How to Start a Cleaning Company in Dubai: Requirements, Registration, and Cost

Guide to Start a Cleaning Services Company in Dubai | UAE

Dubai is a fast-paced city. Most of the population are ex-pats who have moved here for professional reasons. Due to their work, they live most of their time outside of their homes. Such a busy schedule leaves little to no time for them to do the cleaning of their homes and they don’t agree with keeping full-time maids.
This is where UAE cleaning companies come for help. And with time, the cleaning company in Dubai is becoming one of the most profitable businesses in the UAE.
There are different types of cleaning activities the cleaning company in the UAE provides. Here in this article, we cover everything you need to know about obtaining a cleaning services license in Dubai.

What is a Cleaning Company Business in Dubai 

The cleaning business in Dubai offers a wide range of cleaning solutions, such as commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, professional cleaning, and industrial cleaning.
Usually, all these services offer specific cleaning services to cater to the specific needs of their customers. The included activities are windows cleaning, floor vacuuming, furniture cleaning, kitchen and dishes cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, and more.
Understanding all the complexities of starting a cleaning company in Dubai can be a hassle for you. Thus, you should get in touch with Vigor business setup professionals who will guide you throughout the process of registering, approvals, and cleaning services company licensing.

The Benefits of Opening a Cleaning Business in Dubai

Setting up cleaning services in Dubai can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the advantages that the city has to offer. Depending on the business needs, the cleaning business is gaining demand for cleaning different spaces.
With its booming economy, high population density, and constantly growing tourism industry, Dubai is an ideal place to operate a cleaning business.
The emirate of UAE offers attractive benefits such as access to international labor markets, low taxes, and business-friendly regulations. With that, the presence of many large companies in Dubai provides plenty of potential customers for any new venture including cleaning.
Since the majority of expats and travelers come from countries with high standards of hygiene, there is a great demand for quality cleaning services in the city.
Therefore, starting a cleaning company in Dubai could be both profitable and beneficial for those looking to break into this sector of the market.

The Types of Cleaning Services in Dubai

Dubai cleaning services are of different types to suit your requirements. The following are the most in-demand in the UAE.

Dubai Residential Cleaning Company

Home cleaning services work in homes, villas, and residency apartments. Specializing in cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, balconies, and other living spaces, the staff makes sure to meet your requirements. You can ask for a custom house cleaning service as well.
In addition to these services, the house cleaning service can provide additional services such as window washing, dusting, and polishing of furniture and fixtures.
They can also provide deep cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens, as well as cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, including countertops, sinks, toilets, and showers.
Usually, the equipment and cleaning products that are used for home cleaning are basic. And starting a residential cleaning business from scratch in Dubai mainland is also easy and requires minimal effort and investment.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Dubai

Commercial deep cleaning services work in commercial sectors like huge buildings, enterprises, office cleaning, hospitals, and stores.
To clean such big spaces, they need a large and wide range of advanced equipment and cleaning supplies to clean large windows and bigger floors, etc.

Industrial Cleaning Company in Dubai

Industrial professional cleaning services cater to bigger industries, warehouses, and factories. Such spaces are challenging due to the areas and the limitations of the location.
Industrial services offer sanitization and commercial waste removal. For these services, they need heavy-duty machinery, cleaning services, and products.
Out of all three types, the most profitable cleaning services business is residential because of the demand. Here is the step-by-step process of applying for a cleaning company business in Dubai, UAE.

The Types of Cleaning Company Licenses in Dubai 

To start any commercial/residential/industrial cleaning services in Dubai, you require to get a specific type of license from the DED. The Department of Economic Development is in charge of accepting registration applications, and issuance of cleaning licenses and all other business licenses in Dubai, UAE.
Based on the company structure you want; you have two options according to the type of license you apply for. One is a commercial cleaning company license in Dubai and the other is a professional cleaning services business license in Dubai.

