Top 10 Construction Companies in UAE You Must Know as a (Constructor)

Construction Companies in UAE
Construction Companies in UAE
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Building construction is one of the mainstream activities that play an integral role in the Dubai economy. Some of the iconic structures and the tallest building in the world are found in Dubai. This makes the city one of the most alluring places to pat visit. As much as the United Arab Emirates consists of a federation of seven emirates, the building industry gives a boost to the country’s economy at large.

To acquaint you better with the top construction companies in the UAE, we’ve listed the best building construction as per our in-depth research in this article. We’ve broken down these companies according to the revenue each company gets, and the type of services they provide when it was found among others.

The following tables expound more on some of the top construction companies you’ll find in the United Arab Emirates for your need. Note these companies are not in their ranking position.

Construction CompaniesRevenue Services Offered When it was Launched
AI Futtaim


$ 11.00 BillionBuilding products, Scaffolding, Life safety, Control, etc.1974.
AL SAHEL CONTRACTING COMPANY (ASCC) LLC$18 Millionbuilding construction activities1976
AI Habtoor Group.


$ 3.20 BillionThe company offers services in real estate, automotive, hospitality, etc.1983
Dutco Balfour Beatty LLC


$ 5.00 Billionconstruction of dams, bridges, and  large civil engineering structures for work drainage1976
Arabian Construction Company.


$ 1.62 Billionconstruction of skyscrapers1967
Laing O’ Rourke.


$ 3 BillionInfrastructure development, building construction, providing engineering services, etc.1978
Wade Adams.


$ 0.019 Billionproject development and general construction1976
Saudi BinLadin Group.


$ 2.43 BillionArchitectural services, general contracting, Real Estate Development services, engineering design, etc.  1931
AI Naboodah Construction Company.$ 0.0473 Billioncivil engineering building1958
Arabtec Construction Company.


$ 4.87 Billioninfrastructure, facilities management, commercial, construction of Residential, etc.1975

List of Top Construction Companies in UAE

AI Futtaim

This is a multi-disciplinary organization. Al Futtaim operates in different countries such as Qatar, Egypt, the United Arab, and the Emirates kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Some of the services in the construction industry this construction company comes with include the following;

  • Air conditioning
  • building products
  • Elevators and Escalators
  • Life safety and Control

Therefore, with its high-class products, this firm provides every need and desire you’d wish for your construction projects. Additionally, it was launched in 1974 having its headquarters in Dubai.


Al Sahel is another company that has been in the industry for more than 40 years. It is led by Chairman H. E. Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda plus his managing director. That said, Al Sahel is primarily part of the Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda Group of organizations.

It consists of more than 35 diverse companies under its wings. It was launched in 1976, and ever since its introduction into the space of construction industry, Al Sahel has been intensively dealing with building construction activities.

The company has delivered some of the iconic structures in Dubai including;

  • Villas
  • Hotels
  • High-rise buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and malls

For more information about Al Sahel, you can contact our professional consultant to help you get in-depth data about this company.

AI Habtoor Group

Al Habtoor Group is the leading building construction company in Dubai which is behind the success tale of Al Habtoor City. This city features Meera, Noora, three Residential towers, and Amna.

Since its inception, the company has been on the frontier in the construction of Megaprojects in Dubai. It manages and owns one of the top-tier hotels known as the Metropolitan Hotel brand, which features seven hotels in Jordan and Dubai.

It has some of its Mega projects in cities such as Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, and Abu Dhabi.

Dutco Balfour Beatty LLC

Dutco Company is one of the reputable construction companies in the Middle East culture. It has dealt with Mega constructions projects and engineering-related activities. On the flip side, it is a versatile organization that predominantly operates in various fields from heavy civil engineering.

Therefore, if you are dealing with large civil engineering structures and don’t know which company to run to, Dutco Balfour Beatty LLC got you covered. This company mainly specializes in large civil structures for the work construction of dams, drainage, and bridges.

Other works included in this organization include the following;

  • Electrical works
  • Mechanical works
  • Civil Engineering Works
  • Soil improvement survey
  • Reclamation pipeline engineering

Arabian Construction Company

Arabian Construction Company is the company behind the construction of some of India’s iconic structures and some of the projects in the Middle East. Therefore, the sole purpose of Arabian is to ensure the health and safety of those working within their institution.

Since its launch in 1967, it has contributed to some of the greatest and tallest buildings such as hotels. What set Arabian Company apart from the rest is its specialization in the construction of skyscrapers. Also, it has achieved construction to a total of 4 of the top 30 tallest buildings in the globe.

