Top 3 Crypto-Trading Signal Providers that Makes Trading Easier

Crypto-Trading Signal Providers

In this post, you’ll learn the top three crypto-trading signal providers, so that you can invest in the cryptocurrency market and earn money by trading. Therefore, this will be a perfect opportunity for a beginner who is looking forward to making money by investing in the crypto market. It is not a no-brainer to earn money by trading. However, this post will guide you on how to choose the best crypto- trading signal provider and make money through trading. 

So, whether you’re an amateur or a professional trader, the ultimate aim of both is to earn money through trading. Thus, crypto-signals provide traders with a golden opportunity to make the best out of the crypto market. The following are the best crypto-trading signal providers that will make trading easier this year;

  2. CoinSignals
  3. Fatpigsignals

In most cases, you need not be a pro to earn money by trading. Nonetheless, you must have substantive knowledge or information on how to invest in cryptocurrencies. Others say is not a sure deal, you can as well end up losing all your money thinking you’re investing. So, you need to be subtle before delving much into trading.

Similarly, discussions about crypto investing are shared almost daily on different platforms. Other sites will want you to pay and others are free providing free trading tips, crypto trading ideas, and tactics for increasing your profit. 

Telegram is the main signal site where free tips about trading are mostly shared. In this post, I will walk you through the best crypto-trading signal providers that will help you invest in cryptocurrencies effortlessly. In addition, you’ll learn what Crypto Signals are, how Crypto Signals Work and if they are worth it or not.

Therefore, if investing in cryptocurrencies is your passion, let’s jump straight to the meat of this post.

What are Crypto Signals?

Generally, professional crypto-traders usually provide their customers with ideas on how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin at a specific time and price. So, these types of trading tips, strategies, or ideas are what are known as Crypto signals. 

These trading signals are majorly determined or based on some factors which include;

  1. Technical analysis
  2. News
  3. Current market condition

That means; if all factors are put into consideration, traders can trade Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies and make a significant amount of profit in a short time or even it might extend to a longer duration. Thus, the only way to boost your crypto trading techniques is by using the inputs of these signals.

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How do Crypto-Trading Signal Providers work?

As a newbie in trading, the following steps will walk you through how crypto-trading system providers work. Acquainting yourself with the basic tenets of crypto signals will guide you on how to choose the best cryptocurrency to use and invest in them superbly. So, below is how crypto signals work;

Step 1; 

The first step is to open an account with any crypto signal of your choice with the help of your mail. This can be done by either paying for the service or getting it free of charge. 

Step 2; 

Some expert traders will have to conduct thorough research on certain cryptos to determine which one is the best for you. Then they will recommend you on certain cryptos signal to trade on so that you can earn a profit from your trading.

Step 3;

In this step, you’ll be compelled to buy cryptocurrencies depending on your preferred crypto signal. This is a critical step where you have to remain keen and see whether you are making a profit or not.

Step 4;

Therefore, if you’re making a profit with your preferred signal, when you reach a certain profit percentage, try to mark profit at that particular stance. However, if you are making nothing but lose, you ought to end the position and restrain your loss.

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Are Crypto Signals worth It?

Yes, most of the crypto trading signal providers are awesome and can help you trade and invest in cryptocurrency easily. Nonetheless, the most reliable signal you can opt for is Fat Pig Signals, though it is expensive. As of now, they offer 3 packages, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Talking of the Fat Pig Signal as the most accurate and expensive crypto signal, let’s discuss the best in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Top 3 Crypto-Trading Signal Providers

#1 is the top crypto signal trading provider among other signal groups. The reasons behinds its highest rank includes;

  • This signal has got a lot of experience unlike other groups
  • It is made of a team that has been in this industry for more than 7 years.
  • It is made up of highly trained and expert traders who provide a high accuracy rate

Apart from that, the signal alerts its users of any trading alerts depending on the fundamentals and blend of technical analysis. Similarly, users are eligible to sign in for free in the Telegram group to get a wider view of its services.

In addition, allows newbies traders to learn as they carry on with trading. If you’re not sure of the process, some instructions are normally sent to guide traders on how to place their trade through the use of their broker.

It has got other unique features such as paid packages that start from £35 per month. One of the most important aspects of the paid service is that they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This accords the user with high confidence in the service and boosts their trust in their clients.

#2 CoinSignals  

CoinSignals is basically an automated service. So, if you are looking for an automated signal provider, then this would be a great choice. Moreover, this service concentrates on the use of AI, (Artificial Intelligence). 

That means; CoinSignals doesn’t lean on the human experience. Instead, it makes good use of AI bots to check on the market trend. Therefore, when the service spots a trading opportunity, it sends a notification to the user.

However, most of its signal is based on the Bitcoin and Tether types of cryptocurrencies. The service has got also a paid service that is quite expensive and starts from 0.01 BTC. CoinSignals doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee for its users.

#3 FatPigSignals 

FatPigSignals is among the most well-known signal providers on Telegram. This service mainly supports bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. FatPigSignals has got more than 25,000 subscribers and permits its users to choose signals concerning the updates and news. 

Similarly, the paid subscribers in this service have an added advantage because the signal only sends them thoroughly analyzed signals accompanied with several technical indicators. On top of that, FatPigSignals offers 75% accuracy across all other signal groups and largely supports Bitmex and Binance.

A comparison table highlighting the strength of each crypto-trading signal provider

Crypto-Trading Signal ProviderCryptoSignals.orgCoinSignals  FatPigSignals
Usershighly experienced individualsArtificial intelligence (AI).Mostly on Telegram.
Paid Package£35 per month0.01 BTCN/A
Accuracy rate82%.N/A75%


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