FAQs - Starting Business in UAE

The industry, economic, trade, and logistic sectors are among the most profitable and continuously growing sectors of UAE. No matter in which domain you want to set up a business in Dubai, you need a particular business license. First and foremost, you should have a basic understanding of the UAE company’s license. Whether your business is in major territories or is in a free trade zone, each onshore business must be registered and licensed. 

Securing a company license is not just a formality but also serves as a prerequisite of starting your own company. You are supposed to define the nature of the corporation along with the legitimacy of your company. A corporation license is actually a document that certifies the legal status of a company. Obtaining a trade license is compulsory for those who want to operate lawfully within the premises of UAE.

Following are some most common type of business licenses that you can come across in the UAE:

  • Professional license needed for service-related businesses
  • Tourism license needed for travel and tour industry
  • Freelance license permit
  • Industrial license required for manufacturing goods
  • Commercial license needed for businesses who want to indulge in general trading

There is no straightforward answer to this discussion as it depends on the type of business that you want to set up and whether it will be based on a free zone or UAE mainland. These two key factors play a pivotal role in determining whether a sponsor is needed to start a business or not.

If a foreign entrepreneur wants to establish his business on the mainland, a local sponsor is a compulsion. The person sponsoring you should be a respected UAE national. However, if you want to set up your business on free zones, this is not the case. Businesses that are set up in the UAE mainland should have a 51% share of a local sponsor.

The three major types of sponsors that are common in the UAE premises are:

  • Local service agent 
  • Individual sponsorship
  • Corporate sponsorship

Over the past few decades, UAE has emerged as a global tourism and investment hub. Undoubtedly any businessman would want to start a venture in a futuristic country. To start your own business in UAE, you should have a thorough knowledge of the initial cost of business setup and market trends in the UAE. Setting up a business in a free zone can be a bit different from that of the mainland. Here are the few steps that you should take to start a successful business in UAE. 

  • Determine the type of your business; legal entity 
  • Choose a trading name that you can get registered 
  • Apply for a business license to start operations legally 
  • Decide whether you want to lease or buy office space 
  • Try to get preapprovals from authorized bodies 
  • Comply with the rules of the respective territory 
  • Register your business after getting initial approval. You need to pay a minimal amount of registration and license fees.

These are some general steps that every business owner has to take to start a business in UAE. However, certain activities may differ depending upon the area in which you want to set up the business.

As UAE ranks among one of the fastest-growing and stable economies in the world, it offers an array of opportunities for businesses and investors. Here is how you can go about strategizing a small, viable, and productive business in the UAE.

No, if your business idea has enough demand in the UAE market before getting into the registration process. Competition analysis, knowledge of the local business market, credible business plan, and viability of your service or product are some key factors that you should take into account before moving ahead. After finalizing the business activities, you should think of a unique business name that will indicate the nature of your offerings perfectly. Some leg work is needed to know if the trade name is available or not. After that, you should decide if you want to set up the business in the mainland or free zone region. Both mainland and free zones have slightly different registration processes and come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. The nature of the business and other relevant factors will help you in making the decision. 

The next step would be applying for the business license. Different regions have different avenues for registration; that’s why it is best to hand over the process to experienced professionals. The number of employees you can get on board differ for mainland and free zones. Office space required, number of visa’s, residency of the manager, a requirement of a full-time manager, application of wage protection system, and other provisions differ from region to region.

Taxation laws, statutory regulations, and reporting obligations will affect your business operations. 

First of all, you will need to figure out the legal requirements of the UAE to start any of the businesses there. The process involves planning, research, conceptualizing, budgeting, and decision making, among others. Any amateur business person requires assistance and guidance on selecting the correct trade license. To start a new business in UAE, you should follow the following steps; 

Select a business activity for your venture while keeping in mind the practicality in the UAE market

Choose the jurisdiction as the market is divided into various economic zones naming free zone, offshore and the mainland. These zones are known as jurisdictions that have their own set of regulations and laws pertaining to business setup. Besides the legal form of your company as it sets the structure and tone of your business. Before applying for your business license, you should decide on the legal form of your company.

