How to Open a Gym Business in Dubai: Complete Guide

how to open a gym business in Dubai

Gym business is one of the most trending businesses in different parts of the world nowadays. Off late, individuals suffer from various diseases such as obesity, heart problems, and more, which compels them to find a suitable gym center to lose weight and make their body fit. Therefore, Dubai has also presented itself on the frontier to enable its citizens to look stunning and fit by allowing investors to open gym centers across the city.

If you’re looking to open a gym business in Dubai, you can take advantage of the city’s growing fitness industry and provide a platform for individuals to achieve their fitness goals.

However, the big question remains; how do you open a gym business in Dubai this year? If you’re looking forward to opening a gym business in Dubai, here are the proven steps to follow;

  • Present copies of your passport and visa to the relevant authorities
  • Obtain a No Objection Certificate for the verification of your company trade name
  • Endeavor to sign the Memorandum of Approval, which you had drafted and agreed with your UAE local sponsor earlier
  • Complete your gym site location and sign for the lease.
  • Issue all the documents mentioned above to the DED and get a receipt
  • Clear all the payments
  • Get your gym business license

Essentially, to open a gym business center in Dubai you are required to have a trade license. You can obtain your company trade license by visiting DED, which deals with license-related issues in Dubai. Note; you cannot start any business in Dubai if you don’t have a recognized business license for your company.

Thus, getting a license for your gym business center in Dubai is a remarkable step you can engage in your gym business journey. Once you have a gym permit in Dubai, you can now carry out all the activities related to the gym business.

Nonetheless, the following are the activities only licensed in your gym business center;

  1. Weight loss training and physical exercise
  2. Meditation activities including tai-chi and yoga
  3. Different types of body massage

On the other hand, executing the following activities in your gym business centers will be a violation of gym policies in Dubai;

  • Engaging in physiological therapies or any clinical related issues for rheumatism in your gym center
  • Utilizing electrical diagnostic equipment for ultrasound, especially by unskilled staff in your business
  • Allowing individuals with infectious diseases to join others in the fitness center
  • Using the gym center for staff accommodation
  • Making a lot of noise from sporting activities
  • Permitting male staff to enter female fitness cubes

Typically, the UAE authorities have strict rules when it comes to starting a gym business in Dubai. Simply, a gym is a place where individuals such as athletics, gymnastics go for training and other services are met for the benefit of people’s health.

And so, to have a successful gym business center in Dubai, your gym must be equipped with the following; parallel bars, barbells, running areas, weights, and more. Meaning, the center must incorporate all the materials needed for general body fitness.

Therefore, starting a gym business center is not a walk in the park as some might presume. To help you understand more about the gym business center in Dubai, we’ve broken it down into the following frequently asked questions. Read on to find more concerning starting a gym business center in the UAE;

How much does it cost to start a gym business in Dubai?

If you want to start a gym center in Dubai, you are expected to have approximately $15,000-$100,000.

However, the starting capital for your gym business will solely depend on the strategic position of your business, rental options, demographics, financing, and loan choices. In short, the amount for starting a gym business center might intensively vary from one gym owner to another.

Additionally, 6 million AED might be the total investment needed in the first stage of your gym business.

Starting a gym business center required a sober mind to execute and meet all the requirements stated by the UAE authorities. Apart from cost, what are other essential requirements needed when starting a gym business in Dubai?

Let’s jump right in;

Essential Requirements for Operating a Gym Business in Dubai

Decent Clothing for Exercise

Gym centers normally have a certain dressing code designed for staff, masseuses, gym instructors, patrons, and trainers. Therefore, each person ought to adhere to the specific dressing code when performing their regular physical activities.

So, if you are found not wearing the decent clothing needed for exercise must be banned or escorted out of the gym center immediately.


Cleanliness is another important factor every gym owner must put into consideration when starting a gym business.  Cleanliness of the gym premises is the set standard enacted by the (DOHMS) commonly known as the Department of Health and Medical Services.

All the towels used in these centers must be clean. In addition, sufficient and clean drinking water ought to be provided and easily accessible for everyone who needs it. Apart from that, toilets must be cleaned or set clean throughout to avoid disease infections, especially among females.

Professional Staffs

It is recommended to recruit only qualified and professional staff for your gym business in Dubai. That means; the staff in your business must be approved by (DOHMS), the Department of Health and Medical Services.

Certified staff will help individuals solve their health conditions by strategizing the best exercise for them. Therefore, before hiring any gym personnel, ensure they are certified by the DOHMS in Dubai.


The location of your gym is another pertinent factor to deem fit before starting your business. So, it is advisable to locate your gym on the ground floor of the building. Also, ensure to use the installed equipment on your premises only for the gym facilities.

Good ventilation and Lighting

The lighting of the building should be considered in your gym business center without contention. That means; the building must be well ventilated to ensure free circulation of fresh air within the premises.

Ensure you set enough fans in your center to facilitate air circulation in the building.

Final Thoughts

To Open a Gym Business in Dubai requires intense preparation before it’s fully done. However, we as Vigor Company Formation Services will walk you through every step you’d want to make your business successful.

In case you need help to start your gym business center, feel free to email us at

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