authority or immigration workplace of the Emirate in which the freelancer is getting registered.

However, for you to conduct your freelance services in Dubai , you must have a freelance work license, similar to a trade license one must-have for him/her to do business in Dubai.

The authorities of UAE have brought freelance license to assist the increase so that each groups and people can take gains of freelancing.

So, what is entailed in a freelance license or permit issued in Dubai? Acclimatizing yourself with some of the telltale indicators to launch your freelance services in Dubai will be of greater advantage when you want to start freelance work in Dubai.

Therefore, below is a must-have document for a Freelance license in UAE:

Must-have Document for Freelance License in UAE

For you to be permitted to have a freelance license in Dubai, you must avail the following documents:

  1. Your recent resume
  2. Your visa and passport copy
  3. A reference letter from the bank
  4. A NOC certificate (no-objection certificate) is accorded by your sponsor; in case you want a permit without your visa card.
  5. Your work samples or portfolio, in case you are operating in the media region only.
  6. Credentials and certificate to justify your eligibility, in case you are running in the schooling region only

The above documents are the leeway to be permitted to work as a freelance in Dubai. However, I know you’re itched to know why you should work as a freelancer in Dubai, right?

To breathe life into your burning question, let’s discuss the advantages of freelance work in Dubai.

Advantages of Freelancing in Dubai

Tons of people have turned freelancing into a full-time job.

You’d want to be your own boss, have time for your family, and get ample time to worship God.

Yes, these are some of the things you’ll manage to do when you have full governance of your job. And, when you plan your freelance work, nothing can outwit you to shine and get a lump sum of money from your efforts.

So, as it has become a customary activity especially in Dubai. More advantages are accompanied by freelance work.

Let’s have a look. Shall we?

  • You need not work for 10 hours consecutively
  • You offer your services directly to your customers with a reasonable negotiated fee.
  • You are free to take any assignment of your choice and reject those that don’t suit your skills
  • You set your own working hours and the amount to charge clients
  • You might not end up paying tax for your freelance work.

On the flip side, nothing in this world is only laced with positive things. There must be a hellish side of it.

Since, you can control all your working schedule, time, and salary. What is the other side of freelancing that you don’t know?

Disadvantages of Freelance Work in Dubai

Working as a freelancer has its own downside as well.

They include:

  • You are not guaranteed a fixed monthly salary. You can only be accustomed to a monthly salary if your buyer is purchasing your services every month, or you have a long-term contract with a continuous flow of income.
  • You might lack jobs for a certain period depending on the market trend and your showcased skills as well.
  • You do now no longer receive commission leaves.
  • You might be compelled to work overtime just to complete your jobs.
  • The chances of working with several clients at a time are high.
  • In case you fall sick, you don’t have company insurance to carter for your bills.

We’ve presented you with both sides of the coin. If you are willing to dive into the field of freelancing in the UAE, you have the ups and downs already at your fingertips.

Similar to a running race: some relinquish on the way while others strive to get to the finishing line. So, if you want to dive into freelance work, below are steps you should implement to get a Freelance work permit in Dubai.

How to get a Freelance Work License in Dubai

Getting a freelance work permit might be a heart-wrenching task for many.

However, the following are the easiest methods to get you on the drill:

  1. You ought to submit your application online
  2. Once you’re approved. You’ll receive an email notification. Then follow the instructions given until you pay the expected fee.
  3. After that, you’ll be ready to receive your freelance permit via email.


As investors are craving for business set up in Dubai.  There are protocols you ought to observe for you to be a full participant in the Dubai business marketplace. Therefore, you can choose to register your tax consultant company or start freelancing work in Dubai.

However, to be eligible to work as a freelancer in Dubai, you must acquaint yourself with a freelance permit in UAE and other set procedures. In this complete freelance guide, we’ve elucidated everything that you need to know to get you started in the field of freelancing.

So, submit your application online to acquire a Dubai freelance permit and be your own boss.

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