Company Formation in UAE Free Zone

Company Formation in UAE Free Zone
Company Formation in UAE Free Zone

There are many Free Zones within UAE If company formation in UAE free zone is not right for your business or you prefer somewhere else entirely, there are other Free Zones available with varying benefits depending on what suits your needs best. Other options for business formation include limited liability companies and partnerships. Both are slightly more complicated structures than a sole proprietorship, but they can offer more protection.

UAE Free Zone License Cost

UAE free zone company formation costs can range depending on the type of business and free zone chosen. The average cost for a standard LLC in a free zone is between AED 15,000-30,000. There are also other costs associated with company formation such as visa and office space costs. Overall, the process of setting up a company formation in UAE free zone is relatively straightforward.

Another cost to take into account is visa costs. Setting up a company in a UAE-free zone allows for easy access to visas for non-nationals who may not be eligible for other types of visas. As part of your UAE company registration process, you can also apply for a residency visa through your business which will allow you and your employees to live and work in UAE.

Free zones are located all over Dubai, so there are plenty of office space options from which to choose. There’s also little regulation over what types of businesses are allowed to operate out of Dubai’s free zones, meaning that setting up a company is much simpler than it would be if you were registering outside one.

Best Free Zone in UAE

There are many Free Zones in the UAE, each with its own benefits company formation in UAE free zone is one of the best free zones in the UAE because it offers 100% foreign ownership, 0% corporate and personal tax, and no currency restrictions. Plus, there are no quotas on the number of visas that can be issued.

Company Formation in UAE Free Zone
Company Formation in UAE Free Zone
  • This makes company formation in UAE free zone an ideal choice for those looking to start a business in the UAE.
  • For example, if your business runs on European time and you need to operate 24/7, you can without any issue.

Since there are no quotas on visas for ex-pats, you’ll have access to international talent from all over. Plus, with a 100% foreign ownership rate and 0% corporate tax and personal tax rates, your profits can be kept overseas instead of being taxed within company formation in UAE free zone itself.

The benefit of company formation in UAE free zone is that it’s located in a prime area. Not only will you have quick access to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other major business hubs, but you can also enjoy easy shipping from both the sea and airports.

The proximity to Dubai International Airport is another perk, as well as having visa-free travel for Emiratis, Qataris, and Omanis. Plus, it’s right on top of Jebel Ali Port which handles over 75% of all Middle Eastern trade. For ex-pats with families looking for some extra perks, company formation in UAE free zone is home to two schools American School Dubai and GEMS World Academy offering an education based on world-class UK standards.

Does the UAE Companies Law Apply in Free Zones?

No, the UAE Companies Law does not apply in free zones. Each free zone has its authority that issues licenses and regulates businesses within the free zone. Company formation in UAE free zone is different from setting up a business in mainland UAE, as free zones have their legal system, tax regime, and business environment.

Free zones have different rules about taxes and visa regulations, so be sure to research your free zone’s rules before moving forward. Problems with opening a business in a Free Zone No one likes surprises, especially when it comes to opening a new business!

Before you go ahead with company formation in UAE free zone, research local business laws to be sure that you’re following your chosen country’s rules and laws. For example, UAE companies laws apply in free zones have strict laws against businesses that offer pornographic content and alcohol sales. Doing otherwise could get your business fined or closed down altogether!