  • Get approval from the Department of Economic Development for your company name and activities.
  • Choose one of the four types of trade licenses, which are industrial license, professional license, commercial license, and tourism license. 
  • Get your company registered from relevant government authorities as requested by DED
  • Find a sponsor or local partner 
  • Get external approvals as requested by the department of economic development 
  • Make a draft and understand the complexities of the Memorandum of Association
  • Rent or lease or office depending on your business needs 
  • Get initial approvals from DED and collect your trade license 

It is hard to say which free zone is the cheapest in UAE as the choice will depend on a lot of factors, including the type of business you want to set up. Generally, Ajman Media City Free Zone is considered the cheapest free zone as it offers a range of business licenses to carry out different business activities at the lowest cost.  There are various office types like customized, shared, Flexi desk, etc., and world-class infrastructure. It offers 100% foreign ownership, no corporate or income tax, a quick and simple registration process, 100% repatriation of profits and capital, multiple business activities in one license, and fast license issuance. Besides, it offers a cost-effective platform to creative people and media agencies looking for a profitable business establishment.

Starting a business can be a daunting task, especially in the UAE, as you need to take into account different things to make an informed decision. Starting a company often needs expertise and experience. The investor-friendly government of the UAE has simplified the process to make it newcomer-friendly. Following are the steps to start a business in the UAE:

  • Choose a local or UAE sponsor
  • Select the jurisdiction – Free zone, offshore, Mainland
  • Hire a consultant
  • Decide on the number of employees
  • Confirm the visa requirement
  • Get to know if you are eligible to start a business or not
  • Decide on a trading name
  • Apply for a trade license
  • Get initial approvals 

TRN is abbreviated as Tax Regulation Number, and it is actually an identification number that is given to every individual who is registered under UAE VAT. Every individual residing in the UAE should have a valid TRN to pay the VAT on supplies. So, it is helpful for registered businesses to make sure that they get supplies from a tax registered person. Anyone can check if the TRN mentioned is valid or not.

Here is how you can apply and get your TRN number:

  • Login and create an account on the E-service through an online portal that is made specifically for this purpose to ease the process for both application and UAE government
  • After getting registered for VAT, you should click on the button to get all the details of VAT or TRN in the UAE
  • The VAT application has eight sections that you should fill out with the required details. After completing it, submit the details for approval
  • After getting the approval, you will be registered for VAT in the UAE and will be given a TRN
  • You need to provide a number of required documents without which your application will not get approval. The documentation can vary from business to business

The documents needed most commonly include a copy of the trade license of your business, the company’s contact details and address, contact details of the owner, Memorandum of Association (MOA) with an income statement, and bank details.

For processing a license, there is a fixed price. It is the government (local and federal) that set up a license prize. The delivery of licenses is immediately carried out after the process transaction is being carried out. You can also get a commission for every license. The license price includes the amount of the commission fee. 

There is no fixed price for commission. It depends on the prize charge to the buyer during a transaction. Some platforms come with a fixed commission fee, i.e., 15%, on each finalized transaction. 

There is a hidden cost included in electricity or phone bills. But in this case, there is no hidden cost whatsoever.

Partnership or investment is necessary for any business. Talking about partnership means you are not alone. So the minimum number of partners or investors in a business is at least two, but for the maximum, it varies?

According to

  • Companies Act 1956; the maximum limit was 10 to 20
  • Companies Act 2013, a maximum number of partners can not be more than 100, but then it has been increased from 50 to 200 for private companies 

As for Public companies, there is no maximum limit. But it changes with time. According to rule 10 of Companies Rule 2014, a partnership firm can not have more than 50 members. Having a large number of partners could be unmanageable. 

