Everything you need to know about e-trader license in Dubai 

Complete Guide on How to Get an E-Trader License in Dubai, UAE
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The digital world has almost removed all limitations we used to face in the physical world. Now from the comfort of home, you can reach the whole world within just a few clicks. Using the digital revolution in the right direction, the internet also allows you to have a business setup that you can run remotely with profound efficiency. E-trader license in Dubai provides you with all the right opportunities that you need to set up your online business in the UAE.
With the e-commerce or trade license, you are not only helping the Dubai economy but also developing your online business.

What is an e-trade license?

An E-trade licence is basically a legal authorization to run an online business from the legal departments of the UAE. The department of economic development (ded) issues e-trader licenses to all freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen expats of certain other nationalities and UAE and GCC nationals. There is a prestige ded trader license process that requires applying for the trade licence along with all the written-below documents. You must have to come up with a detailed business plan including all the business activities you’ve planned to perform. All your documents and your eligibility will be checked by the ded department before the issuance of the subject license. The whole process can take 3 to 5 business days if all your documents are completed and comes no issues while inspecting the documents.

What are the benefits of an e-trader license in Dubai? 

That trade license in Dubai was launched in 2017 by the UAE’s department of economic development. There were two main goals of this Dubai e-trader licence. One was to create opportunities for all the business people who want to work from home. They can sell products online on different social media platforms. And the second goal was to eliminate all the fraudulent accounts on the internet that were selling low-quality products by using social media platforms.
Other than that, getting an e-trader license in the UAE or Dubai comes with many more benefits such as:

Authorized promotion 

Dubai e-trader license allows you to promote your business online on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, interest, tumble, youtube, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Access to official online marketplaces of the UAE 

The e-trader licence in Dubai applicants is also eligible to create their profile on online selling and buying marketplaces like Dubizzle and Souqplace to increase their online sales.

Trader name rights 

The business license in Dubai has protected rights for trade names. The trade business name and intellectual property of business owners are protected under this trade license.

Sessions for business management and improvements 

Along with the business license and protecting the rights, the Dubai chamber of commerce and the ded also hold sessions to help newbie business people improve and make their online business successful.

No need for a physical office address 

Unlike other professional licenses, the e-trader license in Dubai permits you to run your business from your home. You do not need to rent a physical office space for your business activities.

Authority to sell in UAE 

If the UAE national or a GCC e-trader license holder resides in Dubai, they can sell their services or business products online all across the United Arab Emirates.

What are the prerequisites for a Dubai e-trade license? 

Before we dive into the documents’ requirements for issuance of the subject license, there is an eligibility criterion for all the applicants of e-traders to open an online company in Dubai.

  1. You have to be a UAE and GGC national if you require an e-trade license in Dubai.
  2. If you are below the age of 21, you are not eligible for this ded trader license.
  3. The trade name has to be the name of the person who is applying for e trading license in Dubai. And only one person is eligible for the trade license.
  4. Currently, expats are not allowed to sell products online with their social media accounts. However, they are permitted to offer professional services like graphic designing, modeling, and event management to name a few.

Contact us now to discuss your e-trader license requirements with our business setup consultants. With our expert’s advice, you can learn about the complete process of an e-trader license.

What are the steps to get an e-trader license in Dubai, UAE? 

To start with the processing of a business trader license in Dubai, the following steps will help you:

Step 1: Consultation 

Starting your trade license journey with the help of a consultant will secure you from many troubles. With their guide, it will be easy to understand all the terms and regulations of the official authority if you are not already familiar with them.
Vigor business consultant will take care of all the aspects of registration and documentation keeping you posted along the way of the process.

Step 2: Accurate personal information

To register yourself as ded trader, you have to provide accurate personal information that includes:

  • Emirates 1D number
  • Active UAE phone number
  • Details of all the social media accounts you have planned to use for your business and trading purposes.

Step 3: Trader name registration

Our team of experts will help you with the trader’s name registration at the UAE registration department. As said before, your business name should be based on your first full name rather than your initial, last, or surname.

Step 4: E-trader license application

You have to apply for a professional license in the e-trade license application to get permission to trade in Dubai or in other emirates of the UAE. The process of applying for an e-trader license in Sharjah is similar to applying for an e-trader license in Abu Dhabi or any other emirate of the UAE.

What are the documents required for an e-trader license in Dubai? 

The documents required for ded trader license registration are:

  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Completed application form
  • Passport copies of interested business person
  • Three passport-sized photographs
  • Residency address

Step 5: Complete all the registration formalities 

After filing the application and providing all the required documents, now you have to submit the application form.

Step 6: Pay the trader license fee 

With the application, you have to pay the form fee. Keep the receipt with you. You may be asked to provide it again.

Step 7: Issuance of trader license in Dubai 

If all goes smoothly, your trader license is issued within 3 to 5 business days. The license will be valid for one year. After 12 months, the business person has to apply for renewal of the e-trade license. Get in touch with us if you have any doubts or thinking of starting your online business in Dubai.

What is the cost of an e-trade license in Dubai, UAE? 

If you are expat and offering professional services like marketing, design, and event management, then the cost for a trader license will be around 1000 AED. After the application submission, you will get the voucher for licence fee and it will be valid for 24 hours. The applicant is also required to pay for the chamber of commerce membership which will be only 300 AED.

Working with Vigor business setup consultants

This is the right time to obtain your e-trader license in UAE and sell online. After the pandemic, customers have been used to making purchases online and all the digital transaction platforms have been elevated. If you provide your services or products on promised quality, there are high chances of getting your business successful in no time.