Business Visa Update for Foreigners: How to Get a Golden Visa in Dubai

The process of getting business visa in dubai

Dubai offers a wide range of visa options that cater to foreign investors, expats, business owners, scientists, specialists, remote workers, artists, and the like. Depending on your need, you can get a visa according to your requirements. Before we talk about getting a Golden Visa, let’s take a look at other types of visas available in Dubai:

Virtual Working Program 

 You can get a virtual working program valid for 1 year for $287. This program grants you access to all standard services that residents can get including telecoms, schooling, utility, and connection to professionals in the global hub. To be eligible, applicants must have a 6-month valid passport, health insurance, proof of employment with a minimum of $5000 salary per month.

Retirement Visa

This is available for foreigners aged 55 and above who wish to retire in Dubai. Retired expats along with their family can qualify for a 5-year residency visa. To be eligible, you must be of age and should have at least AED 20,000 (or $5,500) monthly income, or have approximately $275,000 in cash savings, or $550,000 worth of property in Dubai. Visa is renewable every 5 years.

Aside from these two special mention visas and residency programs, Dubai offers a wide range of other working visa entries. To know more about other work visas, click here. But one notable visa worth mentioning is a Golden Visa.

What does a Golden Visa in Dubai offer?

If you are an investor who plans to stay in Dubai not just for retirement, study, or luxury but for your business to succeed, the Golden Visa is the perfect option for you. This visa offers a long-term residency of either 5 or 10 years to people who are the following: entrepreneurs, investors, talented individuals like researchers, medical professionals, scientists, and the like, and also to remarkable students.

Security is the main benefit of this golden visa program. If you are given a golden visa, the UAE has yours back in making your business succeed or your career flourish. The UAE government is committed to making expats and investors make UAE their home while making money and helping the economy of Dubai at the same time.

Requirements to Get a Golden Visa

The requirements will vary according to groupings but these requirements are basic for all applicants:

Eligibility for 10-year Golden Visa

  • Have AED 10 million worth of public investment or more, in the form of a company or an investment fund
  • 60% of total investment must NOT be in real estate.
  • The investment must not have been acquired through a loan
  • Have at least a 3-year plan of being able to retain the investment

The 10-year Golden Visa may be extended to business partners who can contribute AED10 million per business partner. The visa is also extended to the holder’s family and 2 employees. The visa is renewable. The visa price is AED 1150.

Eligibility for a 5-year Golden Visa

  • Have a minimum capital of AED 500,000
  • Have the approval of an accredited business in the country

Entrepreneurs are allowed 6-month multiple entry. The long-term visa also includes family, a partner, and 3 executives. Outstanding students are also eligible for a 5-year visa residency in UAE. Students who excel in the country with a minimum grade of 95 percent or 3.75 GPA or higher upon graduation. The Visa prize is AED 650.

How to Apply for a UAE Golden Visa

All interested individuals can apply online by clicking on the Dubai Business Contact form. The process of application is simple and straightforward. Necessary documents should be submitted to complete the process of application.