How to Import & Export Goods/Products in Dubai,UAE-A Guide for Easy Process

Import export in dubai uae

Popularly known as the middle east logistics center, Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Its reputation as a thriving business hub, its economic diversification, strategic location, and favorable business laws makes it a viable location for investors from all over the world.

Importation in Dubai

To import goods in Dubai is to bring goods into the UAE from other countries for sale by complying with all regulatory processes, license requirements, paperwork, permit fees, and other mandated requirements. The Dubai trade license permits anyone to become an importer after getting licensed with the authorities.

What are the procedures for the importation of goods in Dubai?

  • All formalities for freight clearance must be fulfilled before the shipping order’s expiring date after which a delivery order would be issued by the shipping agent 3-4 days before the vessel arrives.
  • The importer is required to contact and present the Bill of Lading to the shipping agent once the vessel arrives to receive a distribution order.
  • The importer is required to sign in to Dubai Trade to apply for an import Declaration application for Dubai customs checks. The importer can then proceed to use the CDR account or E-payment channel to make payments for customs duty and other fees online.
  • In the case of limited goods or duty-free freight, the importer is required to receive special authorization before filling the Customs Import Statement.
  • Dubai Customs will then inspect and appraise the documents issued to the importer for him to collect customs duties and receive the goods.
  • The importer is required to verify the vessels’ delivery status by signing into the e-service of Vessel Enquiry to confirm the container’s discharge status.
  • Once the container is discharged, the importer may then select a delivery company to collect on his behalf the goods from DP World who receives a receipt- DP World’s Equipment Exchange Receipt (EIR) for each container received.
  • If inspection of the goods is required, the hauler is mandated to take the container to the inspection area of the right authority. The hauler can only leave if a copy of the Equipment Exchange Receipt is displayed as mandated by the Customs Import Declaration.

What are the documents required for the importation of goods in Dubai?

  • Dubai Import License

This is the official permit given to importers trying to step into the Dubai import market. It is issued by the customs office in Dubai and is required to not only start your business but to boost your business’s credibility and get legal protection.  You can learn more about acquiring the Dubai Import License here.

  • Trade Invoice

The trade invoice is issued by an exporter to the importer. It indicates the quantity of the goods, the type of goods, and the agreed prices for the goods.

  • The certificate of origin

The certificate of origin proves the origin of the goods. It is authorized by the Chamber of Commerce of the origin country.

  • A detailed packaging list

This entails the processes involved in the packaging and the HS code per weight of each good contained in the cargo.

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