Cosmetic Business-Trade License and Register your Product

Cosmetic Product in Dubai -Trade License
Cosmetic Product in Dubai -Trade License


Dubai is a viable location for entrepreneurs all over the world to produce and trade many products. The city is a business hub of several markets nationally and internationally. These features make cosmetic trade a profitable business in Dubai coupled with the fact that the city has been ranked among the world’s highest per capita consumers of beauty products.


Due to the ever-growing cosmetic industry in Dubai, the government of Dubai declared a compulsory registration of cosmetic products. This registration applies to all cosmetic products produced industrially and sold in Dubai. The manufacturer, distributor, and trader of the cosmetic products are mandated to register their cosmetic brand with the Dubai Municipality.


What are the advantages of registering my cosmetic products in Dubai?


  • Registering your cosmetic products offers your brand legal protection
  • Registering your cosmetic products gives you rights to import and export cosmetic goods.
  • Registering your products enables you to run your business successfully without problems.


What are the requirements for registering my cosmetic products in Dubai?


  • You are required to clean, sanitise and store in a place that protects them from liquid, dust, or any form of contamination.


  • Your raw materials must be carefully checked, weighed, and classified by at least two people.


  • Raw materials and materials used in packaging must be handled and stored carefully in separate places to prevent them from getting muddled, decomposed, or contaminated.


  • The production, packaging, distribution, and storage centres must be properly ventilated and have good lighting.


  • Production and control processes must be expressly stated.


  • The equipment and tools used in any process of the cosmetic product must be regularly cleaned, maintained, and sanitized. They must also have good designs to prevent corrosion.


  • The water used as an ingredient in the cosmetic product must be tested regularly to ensure it conforms to microbiological, analytical, and chemical conditions.


  • The cosmetic products must be stored safely in a conducive and safe warehouse.


  • The rooms, floors, doors, walls, ceilings, walls, and windows of the production, packaging, distribution, and storage centres must be in good condition.

What steps do I take to register my cosmetic products in Dubai?


  • You are required to have a Certificate of Free Sales(CFS) from officially recognized agencies in their country of origin.


  • Your cosmetic company must be registered at the Dubai Municipality.



  • Submit the form with a copy of a valid label assessment of the cosmetic product that you intend to register.


Once these steps are completed, a registration report of the product is made with the update on your application status shared consequently. You are expected to receive the original certificate once the report is available.

What are the documents required to register my cosmetic products in Dubai?


  • Laboratory Test Report
  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Certificate of Free Sales
  • Analysis Report on the Product

Cosmetic Trade License in Dubai

To successfully establish a cosmetic product in Dubai, you are mandated by the government authorities to have a valid trade license. A cosmetic company in the mainland requires a license by the Dubai Health Authority or Department of Economic Development. A freezone cosmetic company is required to get a license from the Trakhees Commercial Licensing Division available for the approved business activity.


The mandatory registration of cosmetic products in Dubai at the Dubai Municipality before its sale in the Dubai market is to ensure that all products sold do not compromise the safety of customers. It also helps authorized bodies assess the product and educates the general public about the constituents of the product.

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