How to Start a Courier Business as a (Beginner) Investor in Dubai

How to Start a Courier Business in Dubai
How to Start a Courier Business in Dubai

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a change in the world ever since its inception. People decided to embrace new ways of doing things. For instance, In May 2020, the United Arab Emirates saw an increase in online transactions by 15%. That means; the UAE nationals subscribed to the online mode of service delivery.

Thus, many entrepreneurs decided to start courier businesses where they could deliver any form of good to the UAE residents. You can select different courier businesses to start in the United Arab Emirates. So, how do you create a courier business in Dubai effortlessly?

Generally, to start a courier business in Dubai, you’ll be compelled to obtain a professional courier trading license through DED, popularly known as the Department of Economic Development. Similarly, your business license must be approved by the Emirate Post to conduct your courier business activities.

The approval from the Emirate post takes roughly one month. While the ongoing process, you must pay a separate fee of approximately AED 100,000. Luckily, the UAE government made everything simpler by opening an e-channel where you can apply for your trading license in a crunch time.

Therefore, getting a courier license is one of the main steps to execute in your courier business journey. Before jumping right into the other steps, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the critical fundamentals pertaining to the courier business.

If you wonder what the courier business entails, we got you covered. Vigor business setup has conducted in-depth research to bring you some of the pertinent points that will help you start your courier business successfully. Read on to find more;

  • What are the Different Types of Courier Business in Dubai?
  • What Should You Consider Before Starting A Courier Business in the UAE?
  • How To Start a Courier Business In Dubai

Let’s start right from the top;

What are the Different Types of Courier Business in Dubai?

Typically, a courier business is a type of business where goods and services are delivered or sent to customers’ destinations employing a vehicle or motorbike. Payment can be made either after delivery or before delivery.

And so, there are different types of courier businesses you can embrace in Dubai. Continue reading to find out the most appealing courier business to choose from this year;

1.      Food Delivery from Hotels/Restaurants

Food delivery is one of the mainstream courier businesses witnessed since the pandemic engulfed the world. And until date, food delivery has been embraced by many UAE nationals. This resulted from the 2020-2021 lockdown, where all the eateries were closed, and the only option that remained was to deliver food from restaurants to customers in their respective homes.

2.      Intercity Courier Delivery

This is another type of courier business where companies provide courier services to different cities within the United Arab Emirates. Suppose you’re interested in transporting commodities to other cities within the UAE. In that case, intercity courier delivery may be the type of business you’d want to start in Dubai.

3.      Door-to Door Domestic Delivery

As the name suggests, companies tend to help other businesses and small businesses deliver goods to their respective destination since they can’t afford them by themselves.

4.      Delivery of Packages from Online Marketplaces

The rate at which online businesses are skyrocketing is alarming. This has also made the demand for online delivering to rise exponentially. Therefore, as individuals have established their trust in shopping online, the need for online courier business has also shot.

Thus, there is no other better courier business to start than delivering packages from online marketplaces.

How to Start a Courier Business as a (Beginner) Investor in Dubai
How to Start a Courier Business as a (Beginner) Investor in Dubai

What Should You Consider Before Starting A Courier Business in the UAE?

With dozens of courier businesses in Dubai, it can be tricky to establish a successful courier business that will attract more sales and leads. Therefore, there are some pointers you’d want to consider before setting up a courier business in the UAE.

Here are some of the points that will drive the success of your courier business if considered;


While launching your courier business, ensuring that your company is insured is essential. In case of any damages, the insurance cover will cater to all the lost goods and damage either by fire outbreak or any accidents.

Express Delivery      

Offering the fastest mode of delivery to your customers is a bonus to your company. Speedier delivery will lure clients to do business with you. Therefore, when launching your business, you should consider express delivery to facilitate a faster mode of delivery to your customers.

Similarly, you’ll find a lot of clients paying an extra fee to have this mode of delivery.


Packaging of goods is another pertinent factor to put in mind when launching a courier business. Typically, customers will rate the quality of your company with how safe and secure your packaging techniques are.

On the flip side, the protection of goods is essential in the packaging process. Clients and other retailers can be agitated with broken goods or merchandise. Thus, this might tarnish the reputation of your company at large.

Therefore, ensure your goods are intact and reach their targeted destination in a pristine condition in your packaging strategies.

Courier Tracking System

To avoid inconvenience in your courier services, consider having a courier tracking system to optimize the best routes available for your goods. Having a courier tracking system permits the consumer to trace the actual location of the commodities together with the delivery crew. Thus, tracking of orders will help the consumer estimate the exact time of the delivery.

How to Start a Courier Business in Dubai

The following points might help you start a product delivery business in Dubai;


In the UAE, there are lots of delivery businesses that have flooded the courier marketplace. Therefore, engaging in in-depth research to acquaint yourself with the courier market analysis will help you identify which field to venture in.

Not all types of courier business might appeal to you. You might be required to dig deep and know the ins and outs of that business extensively. For instance, the Intercity Courier Delivery market research might vary with Delivery of Packages from Online Marketplaces.

Additionally, thorough market research might help you spot which business is in-demand in Dubai and the estimated amount to start the business. Also, research can assist you in knowing if there are sufficient clients in your intended business and how effective you will target them.

Thus, ensure you conduct thorough research before poking your nose into any of the courier businesses of your choice. However, if you’re not competent enough to complete a deep analysis on which type of business to start in Dubai, we at Vigor Business Set Up in Dubai help all aspiring business investors to create and set their business successfully, following all the legal requirements enacted by the UAE authorities in Dubai.

Feel free to contact our professional business consultants. You’ll be guided and directed on the best ways to follow right from getting a trading license, business registration, banking activities, and other paperwork applications, among others.

Get a Courier Business License

After you’re done with your research, decide which type of courier business to start. What follows is to obtain a courier business license. Getting a license in Dubai is one of the most esteemed steps to deem fit before starting any business?

Therefore, ensure you secure a professional trading license to allow your company to conduct as many courier business activities in Dubai.

Food For Thought about Courier Business in Dubai

Courier business is among the most specific types of business to start in Dubai. What is required is a thorough market analysis where you’ll decide on which kind of business to start having in mind the competition, clients, and how commercial the company is.

Don’t be left out; choose either a Door-to-Door delivery, Food Delivery from Hotels/Restaurants, or Delivery of Packages from Online Marketplaces and get your business ablaze with the help of Vigor Business Set Up in Dubai.