Definitive Guide on Company Formation In Dubai Silicon Oasis

Business Setup In Dubai Silicon Oasis
Business Setup In Dubai Silicon Oasis

Starting your own business can be exciting, but it can also be intimidating if you don’t know exactly how to begin the process. Luckily, we’ve got everything you need to know about company formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis right here on this page, and you can even get our help with the paperwork when it comes time to finalize your business license! Here are the basics of how to start a business in Dubai Silicon Oasis from the beginning to the end, so you can be confident that your new venture will be successful from day one!

How to set up a company in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Planning to setup a company formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis? This part will help you with it. This section covers everything from e-license registration to doing business in an FZ. To be honest, Silicon Oasis might not have gained as much popularity as Dubai Silicon for all things tech. But, we’re here to change that! Let us see what all businesses need to do before setting up shop in Silicon Oasis. There are five steps you need to Dubai Online Businesses take before you start operating your business First, register for a trade license. The Department of Economic Development is a one-stop destination for all Dubai companies. So, head there if you want to set up shop in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Make sure to apply for trade license at least three months before starting operations. Second, register for an e-license.

Once you have your trade license, visit Dubai Electronic License Registration Center and fill out a request form so that they can send you an e-license number. Third, get yourself some assistance! Whether it’s assistance with filling out paperwork or general assistance with getting your business off on its right foot; asking around is crucial here. How much will setting up a business cost? Apart from trade license and e-license, you will need to pay fees like service tax and documentary fee. So, make sure you have some cash before heading to Company formation In Dubai Silicon Oasis. After following these steps, your business will be ready to start trading in its very own office space.

DSOA Documents Pre-Approval

This part should talk about company fromation In Dubai Silicon Oasis Due to modern advanced business e systems, Setup a Business TwoFour 54 Freezone Dubai’s Department of Economic Development, DED Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority makes it easy and quick to obtain all types of business licenses and related documents needed by your new business. Its department includes specialists in different fields who will help you gather all required information within a short period of time. Some of these documents may be pre-approved prior to submission, saving you time and energy that would otherwise have been wasted on filling out duplicated forms.

 Having submitted all necessary documents, an entrepreneur should be ready to pay initial fees. In fact, they can vary significantly depending on business type and initial registered capital. They are to be paid using one of two accepted methods  via bank transfer or cash.

Fee Payment And Legal Document Submission

There are various fees to company formation In Dubai Silicon Oasis including Business license fee will be calculated based on your annual revenue or net worth. Annual accounting and auditing services fee of per year and other fees related to your industry. Fees for e-licence issuance and issuing a hard copy are free, but you need to pay a delivery fee. You can choose to get both electronically, in which case there is no delivery charge. If you are an active FZCO, you can have all these fees waived except for e-licence issuance at a cost of AED 1000 only.

Paying Oasis Silicon Service For example, if you want to start a restaurant company formation In Dubai Silicon Oasis and you decide to set up shop within 5 kilometers from its borders, then your area falls under Zone C same as Sanabis. So now that we know that our area falls under Zone C, we need to calculate our minimum capital investment requirement. For example if you want to open a restaurant within zone C with an initial investment of AED 2 million then your total registration fee should be around AED 3000/- This includes paid stamp duty of AED 800 and others like trade license registration fee trade name filing fee AED 400, land clearance permit payment etc.