Education Business in Dubai; What You Need To Know as an (Investor)

Education Business in Dubai
Education Business in Dubai

Are you interested in studying in Dubai? Studying in the United Arab Emirates is a fantasy prospect for many. Education is the key to success, as the adage goes. There is apparently a high demand for this key in the UAE, and as such, there are plenty of unlimited opportunities from elementary to tertiary levels in the country.

Dubai also offers a variety of inter-continental curricula systems to cater for the diverse nationalities living and working in the famous city.

Whether you are a citizen of the UAE, or a foreigner living in Dubai or interested in studying abroad, Vigor Business Set Up have compiled this informative piece to equip you with more knowledge about the basics of studying in Dubai.

Here is a brief outline of what you need to know about education in Dubai

  1. What kinds of education opportunities are available in Dubai?
  2. How good is education in Dubai?
  3. Is education in Dubai affordable?
  4. Why study in Dubai?
  5. Frequently asked questions

Read on this article to find out

Education opportunities in Dubai

Education in Dubai is available from elementary to tertiary level. The Education business in Dubai sector in Dubai has grown tremendously over the past 50 years. The UAE boasts of both public and private schools, as well as reputable institutions of higher learning, which includes well-known universities and colleges.

At the basic Education business in Dubai level, private schools account for most of the schools found in Dubai, with a staggering percentage of 90%. Private schools in Dubai are managed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, (KHDA). These schools run on various international curricula and programs, with the UK and USA curricula being the most common. The IB and the Indian curricula are also represented in various private schools in the country. The UAE is home to about 150 private international schools offering quality education.

Public schools in Dubai run on the curricular provided and managed by the country’s Ministry Of Education.

For higher learning, Dubai is home to up to 60 renowned international University and college campuses providing world-class tertiary education. Higher education is equally provided in these institutions, with a high student turnout for both boys and girls.

How good is education in Dubai?

Dubai boasts of a very fruitful education system, with the overwhelming majority of students making it to tertiary level every year. Up to 95% of both boys and girls are admitted to higher learning institutions annually. This goes to show just how effective the Education business in Dubai system is in Dubai.

Additionally, as a policy, education is a mandatory requirement for all children in the UAE under 15 years; hence the country ensures a high literacy rate.

Cost of education in Dubai

The UAE government in Dubai offers free education for all students of UAE nationality, and this includes tertiary level education in Emirate universities. Students of foreign nationalities can as well study in any of the public or private schools and institutions on scholarship or self-sponsored fee programs.

Basically, private schools in Dubai charge anywhere between 12,000 to 64,000 Dirhams as annual school fee depending on the school and type of curricula offered. The UK curriculum is regarded as the best in the country, with over 80 schools implementing it.

Notably, the above fees are exclusive of additional charges such as admission, medical services, accommodation and other personal expenses. Standard accommodation in Dubai’s university residences for tertiary students can cost anywhere from 1,600 AED, or 450 dollars. Alternatively, you can always hunt for much cheaper off-campus alternatives.

The average single student in Dubai would survive on an approximate budget of 3,500 AED, rent excluded.

Why study in Dubai?

There are many perks to getting an Education business in Dubai. For one, you will have access to world-class quality education with various international programs and curricula to choose from. Dubai hosts people from all over the world, so studying here would give you a chance to interact with people from all walks of life, and learn to appreciate various national cultures, giving you a chance to play a part in inter-national peace cohesion. It is, basically, an opportunity to get exposure and international experience.

Education business in Dubai sets a solid foundation for endless promising future job and Education business in Dubai opportunities, with the country’s impressive economic planning.

Studying in Dubai gives you a chance to experience life in one of the world’s most famous luxurious and vibrant cities.

FAQs about Education Business in Dubai

  1. Can girls go to school in the UAE?

Girls in the UAE also go to school, except that most government schools in Dubai are gender-segregated, with girls in girl schools and boys in boy schools. The UAE is still adapting to mixed learning, with kindergarten and grade 1 mixed learning realized by 2018. This trend is expected to be gradually incorporated into other levels.

  1. How many grades are in Dubai Schools?

The Dubai education system has five main levels. The primary level caters for ages 6-12, the middle/ preparatory level for ages 12-15. The secondary level caters for kids aged 15 -18. There is also a vocational/ technical secondary level for children aged 12 to 18. The tertiary level is at the top of the ladder.

  1. Are there public schools in Dubai?

The UAE government offers free Education business in Dubai in gender-segregated public schools across the country. They run on the local curriculum provided by the Ministry Of Education. The main language used for instruction in public schools in Dubai is Arabic. English is used as a secondary language.


Studying in Dubai is a chance to get exposed to a vast inter-national community. With millions of multi-national foreigners living and working in Dubai, the education system in the famous city largely comprises of private and international schools regulated by the KHDA, and running on various international curricula and programs.

The UAE government provides free Education business in Dubai for local citizens in public schools, and it is compulsory on primary and middle levels. The education system in Dubai is quite fruitful with plenty of university and college admissions. As a foreign scholar, studying in Dubai is an opportunity to achieve quality, world-class education and inter-national exposure in one of the world’s dream cities.