Investing in real estate in Dubai

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According to statistics, 52% of Russian-speaking clients want to invest in property or a house for sale sea view in Dubai because they consider it a profitable investment with minimal effort.

Investing in Dubai real estate

Most consider the foreign real estate market as a passive income. This is due to high liquidity due to the currency area, faster payback due to rental prices, and easier management due to the ability to connect third-party companies to attract tenants.

Dubai real estate has all these qualities, the prices of which continue to fall due to numerous offers from developers.

Why Dubai and the general state of the market for 2022

In the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, Dubai was ranked as the most economically and politically stable region, ranking first in the Mercer Quality of Life Report. 74th place, according to the same criteria, was assigned in the world ranking.

Now the UAE government is aimed at diversifying the economy, where the priority is not only oil production but also the tourism, aviation, hotel, construction sectors, and the real estate market. These areas of the economy are already showing positive development dynamics – in 2020, and growth amounted to 1.3% when it is predicted to rise to 3% by the end of 2022.

Tourism is the key for the investor because rental income will depend on the attendance of the emirate; not only leisure but also business tourism is developed in the emirates. People come to international conferences, open companies, and immigrate for employment. Legislative reforms are being carried out to maintain and increase foreign investment in Dubai, the tax burden is being reduced, and payment systems are being simplified.

All this directly affects the real estate market because the need for housing increases with the increase in tourist flow. This applies not only to hotels and hotels but also apartments and studios.

A survey of what properties are most preferred for rent states that priority is not given to rooms in resort complexes, but to apartments with one or two bedrooms. The most important criterion is location. The cost of rent will depend on the area and the ability to get to the necessary infrastructure.

What property can be bought

All of the following properties are available for rent:

  • residential – studios, apartments, penthouses, villas, townhouses, and other types. The real estate market is rich in various offers, and prices start from 200,000 AED;
  • commercial – trading floors, warehouses, offices. It makes sense to consider because, as was written above, the government of Dubai actively attracts foreign labor. Today, more than 80% of foreigners live in the emirate permanently;
  • hotel real estate – apartments for sale in Dubai are bought in a hotel complex. You can live on your own, or you can rent. The complex owners are engaged in the latter, and you receive income, considering the deduction of hotel commissions.

Off-plan real estate in Dubai

Each company offers its own conditions, but the scheme is something like this – 5-10% of the first payment, then 30-40% is divided into all stages of construction, and the last, most significant payment (50-60%) after commissioning. Part of the costs can be covered by the company, for example, payment of duties, no maintenance fee for the first 2-3 years, etc.

The offered property for sale in Dubai is already rented with a fine finish and the necessary equipment, but it can also be fully furnished. In Russia, there is no such thing that you buy “bare walls” for repairs. The sale of real estate from a developer in Dubai is the most profitable direction in the Dubai housing market.

Property in Dubai 

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