Useful Tips to Establish a Successful Cake Shop in Dubai

Useful Tips to Establish a Successful Cake Shop in Dubai
Useful Tips to Establish a Successful Cake Shop in Dubai

Are you thinking of starting a cake shop that will stand out from the rest in Dubai? Well, several factors go into the success of such a venture. A cake shop is quite a profitable business idea. Many people like eating cakes as refreshment snacks or as part of a light meal. Furthermore, cakes are used globally to cheer up guests in ceremonial events such as birthdays and weddings. Therefore, there is bound to be a ceremony or simply a hungry client every day that could use your services.

However, as you are obviously not the only one in the business, you need game-changing tips to ensure you stay a step ahead of competitors in the industry and attract more regular customers. This article therefore seeks to equip you with a few tricks on how to open a successful cake shop in Dubai. Below are the noteworthy points to deem fit when opening cake shop in the UAE?

  1. The type of cake shop to run
  2. Strategic location
  3. Product quality
  4. Customer incentives
  5. Diversity
  6. Enthusiastic marketing
  7. Fair pricing
  8. Customer feedback

Let us take a deeper look at each of these factors.

The type of cake shop to run

The type of cake shop you want to establish mostly depends on the capital you have. It also depends on your comfort and target market. There are several options to set up your cake shop. The most common is the over the counter wholesale or retail cake shop, whereby baked goods are displayed in shelves where customers can come in, choose their desired product, pay for it and have it packed up for takeaway.

You can also opt to start a dine-in cake shop. This option requires you to provide a mini-restaurant space with seats and tables for customers. Most popular dine-in cake shops offer other complimentary products such as cold soft drinks and hot or iced beverages such as coffee to accompany the chief product. Dine-ins is popular in busy urban settings, as the working-class can come to spend their lunch break in your establishment. To establish a successful dine-in, you will have to provide impressive waiting services to your customers.

Online cake shops are another option that you can explore. You create a website to market your baked goods online, and customers can place orders which you can have delivered within your regions of access. This is a good way to reach out to more potential customers who could be too busy or reluctant to make the trip to your designated cake shop.

 Bake on order is another option, you advertise your skills online and get orders for custom made cakes delivered to or collected by the client at your shop. With this option, your brand typically markets itself through the quality you deliver. Moreover, it is a highly profitable option as you risk no losses resulting from expired products off the shelf.

Cake Shop in Dubai

You can run an exclusive cake shop on a specific type of cake that you specialize in and maximize on quality, for instance, you can decide to build your brand by specifically selling wedding cakes, birthday cakes or an exclusive cupcake shop. This will, of course, require you to conduct your own research to discover which product is in high demand so you can capitalize it and put all your skills on it.

To start a successful cake shop in Dubai, you need to evaluate the target market needs and pick the appropriate type of shop to run based on resources and skills at your disposal.


For your cake shop to be successful in Dubai, you need to pick a strategic location to set up your business. Whether it is behind the counter or a dine-in, your cake shop should be conspicuously situated in a busy urban area near industrious work places and social amenities such as schools, hospitals or religious institutions. This way, you can take advantage of the hungry or treat-craving population that streams out especially during lunch breaks.

Your one-stop take-away counter cake shop can also be located along highway stopovers to serve hundreds of hungry travelers. You can also establish a drive-through cake shop.

For online delivery cake shops, it is important to have your bakery or main shop situated centrally within your scope of delivery to ensure your deliveries effortlessly serve as much clients as possible within your radius.

Similarly, finding a suitable location for your cake shop can be a bit challenging. Therefore, we at Vigor Business Set Up offer aspiring investors looking forward to starting their business a road map on how to start a business. You can consultant our professionals’ business consultant at Vigor to help you with all business procedures.

Product quality and consistency

Just as with any other business, your products should be baked with a strict adherence to quality to attract and retain customers. If you compromise on quality, your customers will definitely ditch you for another cake shop that offers a better quality product, and yes, they have every right to do so.

Your best signature product should always be available for sale to your regular customers with consistent quality.

Customer incentives

Entice new customers and maintain your regular ones with appreciative incentives such as free samples for first time customers and loyalty discounts on signature products for frequent buyers. This way you get to influence customers to try out your products and motivate them to buy regularly from you. This way, you get to build and expand a consistent market for your products.

Enthusiastic marketing

As with all business ventures, your cake shop needs a strong marketing strategy in order to grow and become stable. Online marketing is essential to sell your business and attract a wider scope of potential customers.

Write a detailed, SEO-perfect description of the services and products you offer, and include appealing pictures too. Give detailed landmark directions to your business establishment(s). You may also be surprised how useful it is to add your shop’s location to Google Maps.

Eye-catching display signs and sign-boards are also a good way to invite new customers to your cake-shop. Use large displays, bright and stylish wording to advertise your brand. Including mouth-watering picture samples of your key products always does the trick. If you have a few extra Dirhams to spare, consider investing on flickering light signs for effective advertising even at night.

More importantly, in a business that deals with edible treats such as cakes, a strong pleasant aroma from your bakery is the magic potion that lures curious customers to your business, and is definitely a business card you should pull.


For your cake shop business to run great in Dubai, you should be able to reach out to a vast network of customers. To do this, you have to diversify your business. With enough capital, you can set up outlet shops and minor branches across various parts of the country. If not, you can widen your delivery scope to accommodate a wider radius.

Fair pricing

Your product prices need to be fair enough to go easy on the client’s pocket while still giving you reasonable profit. This is a shrewd tactic to stay ahead of your competitors. Most people will naturally spend where they can save on a dime or two, so if you can offer good quality products for slightly less, customers will naturally come to you and stick with you.

Customer feedback

Always be open to customer feedback and critical reviews. This way you will be able to connect with your customers and know what you need to do to upscale your ratings and increase customer turnout.


Setting up a cake shop in Dubai is quite easy provided you have the necessary capital, resources and baking skills required to get started. However, without the best business practices, your cake shop may end up a failed project subject to stiff competition.

With many cake shop businesses already established in Dubai, you need a way to woo customers and ensure they make your shop their regular go-to cake shop. Always prioritize the customer’s satisfaction, and offer constantly available quality products at a reasonable price. Market your business aggressively and expand customer networks. This way, you can ensure you stay in the lead.