How to Start Beauty Salon in Dubai for (Beginners): Definitive Guide

How to Start a Beauty Salon in Dubai
How to Start a Beauty Salon in Dubai

Nowadays, everyone wants to look smart or cute with neatly shaped hair or cut on their heads. This has promoted the urge of business investors to start beauty and barbershops in Dubai. And so, How to Start Beauty Salon in Dubai compels any investor to follow certain patterns before opening their business in the UAE. Therefore, opening a beauty salon in Dubai is not exceptional. The big question remains, how do you start a beauty salon in the UAE?

If you want to open a beauty salon in Dubai, here are the best practices to execute to enhance your business success;

  • Issue the passport plus the visas copies to the UAU authorities in charge of business setup
  • Plan on the name of your salon business
  • Forward your salon business name to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai for approval
  • Sign the MoA, (Memorandum of Association) after your business name is approved
  • Find a suitable location for your salon business
  • Acquire the tenancy contract plus the Ejari number for your business
  • Ensure to be certified by the Planning Section of the Dubai Municipality
  • Be certified by the Health and Safety Division of the Dubai Municipality
  • Submit all the aforementioned documents to the DED and acquire your beauty salon license

Generally, after submitting your documents, it might take roughly 2-3 weeks to get all the processes completed successfully. Thus, immediately you have your professional beauty salon in Dubai, you are ready to carry out your business activities without any hindrances.

On top of that, the UAE authorities are very strict when it comes to business setup in Dubai. For you to run your business successfully, you ought to have obtained a professional beauty salon license from the Department of Economic Development How to Start Beauty Salon in Dubai. Since the services provided by a beauty salon are highly in demand, it will be profitable starting a beauty salon in Dubai this year.

So, if you’re looking forward to opening a beauty salon in Dubai this year, we got you covered. In this article, we’ve documented salient nuggets that will help you open your beauty salon in Dubai effortlessly.  Without wasting time, let’s jump right into it;

The cost of starting a beauty salon in Dubai

Generally, the cost of opening a salon in Dubai might range from AED 10,000 to AED 12,000, especially when you include the trade licensing fees.

However, several factors will determine how much you’ll spend when opening a beauty salon in Dubai. Among the factors includes;

  • The space of your business
  • The number of workers in your beauty salon
  • Whether you are operating in the mainland or a free zone

The above 3 factors play a bigger role to determine the cost of opening a beauty salon. Nonetheless, if you want your beauty salon to skyrocket faster, consider opening your business in Dubai Mainland. The mainland is  deemed proactive in terms of salon business because it will pave way for more business opportunities, unlike the free zone area.

Does Dubai allow anyone to run a beauty salon? Let’s find out;

What qualifications do you need to open a beauty salon?

There are certain specifics needed to run a beauty salon. Just like any other business, a How to Start Beauty Salon in Dubai comes with its rubrics to make it successful. Therefore, the following skills are deemed fit for anyone who wants to open a successful beauty salon.

1.      Time management

2.      Customer service at the business

3.      Financial management

4.      Keen to small details

5.      Marketing skills to promote the business brand

Additionally, passion and creativity are other added skillsets you need to hold if you want to start a beauty salon in Dubai. With tons of different styles on the internet, women run for the best style in town. Thus, you’ll be required to be creative enough to move with the digital trend in terms of hairstyles.

What are the most common requirements to start a salon

The requirements to open a beauty salon might vary from state to state. Therefore, it is always recommended to conduct in-depth research to understand the state requirements before launching your beauty salon in any country.

Having said that, the following are the most popular thing you’d want to have intact when opening your beauty salon;

·         The salon business name

·         Location for your salon business must be approved by the Dubai Municipality

·         Having Federal and State Tax IDs

·         Insurance for your business

·         Trade license

·         Licensed contractors for your salon

·         Certificate of Occupancy

·         Presence of drawers and cupboards to keep clients’ towels

·         Must have a water heater

·         A salon must have a washbasin within the premises in case of facial treatment

·         There must be a signboard situated outside indicating this is a salon business

·         The salon premise must be properly ventilated and allow sufficient light into the room

·         The furniture ought to be clean and strong to support clients

·         A special place within the salon must be set to allow other treatments such as hair removal, pedicure, henna designing, and manicure among others.

·         More than 2.30m is the recommended height size between the floor and the ceiling in your beauty salon

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Types of Beauty Salon License in Dubai

Generally, Dubai incorporates two types of the beauty salon you can open. This is so specific to avoid opening different types of a salon that doesn’t meet the Dubai threshold and requirements.  And so, the two types of a beauty salons in Dubai you can start include;

1.      Women’s Salon

2.      Men’s Salon

That said; each type of salon has its professional trading license to govern the business activities encompassing the salon. Therefore, if you want to open a men’s salon, look for a professional men’s salon trading license.

Additionally, a women’s beauty salon is a license for carrying out hair care and beautification. Haircare can involve the following; straightening, hair washing, setting coloring, hair fixing, trimming, waving, and henna services. Similarly, cosmetic treatment can involve services such as skin cleansing and makeup. On top of that, cosmetic treatment is permitted to carry out foot care, skin hair removal, nail manicures, and facial aesthetic.

On the other hand, opening a men’s salon in Dubai you’ll be permitted to perform things such as beautification treatments, cutting, dyeing, hair care, straightening, waving, trimming, and supporting hair strength and hair setting up.

How to get a license for a beauty salon

Having a professional beauty salon license is one of the important steps to consider when opening a beauty salon in Dubai. Therefore, as aforementioned earlier, the Department of Economic Development (DED) is the body responsible for license issuing in the UAE. So, according to them, the following are the pertinent documents you need to submit to get your beauty salon license.

ü  The tenancy contract

ü  A summary of your business activities

ü  The business owner’s passport and visas

ü  The business name certificate

ü  A copy of MoA, (Memorandum of Association)

ü  Approval from the Health and Safety Division of DM and the Dubai Municipality Planning section

However, getting a professional license in Dubai might be a pain in the neck, especially if you are a foreigner. We at Vigor Mainland Business Setup and Company Formation services will assist you in forming your beauty salon company in Dubai, UAE. Additionally, we will walk you through the step by step to obtain your trading license in Dubai in legit ways and get approved to run your beauty salon business in the UAE.