UAE is very stable in terms of finance. It provides financial support, business loans to entrepreneurs to start their business. There are certain eligibility criteria to get a loan. Banks evaluate how worthy you are to get a loan based on your income, debt ratio. You can get a loan in UAE by doing some paperwork. Every loan has a minimum monthly salary requirement. Approval of a loan depends on your paperwork which takes anywhere between a day to a couple of days. But what if I don’t have a bank account? Don’t worry; you can get a loan, but it will be easier if you have a bank account. Some banks offer personal loans with the lowest interest rates for UAE nationals who transfer their salaries to their bank account.

Import is the process of bringing goods from foreign countries to the UAE. In case of export goods will move towards other countries. It can be the best business for you. You can do import and export while meeting the country’s legal requirements in terms of licensing, documentation, and permission. The most important point is to get a license. You should have a valid trade license issued by the UAE license issuing authority and should be registered with the customs department.

For import of goods from other countries to UAE, you should have the following documents:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Detailed packing list as per weight
  • Import permit

For export of raw material from UAE to other countries, you should have the following documents:

  • Airway bill
  • Bill of landing
  • Consignment note
  • Certificate of shipment

If you are a foreign investor, it is obligatory that a minimum of 51% of the total company shares are held by a local sponsor, and the remaining 49% will be owned by you. Office space of 140 square feet is obligatory for you. Your company will not have any restrictions connected with visa eligibility. A financial audit is necessary for a mainland company. Your company must have approval from various government bodies. 

The offshore company is a business establishment that performs operations outside the location of its origin and the original location of registration. 

100% tax exemption is one of the major benefits of forming an offshore company. It has zero import and export duty. A physical office is not necessary. Offshore company formation permits a single shareholder. 

You can form different kinds of companies in the UAE. All business categories have their benefits and limitations. 

  • Civil Company
    • It requires several professionals from different fields like medicine, law, engineering, and accountancy. 
  • Limited Liability Company
    • This type of business requires two to fifty shareholders. A UAE sponsor is needed for such a type of company
  • Partnership Company
    • This type of company may involve many partners
  • Private Shareholder Company
    • This type of business requires two to three partners
    • There must be at least ten members, and the majority of them should be UAE nationals
  • Free Zone Company
    • It provides tax and custom duty benefits to foreign investors 
  • Mainland Company
    • Mainland in the UAE is licensed by the department of economic development (DED). It allows doing business in the local market as well as outside the UAE
  • Offshore Company
    • The offshore company is a business establishment that performs operations outside the location of its origin and the original location of registration.

Benefits associated with free zone company formation are listed below.

  • Complete foreign ownership: foreign investor does not need a UAE national sponsor for company formation
  • Absence of currency regulations: the government will not impose any kind of currency-related restrictions on foreign transactions
  • Import and export duty exemption: for free zone companies, import and export duty is not applicable
  • Tax benefits: a free zone company has a major benefit of 100% tax exclusion
  • Smooth labor recruitment: A free zone company can recruit foreign nationals, and the company can conduct this recruitment without any formalities 
  • Trouble-free immigration process: immigration facilities for free zone companies are efficient and saves time
  • Readily available workspaces: in the case of free zone companies, warehouses and workplaces are easily available

One can make a great fortune by running a company in the UAE. It is so because UAE provides colossal perks to its businessmen. These perks include a multilingual workforce and zero income tax. Furthermore, UAE is a solid commercial capital in the Middle East, making it an ideal place to start a company. According to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2020 report, setting up a business in the UAE is more accessible than the rest of the Middle East, and the nation ranks 16 worldwide.

Looking at all the perks that UAE is offering, it is noteworthy that starting a company in UAE is not cheap but expensive. It costs somewhere around Dh34,340 ($9350) to set up a company in the UAE. It is just the basic amount that is required, and there may be some other miscellaneous expenses.

To start a company in the UAE, you first need to have a business mindset to change your problems into opportunities. People from many countries all over the world have established businesses in the UAE. To compete for those, one has to be an expert in his work field and set up the business with total concentration. 

