Everything You Need To Know To Open a Successful Security Company in Dubai

How to Open a Successful Security Company in Dubai
How to Open a Successful Security Company in Dubai

Are you wondering how to start a successful security company business in Dubai?  Security is something that we all need it.  It can be physical security or CCTVs, locks, or the use of keys to guard your property.

Therefore, with costly homes, offices, and commercial units in the UAE, the demand for security in Dubai is high compared to other countries or cities.  So, starting a security business in Dubai right now may be one of the lucrative business ideas to execute without holding back.

But how do you start a security business in Dubai?

To Open a Successful Security Company in Dubai, you’ll be required to comply with a few standards practices.  In addition, you must apply for a security trade business.  To open a security company in the UAE, you’ll be compelled to apply for a professional security trading license.

You can apply for a security trading license through the Department of Economic Development if you’ve Open a Successful Security Company in Dubai Mainland.  However, setting up a business in Free Zone, you’ll be needed to apply for licensing application through a relevant jurisdiction governing your zone.

After licensing the application, you may need security approval depending on the nature of your business.  And so, security business approval in Dubai is strictly done by UAE’s Security Industry Regulatory Agency, popularly known (SIRA).

Typically, SIRA offers security approval for Dubai’s vast range of activities, including dog handlers, guarding, CCTV operators, consultants, and more.

Therefore, a trade license is a must-have document in Dubai to be allowed to conduct your security business activities.  If you want to know more about starting a security business in Dubai, we got you covered.  We’ve done in-depth research in this article and compiled everything you need to know to start a security business in Dubai, plus the frequently asked question.

So, here are the basic steps to start your security company in Dubai effortlessly;

  1. Select the type of security services you’ll offer
  2. Choose the business model for your business
  3. Crafts a detailed business plan
  4. Select the security business location
  5. Obtain all the necessary permits
  6. Open a business bank account and market your business

Setting up any business in Dubai demands you to follow special steps to get your business set up successfully.  Nonetheless, this can be a hassle for many green business startups about the legal requirements needed to start a security business in Dubai.

Security Company in Dubai
Security Company in Dubai

Good news, we at Vigor Business Set up in Dubai has a team of professional business consultants who are willing to help all entrepreneurs have their business composed in the right way.  We provide all forms of paperwork, business banking activities, documentation, and consultation.

Therefore, feel free to reach out to us so that you may build your security business in the UAE successfully.  With the world physical security market being estimated to be worth USD 292bn by 2025, it will be prudent to start a security business in the UAE right now.

That’s said; let’s discuss some of the steps you’ll be required to have your security business running successfully in the UAE;

How to Start a Successful Security Company in Dubai

This is one of the most lucrative businesses you can ever think to start in Dubai.  Since its estimated worth is said to rise, there is no better day to open this business if not this year.

Business investors know the worth of starting an in-demand business in Dubai.  Therefore, here are the solid steps to consider Open a Successful Security Company in Dubai.

Select the type of security services you’ll offer

Before you jump into the nitty-gritty of starting a security business, the first step you’ll be required is to figure out which type of security services you will provide.

There are myriad security services to venture in for your company’s success.  However, you cannot be a jack of all traders; specialization is always core in any business setup.  Therefore, some of the private security services you can offer include the following;

  • Event security
  • Manned security guards
  • Keyholding response
  • Close protection bodyguards
  • Vehicle parking security
  • Door supervisors
  • Home security alarms and CCTV monitoring
  • Mobile patrols

So, you can select any security services listed above based on your interest and skills in that field.  Ensure you specialize in one field to offer excellent services to your clients.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate niche for your security business, read on how to choose your business model.

Choose the business model for your business.

Generally, choosing a business model might direct you to select a security franchise.  When you are permitted to carry out your business activities, you’ll ultimately benefit from branding, existing infrastructure, relevant coaching, and training.

Additionally, you’ll receive guidance on the best customer services.  Similarly, a well-establish security franchise will help you secure potential customers for your business.

Therefore, ensure you choose a business model that will resonate with the vision and mission of your Open a Successful Security Company in Dubai.

Crafts a detailed business plan

A business plan is always an important and indispensable step when starting a business in Dubai or any other city.  It will help plan your business by highlighting the core features needed in your business.

Essentially, a business plan gives your business a road map and the direction to take.  So, your security business plan must include the following data;

  • Information about your security business
  • The goals, objectives, and mission of the company
  • How your plan to finance your security business
  • Market research
  • How to make your business and other promotion plans

There are several points you can include in your business plan.  However, ensure your plan incorporates all the relevant information to help you structure your business more successfully.

Now you successfully structured the way to go for your security business; what next, the location of your business.

Select the security business location

Location is another central thing to deem fit in your business setup journey.

UAE provides business investors a leeway on where they want to locate their business.  For instance, the most popular zones to start your business are the Dubai Mainland and Free Zone.

Before starting your security business in any zone, you must be familiar with all the legal requirements needed to have your business successfully located in either Dubai Mainland or Free Zone.

If you want to know more about Dubai Mainland and Free Zones located in the UAE, click here to learn more.

Similarly, you can reach out to our poll of professional consultants to walk you through everything needed in Dubai Mainland or the Free zone before establishing your business.

Obtain all the necessary permits

Having all the required permits for your business will allow you to engage in more business activities and collaborate with other local businesses in your field.

Note the UAE is always strict when it comes to business rules compliance.  You must obtain all the needed documentation before starting your security company in Dubai.  Otherwise, the Security Company License in Dubai might arrest and fine you heavily for violating business rules.

Some of the security company licenses that require approval from the SIRA include the following;

  • Security Supervisor
  • Event Security Guard
  • Security Trainer
  • Security Guard
  • Cash in Transit Guard
  • Security Manager
  • CCTV Operator
  • Security Consultant
  • Security Systems Engineer

As a security business owner, your security activities must be approved by SIRA to be allowed to conduct your business activities in Dubai.

Therefore, if you want to approve your business activities and get the final verdict from SIRA, the whole process is quite straightforward with our help at Vigor Business setup.

Once your business has been approved, you can open a bank account to separate your business profits from your savings.  Additionally, the business promotion will be another effective step to consider.

You can market your security business through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions about Security Business

How do security companies make money?

A security company is a lucrative business that allows you to make money by charging clients either hourly or fixed, depending on your agreement.

Additionally, you can sign a contract with your client of 2-4 years.  In most cases, if your security business is established, you might land corporate and commercial clients for your business.

What is the basic salary of a security guard in Dubai?

Generally, the basic salary of a security guard in the UAE is roughly 4000 AED.  On top of that, there might be a monthly compensation of 8% for transport, 20% for housing and 11% for other expenses.

Where can I advertise my security services?

If you want to network with customers in your business, social media is ideal for finding clients.

Therefore, you can easily advertise your security services through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.