To add to that, ACC is ranked the top major contractor by the Council on the construction of Urban Habitat and tall building in their book ‘100 of the World’s Tallest Buildings’.  Additionally, it got an award from the British Safety Council International in 2017 for the construction of the sky view project and Mountain views in Downtown Dubai.

Some of the constructions done by ACC include the following;

  • Sun and Sky Towers
  • Emaar residences
  • Mountain views
  • Rosewood Hotel Abu Dhabi
  • Construction of Gate Towers among others

Laing O’ Rourke

Laing O’ Rourke Company is a world-class institution that is privately owned. It offers excellent services in engineering and asset management. It is the leading company that offers engineering and other construction solutions in the industry.

That said; one of the major building constructions from this company is the Spherical building in the Middle East. This building is one of the beautiful constructions for Aldar properties. You’ll find its headquarters across different countries such as Europe, the Southeast, Canada the Middle East.

Here are some of the Megaprojects executed by this company;

  • Construction of Al Raha Beach Abu Dhabi
  • Construction of the Palm Dubai
  • Construction of Gold Coast Queensland Australia

Wade Adams

In case you’re wondering which company will sort out your general construction and project development in Dubai, Wade Adams got you covered. It is also one of the top-notch companies in the UAE that offers outstanding infrastructure services.

Wade Adams has achieved to complete more than 400 projects both for private and public clients in the UAE. Therefore, this company is widely known for its high-class product and service execution.

Contacting this construction company in Dubai will help you profoundly because it features expertise in different fields such as sewerage Systems, Mechanical, water supply drainage, Electrical and plumbing systems, Dam construction, Marine work, tunnels, and Highway projects among others.

Saudi BinLadin Group

This is one of the largest multinational construction companies in the UAE. Generally, SBG offers services such as Architectural services, electrical, civil, engineering design, general contracting, power, and Real Estate Development services.

It operates in different countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, the United States, and Saudi Arabia. The following are the leading projects by SBG;

  • VIP Military Hospital
  • King Saud University
  • New Hajj Terminal Project

On top of that, the Saudi BinLadin Group was launched in 1931 having its major headquarters in Saudi Arabia.

AI Naboodah Construction Company

For MEP projects and civil engineering buildings, this company provides you with awesome services for your need. It also provides high-quality construction products that suit the requirements of your construction.

Al Naboodah chips into the growth and development of the UAE by delivering world-class projects. Read on to find some of the projects under this company’s wings;

  • Construction of bridges in Abu Dhabi and roads
  • 40 luxury villas
  • Dubai bypass phase 3
  • Dubai International Airport refurbishment of 2 runways
  • The Pal Thailand design and construction of service tunnels
  • Construction of parallel Road projects

Arabtec Construction Company

Arabtec was originally founded in 1975 by Riad Burhan Kamal. It is one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East.  Ever since its launch in 1975, this company has been providing services in the construction of Residential, power, commercial, facilities management, property development sector, infrastructure, and more.

Its headquarter is located in Dubai, UAE. On the flip side, the company manufactures and transports ready mixed concrete. Arabtec is generally a company for everyone looking forward to having excellent construction.

Some of the iconic structures executed by this company include the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa.

Construction Companies in UAE
Construction Companies in UAE

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Leading Construction Company in the Uae?

Al Futtaim is one of the leading construction companies in the UAE. It has been involved in some of the biggest construction projects in the country, including the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. The company has a strong reputation for quality and safety and is committed to delivering projects on time and budget.

Who Does Construction In Dubai?

Construction in Dubai is a booming industry with many construction companies vying for contracts. The most well-known construction companies in Dubai are Arabtec Construction, Al Futtaim, Futtaim Group, Al Habtoor, and Habtoor Group. These construction companies are all Arabian or Arab-owned and operated.

Is There A Lot Of Construction In Dubai?

Yes, there is a lot of construction in Dubai. The city is constantly growing and expanding, so there are always new buildings and infrastructure projects underway. This can be seen as both a good and a bad thing – on one hand, it’s great that the city is constantly evolving and improving, but on the other hand, it can be disruptive to daily life if you live in an area that is currently being worked on.

Trust Vigor Business Set Up Company in Dubai to Find You the Best Construction Company

It is too good to be true that you can find the best construction company in Dubai without the help of a reputable consultant in the UAE. With dozens of building companies in Dubai, it can be daunting to select the best for your need.

Worry less; contact us today to get massive guidance from our professional consultant. In addition, we’ll unearth the banes and boons each company comes with so that you may select an ideal company for your construction projects.