What is the Procedure to obtain RAK Free Zone Visa in 2022?

RAK Free Zone Visa

Are you looking for a RAK Free Zone Visa for your company warehousing facilities, and don’t know where to set up your business? Dubai incorporates several free zones for company formation. However, it might be difficult to find an ideal zone for your company, especially if you’re new in the UAE business marketplace. Thanks to RAK Free Zone. It does not only permit you to do other businesses in the UAE. But also is the best zone for companies that require warehousing facilities.

RAK is among the few Free Zones in the UAE that has plots of industrial land and customizable warehouse for business development. Nonetheless, for you to be eligible to start your business in RAK Free Zone in UAE, you must have an attested document for approval. One of the pertinent documents is the RAK Free Zone visa.

Therefore, to obtain RAK Free Zone visa you ought to register with e-channel services first. Acquire an employment visa or entry permit into the zone. Submit your passport to the relevant departments and go for a medical test

Typically, RAKEZ was found after 2 Free Zones were consolidated-the RAK Investment Authority and Rak Free Zone, which essentially made the Zone huge. In addition, it stands for Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone which is one of the most well-known Free Zone for business setup in Dubai. This zone is primarily situated not far from RAK airport that contributes to the growth of company setup in UAE. 

So, before we discuss the substantive procedures how to obtain freezone visa uae. It is prudent to understand some of the activities involved in the zone. This will help you determine if the zone befits your business activities or not. 

Pretty cool, right?

Let’s dive in;

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone Business Activities

RAK Free Zone is meant for nearly all types of business on earth. However, companies eyeing warehousing facilities will have an added advantage over others. Therefore, this Zone involves several business activities in UAE, unlike other zones. Sure enough, you can spot your venture. 

So, activities in this zone are divided into the following;

  • Educational
  • Service
  • Individual / professional E-commerce
  • Media
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

On the other hand, activities which might need a company manager, then he/she must have a relevant educational degree that must be certified by the UAE Embassy in the country of origin. For instance, those professional services include Aviation consultancy, Accounting and bookkeeping, Communication engineering consultancy, Architectural design and consultancy, and more.

These activities and professional services can be proactive in RAK Free Zone if you have a certified visa. As mentioned, there are different types of visa types allocated to serve the RAK Free Zone in the UAE. So, you ought to acquaint yourself with the type of visa you are looking for in your business. To get more information about the RAK Free Zone visa, continue reading;

Types of Visa in RAK Free Zone

Getting a visa in UAE is one of the most important aspects to propel your business journey on the land of Free Zone, especially RAK. There are two types of visas you’d want to take immediately you decide to settle in UAE. 

And, so, there is a residence visa and a non-residence visa. Both visas have peculiar characteristics that define them. what is freezone visa For instance, if you are planning to stay in UAE, and set your business in rak free zone dubai, you’ll have to apply for a residence visa. 

Contrary, a non-residence visa is applied by a family, visitor, or a relative of the working resident. 

These types of visas in the UAE are further divided into some genres to help investors or visitors obtain what is valid and relevant by the UAE government figure. 

Non-Residence Visa 

  • Visit Visa

Generally, this type of visa is issued to clients, business partners, family members, or anyone related in a family way or professional capacity with the rest of the 3 types of visa holders. Thus, it allows you to visit the country occasionally, ranging from one to three months according to the visa type.

  • Family Visa  

Family visa is strict for those working in the UAE. This type of visa is different from the visit visa in the following forms;

  1. It has to be renewed after every 3 months
  2. The holder cannot be absent from the country for more than six months consecutively
  3. The applicant must earn AED 4000-3000 every month.

Residence Visas

  • Employment Visa 

For you to work in UAE as a manager, staff, or employee, you must apply for this type of visa to be assured a suitable business working environment. Employment visas have the following distinct features;

  1. One can’t stay away from the country for 6 months consecutively
  2. They serve for 3 years
  3. They require certification from the UAE Ministry of Labour  and Social Affairs
  • Investor Visa 

This type of visa is issued if you’re investing in a company or you are a shareholder in the same company. Moreover, qualified investors are allowed to apply for property visas or real estate for them together with their family living in the UAE in a temporary position.

Similarly, one can’t stay away from the UAE for more than 6 months respectively, and they are valid for 3 years.

Having expounded on the type of visas you ought to apply for, especially if you want to start your company in RAK Free Zone; how do you obtain RAK Free Zone Visa this year?

Let’s find out;

Procedure to Obtain RAK Free Zone Visa

RAK Free Zone visa procures and rules correspond to that of every other zone. However, it will be prudent to follow this breakdown to obtain your RAK Free Zone Visa in UAE.

#1 Register with E-channel Services

This is the first step in the process of obtaining a RAK Free Zone visa in the UAE. Thus, e-channel is an online visa platform that was established by the UAE authorities to provide a soft and simple visa application process. 

This process is efficient and transparent. That means; e-channel limits the use of paperwork, thus making the whole process authentic. On top of that, a fee is required when applying for a visa using e-channel services. 

#2 Obtain an employment visa or entry permit into the zone

Obtaining an employment visa or entry permit is the second procedure to help you secure your visa. Conversely, permits are always delivered 15 days after applying. However, an AED 1000 payment can curtail the delivery process to 7 days.

This permit works for 6 months. Moreover, you are not supposed to leave until all the process is done.

#3 Submit your passport to the relevant departments

This process is also called a status adjustment. The process involves steps such as, submitting relevant documents to the immigrant departments, which will be issued back 3-5 days after it has been reviewed. 

Nonetheless, if you were absent when the freezone visa uae was issued, you can select the out-of-country process to get one. Simply, you can take your printed visa to an immigration officer at the airport, who will later stamp it.

#4 Go for a medical test

A medical check-up is a must process to go through when applying for your RAK Free Zone visa in UAE. Therefore, it involves a blood test for testing specifically infectious diseases and a chest X-ray.

Additionally, you have to acquire an Emirates ID card. This card will essentially help you in your biometric test. Also, the card plays a pivotal role in legal matters, especially when signing a tenancy agreement and opening bank accounts.