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AREA 2071-Dubai

Area 2071, overseen by the Dubai Future Foundation, is a extraordinary ecosystem that encourages global talent to start and develop their business in the UAE. Area 2071 members have approach to a network of strategic partners, entrepreneurs and investors.

Area 2071 offers subsidized fees to all startups and entrepreneurs. Fees are AED 1,000 per year for a business license that allows the entrepreneur to carry out three businesses within the same segment.

Registered entrepreneurs have a 3-year business license for use within Area 2071 and the Dubai Development Authority (DDA), formerly known as the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA).

To register in Area 2071, companies must have initial approval from the Dubai Future Foundation Program. Click here to learn more about this program.

Area 2071 produces entrepreneurs who own an established business with a minimum capital of AED 500,000 in an area approved by the Ministry of Economy. These entrepreneurs have the option of acquiring a 5-year visa, with the possibility of qualifying for a permanent resident visa if the same initial investor conditions are met. Find out how to apply for a long-term visa for the United Arab Emirates via area 2071.

Hub7-Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi government established Hub71 to support tech start-ups in the emirate by attracting leading venture capital funds and investors to increase the pool of capital available for start-ups and venture capital in Abu Dhabi.

Hub71 works with key business stakeholders such as Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), Mubadala Investment Company and other key business players to lead the next generation of technology innovators and startups.

Hub71 offers 100% and 50% grant money incentive programs for the early and emerging stages of startups.

To be considered for the incentive programme, companies should:

  • be sure to generate high growth
  • target a large user base
  • provide transformative technologies
  • have secured VC funding in the last three years
  • set up a meaningful presence at Hub71.



Launched by ТЕСОМ, In5 focuses on supporting start-ups through business creation, mentoring and networking events, while
offering investment opportunities and access to a wide range of creative workshops, studios and workspaces. Focused on technology, design and media, in5 takes its name from its five-step approach to both key investments and phase processes, the latter being the presentation of the strategy, validation, presentation, incubation and traction.

GoodForce Labs-Dubai

Established in the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Goodforce Labs is focused on delivering solutions that support sustainable development from sectors such as food and agriculture, education, finance and lifestyle. With direct access to a wide range of experienced experts Mentoring, Goodforce Labs aims to raise awareness of the world’s most pressing social issues while encouraging entrepreneurs to find new ones Solutions that positively change our global environment.

Bedayat Dubai

Formed under Dubai SME, Bedayat was launched in 2019 with a mandate to develop small and medium enterprises in coordination with sustainable city. Similar to other Dubai-based incubators, Bedayat offers training and opportunities to meet business experts,
At the same time, aspiring entrepreneurs will have access to facilities to research and test their products and services before launching in Market.
The future for entrepreneurs in Dubai is bright. Success stories like, the UAE-based e-commerce platform acquired by
Amazon and Careem, the region’s first unicorn purchased by Uber, are inspiring. You helped light the fire Solutions that positively change our global environment.
There are many venture capitals and investors ready to invest and help you setup your business as well. Contact us here and get in touch with investors for seed capital.