Commercial Cleaning Company License in Dubai

If you are applying for a commercial license, your company will be registered under the LL (limited liability company) category.
The following are the documents you need to submit with the registration application:

  • Trade name
  • Signed MOA
  • Tasheel fee
  • Initial approvals from respective authorities
  • Company stamp
  • Visa documents
  • Emirates ID (if you have one)
  • License fee

The cost of a cleaning business license in Dubai will approximately be AED 25K if you are applying for commercial services.

Professional Cleaning Company License in Dubai

One of the biggest advantages of applying for a professional license is you get 100% complete ownership of your company setup. And your business will be registered as a sole proprietorship or civil company (if you have partners).
The following are the requirements of the application:

  • Trade name on the first name of the owner
  • LSA notary agreement
  • Tasheel fee
  • Trade license fee
  • Visa documents

The cost of a professional cleaning company business in Dubai is around AED 15K. You can contact Vigor business experts to handle all your registration processes with other business setting-up requirements.

What Are the Requirements for Starting a Cleaning Business in Dubai? 

Application Form
You need to fill out all the application forms that you received from DED.
Trade Name
The company name you choose has to be unique and shouldn’t be taken before. You have to give three names at least and out of them, the DED will finalize one.
Shareholders Approvals
You need to get submit passport copies of all your shareholders if you have any with the application form.
Entry Stamp
If you have foreign shareholders, you need to submit their visa documents or entry UAE stamp.
Attested NOC
Ask your local current sponsor to sign NOC (no-objection certificate) and share your Emirates ID if you are residing in Dubai.

The Step-by-Step Process to Register a Cleaning Company in Dubai

Choose your business activity
The DED offers a list of all the business activities that are allowed with one basic license. You need to choose the most suitable business activity for your Dubai cleaning company to proceed with the further steps.
The Business Structure
There are three options to go with for your cleaning services company in Dubai. You can form a limited liability company, establish a sole proprietorship or set up a civil cleaning company business in Dubai’s mainland jurisdiction.
Initial Approvals
The DED will mention all the initial approvals you need to get. These approvals show that government has no issue with your business being formed here in Dubai, UAE.
If you are applying for a professional license, prepare and get your LSA agreement signed. And if you have chosen a commercial license, you need to prepare your MOA form and ask your shareholders to sign it. As it is necessary for opening a cleaning company business in Dubai.
Rental Contract
The UAE has tenancy rules for all kinds of businesses. Each mainland business is required to rent an office space and get a tenancy contract approved by EJARI. You can either rent or get the space on lease.
Fee Payment
After all the approvals, and application submissions, you will relieve a payment request form from DED for your cleaning company registration. You can pay the fee online too. After that, you will receive your cleaning services company license within 3 to 4 working days.

The Registration of Cleaning Company Business in Dubai

You need to register your cleaning company in Dubai municipality. The process is hassle-free and smooth. You can take the help of our professional consultants as well if you are having any doubts.

  • Start the process by signing up on the official website of Dubai municipality as a customer. Your account will be created on the information you will put so use the same credentials to sign in later.
  • After getting logged in, go to the “company registration” option. You will automatically be redirected to the new tab.
  • Now add all your personal and business information that is asked in the form.
  • Keep soft copies of the trade license and your company logo on your phone or whichever device you are using for the registration. Upload them.
  • Later you will receive an email from Dubai municipality as confirmation of application processing.

Other Cleaning Service Business Aspects to Consider!

Opening a residential cleaning service business is relatively easy and requires lesser capital as compared to industrial and commercial.
However, still it would be a hassle to decide what cleaning services to include or what products, supplies, and equipment are required.
Moreover, you also need to see your competitors and hire a workforce to meet the requirements of your customers. For that, you have to apply for their visas and manage other paperwork to get approvals.

The Company Formation Services

The decision of offering cleaning services in Dubai, UAE can be a lucrative business plan due to the rising market needs. At Vigor business setup, we can help you make a competitive business plan that answers all the requirements for cleaning company business in Dubai.
We can also guide you through the registration process and offer expert advice on choosing the best license based on your business activities. Contact us to know more about the cleaning company business in Dubai, UAE.