Dubai Business Visa

Our Business Visa is a long-term visa that allows foreigners and their dependents to work in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE Golden Visa program is linked to the Business Visa. The visa is intended to encourage foreign investment and create a competent, business-friendly environment in the UAE. Vigor Business Setup  Visa specialists handle a variety of visa-related programs for Dubai business visas, work visas, and investor visas, among other things. Upgrading your skill-set is one of the most important ways to get ahead in today’s job market. At Vigor Business Setup visa experts, we can help you do just that by getting you a UAE business visa or other Dubai visas so you can increase your earning potential, gain valuable experience, and give yourself an edge over the competition. The main objective Vigor Business Consultants visa experts is to help you through the process of obtaining a business visa for UAE by providing all types of services like:- 

  • No need to go to embassies for visa stamps.
  • Consultation on your UAE location and the Visa approval Process. 
  • Low cost pricing, minimum fee. 

Vigor visa experts consulting is available across India, US, UK, Dubai, Abu Dhabi. – Flexible hours and no weekend or late night fees.

The Business Visa is an exclusively assigned visa that is issued for the period of three (3) years and entitles its holder to stay in the country for up to 180 days per season. This visa can be converted into a Residence Visa once the applicant satisfies the UAE Immigration Department rules or GDFRA General Directorate of Residency Affairs. Our skilled visa in Dubai advisors can take care of everything you need for your business visa requirements.  Detailed and personalized service and flexible appointment system assure that our clients get the most from our services. We want to be your first choice in dealing with any kind of issue related to UAE business visa, work visa or residency matters. Vigor business Setup and Company Formation Handles all visa related matters ranging from UAE business, UAE work visas, Dubai Residency Visa and UAE investor visa. Our services are swift, accurate and hassle free. At Visa Experts, we provide experienced and professional advice and guidance to all foreign investors. In order to avail our services, you can get free consultation by filling up the form on our website and we will revert in a timely manner.

The UAE Government’s “Golden Visa” programme allows a applicant to obtain a Residence Permit and live in the country for at least 10 years without renewing a visa. As part of developing its strategic relationship with foreign investors, the Emirates have launched this unique opportunity to be granted a 10-Year Residence Permit in exchange for an investment of AED 3 million (USD 1 million). The permit will give you ten-year residence in one of the most secure, progressive and favourable destinations in the whole region.

Some of Key questions are addressed below:- 

1. How to get a Dubai Business Visa or UAE Business Visa?

The following are the requirements for obtaining a Dubai business visa.

The applicant for a business visa should have specialized business experience. The applicant must demonstrate that he or she has prior business experience.

The applicant should either own or have owned a company in the past.  This is recommended not mandatory.  They should either have been a director, shareholder or a manager in the previous company. The applicant should present a history of being an owner of the company and actively managing it as well while maintaining a good track record. 

Have plans or ideas for starting a company in the UAE. He or she should be willing to relocate to the United Arab Emirates in order to start a company. In the UAE, an applicant may apply for a business visa regardless of their country of origin and Vigor Business Setup and company formation consultants will help you ease the process. 

2. What is the procedure to apply for a business Visa?

A Dubai-based incubator backed by the Emirates authority could approve the applicant’s proposal. AREA2071 is the current incubator in Dubai. After the proposal has been approved, the applicant may complete the Visa application process on the Federal Identity for Identity and Citizenship website. The steps for submitting a visa nomination are outlined below.

Create an account on the official website,

Log in to your account after it has been created and begin the nomination process. If the visa candidacy is approved, the applicant will receive an email with a connection. Continue with the remaining steps, such as document submission, by clicking the same connection. In the event of non-acceptance, the applicant must repeat the entire process after a three-month cycle.

3. What happens during the process of getting a Business Visa?

The acceptance of the visa nomination enables the applicant to complete the remaining formalities on the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship’s official website. After the website formalities are completed, the applicant will receive an email with the final instructions for obtaining a Business visa.

If the applicant is not based in the UAE, a temporary visa for a period of six months will be issued. The applicant will use this time to move to the UAE, learn about the business environment, and settle in. Prior to the expiration of the temporary visa, the applicant must convert it to permanent residency. During the process, the Vigor Business Setup Visa consultants will keep you updated and posted about the results and also assist you with any other requirements you may have. 

4. What are some of the key advantages of getting a Business Visa?

The following are the two key benefits of obtaining a Dubai business visa:

  • The holder of a business visa may move to the UAE for a period of six months to complete business-related tasks.
  • The business visa is a multiple-entry visa. The company’s senior employees may be nominated for citizenship by the Dubai business visa holder. It is possible to nominate up to three employees.
  • The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has established specific rules and regulations for dependent sponsorship. The visa holder is expected to follow the rules to the letter.

Dubai Business Visa