The Complete Procedure to Start a Perfume Business in Dubai, UAE

The Complete Procedure to Start a Perfume Business in Dubai, UAE

The perfume business in Dubai, UAE is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the booming economy of this city. From designer fragrances to quality Arabian scents, Dubai offers an abundance of options when it comes to perfumes.
With its strategic location and excellent infrastructure, companies can quickly establish themselves and reach out to potential customers in the Gulf region. Also, Dubai has become a major hub for international trade and thus provides an ideal platform for any business looking to enter the lucrative world of perfumery.
With its cosmopolitan atmosphere and vibrant culture, opening up a perfume business in Dubai, UAE could prove extremely profitable for every entrepreneur who wants to start a business in the UAE.
Here in this blog, we have covered all the aspects related to opening a perfume business in Dubai from the documents required and obtaining a business license to the cost of opening in different jurisdictions.

Perfume Business in Dubai, UAE

The perfume business in Dubai is booming. With the city’s rich cultural heritage, it has become a hub for luxury perfumes and fragrances.
The world-renowned Dubai Shopping Festival showcases the best that the perfume industry in the UAE has to offer, with exclusive designer collections, mixed perfume recipes, and limited-edition scents.
A number of niche brands have also emerged in the UAE perfume market in recent years, offering unique blends of ingredients sourced from around the world.
The following famous perfume scents include amber:

  • Musk
  • Oud perfume
  • Amber
  • Woody
  • Oriental

With the increasing demand for high-end perfumes in the region, more businesses are entering this lucrative perfume market each year, allowing consumers to enjoy a range of luxurious products at competitive prices. From traditional ouds to modern musks, the latest trends in perfumery can be found in shops across Dubai and vibrant souks all around the UAE.

What are the benefits of setting up a perfume business in Dubai?

Launching a perfume business in Dubai offers many advantages.

Product variation

One of the biggest benefits of opening the perfume business in Dubai is that you get to experiment a lot with the fragrances. Due to the diverse customers, you have options to cater to all by mixing and creating new types of perfumes. The most common perfume style that people like here are warm, floral, and natural.

Low-rate tax

The reason why business owners and entrepreneurs love to have business setups in Dubai is its tax exemption. With minimal business capital, you can establish all business operations in a Dubai free zone and Jebel Dubai or Dubai mainland. Foreign investors and business owners do not have to pay any corporate tax with just 5% VAT while selling perfume products out of the UAE.

Cooperative government

Out of many reasons why Dubai is the best place to start a business is the support of government authorities in Dubai. The government always changing the policies to make them more effective for the business environment and make the culture more business-friendly.

Licensing process

To start your perfume business in Dubai, you need to get a business license to begin the business activities to sell perfume products outside. The process of registration for the perfume business license in Dubai is completely hassle-free and smooth. With the help of  the best finest business setup consultant, you can complete the process in just a few working days.
There is a wealth of resources available in terms of suppliers, manufacturers, packaging experts, and marketing specialists. With all these benefits combined, setting up a perfume business in Dubai is sure to be an attractive proposition.

The steps to start a perfume business in Dubai

Just like all other businesses in Dubai, UAE, opening a perfume business in Dubai, requires you to follow certain UAE leadership and regulations to get approval for your business.

Business Plan

Before planning to start a perfume business in Dubai, formulate a business strategy. Include all the products, locations, objectives, and structure, and list your perfume business products, you want to follow business operations with ease.

Create different perfumes

Once the business plan has been finalized. Now start to experiment in the perfume sector. Dubai perfume market is highly competitive. You need to come up with different perfume recipes by mixing essential oils so research different perfume recipes. You can work with perfume manufacturers. Look at the Dubai perfume market in Dubai for inspiration.
After blending perfume recipes or creating and experimenting with different perfume natures — find the most liked one and order for large production.

Build the brand

Once done with the perfume products, now work on your perfume brand building within the UAE. Choose a unique brand of perfume name and register your perfume trade name to get a business license from the department of economic development in Dubai also known as DED. You can take inspiration from your competitive perfume companies in Dubai industrial city.

Manufacturing Facility

To start a perfume business in the UAE, you can setup a perfume business in many free zones of Dubai after getting your business license. All these free zone areas offer multiple facilities for a perfume manufacturing facility in Dubai and the UAE. The profitable business of setting up a manufacturing facility in the entire perfume industry is one of the main fundamentals of business growth. If you want to start a perfume business in Dubai, contact Vigor consultants now. They can help you with starting a business in Dubai.

The requirements to set up a perfume business in Dubai

Setting up a perfume business in Dubai is an attractive prospect for many entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach into the lucrative Middle East market. However, there are a few requirements that must be met before opening a perfume shop in Dubai or the UAE.

  • The first thing you’ll need to have a valid trading license from the government of Dubai and register with the local authorities to obtain your company’s Commercial Registration Number.
  • Then obtain an appropriate space for your business and apply for import licenses to enable you to bring in the raw materials needed for manufacturing and selling your products outside of the UAE.
  • It is necessary to set up a quality control system that meets international standards as well as local regulations. Note that, the success of the business depends on good customer reviews.
  • After that, open a bank account in order to pay taxes and other fees associated with running a business in Dubai.

Taking care of these steps will ensure that your perfume business is properly registered with both local authorities and international partners so that you can begin selling your products without any legal or financial issues.

What documents are required for starting a perfume business in Dubai

Starting a perfume business in Dubai is not difficult, but there are certain documents that must be followed when starting a perfume business registration process.

  • Need a valid trade license from the Department of Economic Development.
  • Proof of registration with the Chamber of Commerce, as well as a valid tax card.
  • Submit an application for a commercial bank account in order to receive payments from customers.
  • Obtain necessary permits and approvals from Dubai Municipality if your proposed business involves manufacturing.
  • Laboratory test reports of your decided perfumes
  • Certificate of free sales

It is important to note that all these documents must be obtained before your business can legally before establishing a perfume business in Dubai.

The cost of opening a perfume business in Dubai

The UAE perfume industry is said to be one of the most profitable businesses. To carry out your business operations in the perfume industry in Dubai, the average cost required for opening a perfume business in Dubai is around AED 40,000. This cost includes all the registering, licensing, packaging, experimenting, labeling, and transporting of the perfume products.


Dubai is known for its business-focused regulations that encourage business growth. Also, the Dubai perfume market is expected to reach its maximum potential since the number of tourists is expected to increase after the pandemic.
Starting a perfume manufacturing facility, or starting a perfume business in Dubai can be one of the lucrative business opportunities and ventures in the future in the UAE. So, start your perfume business in Dubai right now with the help of one of our business experts to walk through the registration process for a perfume license in Dubai smoothly.