What We Do

What We Do

Vigor Business Setup and company formation are the counselling experts helping you set up your business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. Our company formation consultants in Dubai specialize in incorporation, registration, and licensing. We work as your trusted partner, and to take this relationship to the next level. Vigor Business Setup ensures that corporate structures are designed to align with your business operations, to avoid unnecessary risks. From company registration to complete banking setup and compliance organization, we are your offshore and onshore solution in Company Formation in Dubai Dubai by providing comprehensive services that will save you time and money.

We provide the complete package to start your business from company formation to office setup, office auditing and accounting. Our services include incorporation, registration, licensing & auditing, or office setup & advisory. We’re always there to help and won’t let you lose sight of your goals. Business Setup Worldwide is a leading company to help set up your business in Dubai, UAE by assisting you in company formation or Dubai freezone company setup. We also provide resources to help grow your business and turn it into a successful venture. We assist with the registration, licenses and compliance processes and also provide you with expert counsel on building your business. Rely on our business consultants and company formation expert services to set up your business or expand your existing one. We help you every step of the way, from establishing your office space to processing company registration and licensing. Form your company in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE with Vigor business setup in Dubai mainland who have built their reputation on the principles of trust, quality, and results which is why we are the trusted choice for freezone company formation. With a strength of more than 10 years, Vigor Business Setup offers the very best range of services from business registration and licensing to business accommodation and registration with the help of the best business setup consultants in Dubai.

Vigor Business Setup and Company formation ensure a transparent process with all our services designed to grow your business efficiently and effectively which is why we have setup so many successful Dubai freezone companies and can help you with an easy business setup in Dubai free zone or any other UAE freezone. Vigor Business Setup and Company formation is your source for company formation and business registration by offering true transparency to your business processes and about the costs involved with it. We are a one stop shop for everything you need to start your business and enable your expansion. We will help you cut through red tape, navigate the maze of regulations and restrictions in various countries, and assist you with the paperwork to set up your office. We provide you with business setup worldwide facility so that you could concentrate on your business objective. If you don’t have enough time to set up your company then our experts are here to help you in all kinds of services. With their counselling and incubation services, we help our clients in the best possible way be it to reduce general trading license cost in Dubai , getting the best Dubai mainland license cost or offshore company setup in Dubai.

Vigor Business Setup & Company formation Services

We provide clients with a wide range of services for Dubai Company Formation available to organize your business in any free zone area within Dubai, UAE. Whether you are looking to open an onshore or offshore company, we can take care of every aspect. Our team of consultants provides clients with personal attention from the beginning to end, and use their experience to offer the best assistance possible . Our main focus is to advise and protect investors that wish to invest in UAE and other financial centers around the world. We also help you get free zone company in Dubai, offshore company in UAE, Sharjah free zone company registration, or Ras Al Khaimah offshore companies registration.

Our company formation services in UAE are well-known and highly regarded, through our affiliates in LLC formations, offshore and free zone companies. We help you register your company in UAE. We know the best jurisdictions for Foundation, branches and Representative offices of companies which offer the most investor protection to your organization. More conveniently, we can name your company for you if desired. We have far more than 8 years of UAE company registration experience.  Our offshore companies are very popular in both the Middle East and in Europe, with many more company registrations taking place every year. Our customers are from all over the world. By offering you an inclanation to domicile your business in a tax and duty-free environment, Dubai is unique in its ability to offer not just a quality business address but also total relaxation from the stresses of taxation and administration. Dubai has always avoided the deep layers of regulation which encompass many other countries and with us, you will have a company registered in one of the most tax efficient countries. One that provides global reach for its companies, instant access to the markets of neighbouring Gulf States, as well as giving foreign investors and their capital free entry into Dubai. We have carefully handpicked our team of professionals to help you plan, set-up and run your business setup in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

Mainland company formation in Dubai offers unique investor protection contracts guarantee you receive up to 100% of the company’s profit share, even when you own less than 50% of the company. These contracts are designed to ensure that our investors receive a return on their investment whether they are the CEOs running the company day to day, or if another investor has majority ownership. This makes your investment far more valuable.

Vigor Business Setup

We provides clients with in-depth information and advice on how to open a company in Dubai. We are skilled in offering services for Free Zone, Onshore and Offshore company formation in UAE. Through our wide banking network and as a trusted introducer, SFM assists in opening UAE-based offshore and onshore corporate bank accounts for companies forming in Dubai. With many years of experience in the UAE, we are actively involved in providing valuable guidance and consultancy to our international clients. Our skilled team of legal experts has helped numerous clients from around the globe register a Dubai company, resulting in successful cooperation. Should you be looking for Free Zone, Onshore or Offshore company formation in Dubai , then Vigor Business setup and Company formation is the ideal choice for your business registration services.

Company Formation in Dubai