Facility Management Procedures in Dubai: How To Get Started

Facility Management Procedures in Dubai

Are you thinking about starting a facility management business in Dubai? This can be the best business option for you. Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. It is the home of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. It also has the best skyscrapers which reflect world-class infrastructure. And if you are a foreigner in Dubai, there is no need to think twice because the city has more than 3 million expats. They live in different accommodations the city has to offer. That itself is your clientele. Your business will easily succeed in no time. Facility management can be the best business for you to start up.

If you are having second thoughts, read through this article and have those doubts erased.

What is Facility Management?

Facility management in Dubai focuses on making sure that the operation of a particular building runs smoothly. What does that mean? When a sports facility needs management, the hired facility management company will take charge of all tasks related to running, preparing, renting, organizing, promoting products, and more. The facility management services also take care of the building maintenance, security, fire safety, plumbing, and electrical concerns, as well as carpentry.

Facility Management companies in Dubai engage in two types of activities: Hard Facility Management and Soft Facility Management.

Hard Facility Management – This type of FM refers to services that cater to the actual building structure and system management. As a facility manager, you have to make sure that the actual facility runs smoothly. This includes fire safety, alarm systems, plumbing, and other maintenance-related works.

Soft Management Facility – This refers to those who support the maintenance of the property. This means you take care of all cleaning concerns, pest control, grounds maintenance, and ensuring the security of the premises.

Start it Right!

Getting the correct business license is the first step in making it right in Facilities Management.

Required Documents:

  • Filled application form
  • Passport (copy) of owners and partners
  • Jinsiya (copy) – This refers to the naturalization book of local partners
  • NOC – No Objection Certificate is a document needed for any expat who wishes to work in Dubai who has a previous employer.
  • Primary Approval
  • Ejari registration
  • Rental COntract
  • Name Registration


Here is a checklist of what needs to be done:

  • Get initial, name and TRA approved
  • Attestation of MoA
  • Notarize the LSA
  • Pay the government license fees, yearly fees, DED fees, Tashel fee, and non-Arabic name fee
  • Prepare Ejari (for those required)

Last Phase of the Application:

  • Apply for an immigration card
  • Pay Investor visa cost
  • Obtain an Emirates ID (after getting a medical test)
  • Apply for a labor card and employee visa as required

This can be a tall order for you so it might be best to consult with an expert that can help you process all the necessary documents and applications. Having your business succeed in Dubai doesn’t just need luck but a ton of perseverance. It is best to consult with an expert if you want to succeed faster than other startup businesses in Dubai.

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