How to Get your Events Management License in Dubai, This Year

Events Management License in Dubai

Are you wondering how to start your  business in Dubai? In most cases, company formation in Dubai might be a pain in the neck if you’re not acquainted with the proper protocols needed to start your business in UAE.

It is clear now, that Dubai is far ahead in terms of a stable economy, business-friendly environment, and amazing infrastructure which facilitate   business in Dubai. So, a lot of investors have taken this ample opportunity the UAE present and start their business in Dubai without holding.

Moreover, Dubai incorporates different people across the globe with various motives to make their lives productive therein. Thus, this compels foreigners to engage in business activities because of the favorable business ambiance the UAE government provides in the Dubai marketplace.

In the same vein, with Expo 2020 coming together with large help from the UAE authorities in terms of recent policies, exemption from value-added tax (VAT) for tourists, and opening of new tourist destinations, the UAE Hospitality Industry is anticipated to reach $7.6 Billion through 2022 and that is sure that Dubai Events Industry is getting healthier through the day.

If you’re seeking to begin an business in Dubai, now’s an awesome time to do that. Since 2013, business activities in Dubai have been experiencing an increase of 25% in step with annum, a strong increase in price that is facilitating the growth and enlargement of other services companies that are in a bid to help this industry.

Whether recreational activities or corporate events, Dubai has always been the best town you can choose to hold your corporate events or start your Company in Dubai. You can likewise get supports from nearby financial institutions and the UAE government is also on top to make sure all business in Dubai is running smoothly and effectively.

Therefore, below are the steps to help you start an  company in UAE:

Steps to Setup an Management Company in Dubai

Event Management companies refer to companies that plan, organize and control company activities.

Some of the major roles of  Company in Dubai include:

  • They organize wedding/burial ceremonies
  • Hold celebrations,
  • Product launches, and
  • Product presentations, workshops, meetings, etc.

However, for you to start an event management business, the first step is to determine what forms of activities you need to prepare e.g. do you want to conduct small events,  large events product launches, merchandising, or a conference?

Once you are set with the final verdict on the type of business activity you want to engage in. It will be easy and simple to narrow down other scopes in your business.

Having said that; for you to set up your business event in Dubai and run successfully, you need to figure out the type of your business activity, and then decide on the type of location you want to situate or conduct your business activities.

In Dubai, there are different places or zones such as free zones or mainland you can decide to conduct your business activities. Each zone comes with set policies needed to be adhered to align you with the set principles to avoid violation of UAE government rules.

Let’s look at each independently:

Free Zone

There are several free zones in UAE along with Dubai World Center, Fujairah Creative City, and Dubai Creative Clusters Authority that superbly deal with events management companies.

If you have decided to conduct your business in Free Zones, you can send your application form together with the needed documents such as a copy of your passport and visa to the reputable Free Zone authority.

Also, UAE Free Zone Company offers 100% possession to an overseas investor. However, there might be barriers wherein commercial enterprise proprietors can grip activities and exhibitions.

Any company formation in Dubai in Free Zones is required to apply for a permit from each venue they work with and cannot preserve activities in public areas along with seashores or parks.

Therefore, in the free zone, some activities are allowed to be conducted therein such as:

  1. Organize, control, and inspire gala activities, award ceremonies, conventions, product launches, meetings, meetings, seminars, and different commercial enterprise-associated activities in Dubai via an Event Management License.
  2. Hotel reservations for the attendees of the Event
  3. Can promote tickets for Event

On the flip side, you are not allowed to conduct the following business in Free Zone as an  management company in Dubai:

  1. Carrying out any civil / production workings (e.g. constructing stages, scaffolding, exhibition stands, or any more production paintings)
  2. Trading sports (additional consist of import and export of products)
  3. Training Activities
  4. Talent Agency’s Activities
  5. Venue Management
  6. Establish and sponsor activities missing the approval of the ideal authorities.


For you to start business management in Dubai Mainland, you will be compelled to apply for Event Management License directly to DED.

However, to gain a permit to conduct your events everywhere throughout UAE, you must apply for approval from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) after which you may be permitted to conduct any events across UAE and its environs.

After you are familiar with popular zones for your  company formation in Dubai, it’s high time to walk you through the best steps to get your event management License in Dubai, right?

Let’s get started:

Steps to Obtain Event Management License in Dubai

The first step for Business Registration in Dubai is to fill application form for acquiring the license.

You want to offer non-public and expert facts and additionally listing down your commercial enterprise sports. Submit your complete form to the Department of Economic Development (DED) in case of the mainland or the Free Zone authority in case of Free Zone Company.

Note that there are specific guidelines for every zone.

After you’ve sent your application form together with the prudent information needed, wait for a response from DED in your approval. After the preliminary approval, pay the price and get the license some days after the very last approval.

Top 4 Reasons why you should start an  Company in Dubai?

  1. Low price to setup

Event control licenses are pretty cheap in Dubai, beginning at around AED 17,500.

There is likewise no requirement for paid prematurely percentage capital for mainland activities corporations or in some of the UAE’s Free zones.

There are only a few prematurely expenses outdoor of this – depending on your commercial enterprise, offering you have a PC and applicable information of the sector, you’re desirable to go.

  1. Flexible Visa Options

There isn’t any top restrict this means that that occasion control commercial enterprise proprietors can practice for limitless visas.

  1. Office area requirements

In UAE Free Zone, there may be frequently no requirement to tackle workplace area and however at the mainland, workplace area is required.

It relies upon your commercial enterprise activities and finances on what type of area might be needed.

4. Sponsor dependents

An occasion control license now no longer best lets in you to attain visas in your personnel however additionally for dependents for his or her house visas too.

Final Thoughts

Dubai is a better place for starting your Company because of the convenient surrounding to business. However, some foreign investors might not be aware of the proper procedure to get a valid even Management license.

Moreover, you have to decide the type of zone to conduct that will befit your zone. In that case, we’ve explained the top zones including Free Zone and Mainland that you can select for your  company. If the going gets tougher while setting up your company, you can always seek the help of a professional business consultant in Dubai to shed light on your problems.

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