  • First, you need to select a field in which you have the expertise and want to start a business.
  • Secondly, select the economic zone in which you want to set up the business. These include free zone, Mainland, and offshore.
  • Thirdly, you have to get approval for setting up the company.
  • Fourthly, apply for a trade license.
  • Once you get the license, register your company. Then rent an office and sign a contract with the real estate where you have rented the office. 

Now you are ready to start your business.

A local sponsor can play a necessary part in setting up a business in the UAE. But this is only true for setting the business in Dubai mainland. Setting the company in the Mainland has a prerequisite of getting a local and making him your stakeholder. He becomes your partner in the business. So, it is quite clear that one needs a sponsor to start a business in Dubai mainland. But as far as operating the business in a free zone is concerned, you don’t need any sponsor as you have 100% rights over your business and don’t need any partner or sponsor. The final verdict is that if you start a company on the Mainland, then you need to have a sponsor and ask him to become your business partner. And if you want to set up the business in the free zone, then you need not worry about finding a resident of UAE and sharing your business and profits with him.

On average, an employment visa in UAE costs 7000 AED (1900 USD), including all expenses. If you are not affiliated with any Visa company or your company is not covering your Visa fee, you must consider extra translation services, medical charges, and legal fees. 

Basically, UAE offers two types of labor employment contracts on which Visa fees may vary; limited-term contract and unlimited term contract. The difference is between their period, termination, and guarantee.

UAE work permit expenses vary with categories.

Company Category




300 AED (81 USD)

300 AED (81 USD)

2- A

500 AED (136 USD)

1200 AED (326 USD)

2- B

1000 AED (272 USD)

2200 AED (600 USD)

2- C

1500 AED (408 USD)

2700 AED (735 USD)

2- D

2000 AED (544 USD)

3553 AED (967 USD)


5000 AED (1361 USD)

5000 AED (1361 USD)

Level 1 refers to the skilled workers who have a bachelors degree or higher qualification. Level 2 workers are those who hold a diploma in any field, typically people from technical and mechanical field. Level 3 workers have higher secondary or high school education level. 

In the table above, A, B, C, and D refers to the skilled and unskilled workers’ percentage employed by a company. A has more than 40% skilled workers employed and D has less than 5%.

First of all, consider and learn few important consulting skills, specific and broader knowledge required for business and different business improvement stages. You should know about different consultancy businesses such as risk management, IT management, process and operation management, project and strategic management. 

Then you can start your business in several ways. 

  • You can register yourself as a freelancer and start providing your consultancy in specific regions of the UAE. Collect your required documents confirm your qualifications, and get a license.
  • You can start your consultancy company in a free zone by proper registration and hiring employees for further proceedings.
  • After a successful experiment, you can open your own foreign office in UAE to expand your business.

Individuals or businesses who do not intend to do business in UAE can establish an offshore company within UAE and enjoy special benefits. The UAE government has a specialized offshore company registration process in different free zones or Dubai Mainland. If you want to set up an offshore company in UAE, you need to:

  • Choose the type of your company i.e., Offshore LLC, IBC, Trust, or Offshore Foundation
  • Submit the application form along with required documents and other requirements
  • Draft the memorandum of association and article of association as required
  • Open your company’s offshore bank account

After completion of the above-mentioned process, you can establish your offshore company in the UAE and carry out business internationally. Having established an offshore company in the UAE, you will not be liable for any corporate or income taxes. You can also own real estate property in the name of your company or use it as a holding company.

LLC abbreviates to limited liability company; it is the most common type of company in the UAE. An LLC company can be formed by two partners only, while the maximum limit for partnership in one LLC company is up to 50 partners. Like all LLC companies worldwide, the liabilities are limited to all partners depending on their share in business capital. 

The regulatory authority governing the LLCs in UAE is the Department of Economic Development (DEC). It is responsible for issuing licenses and regulate the business activities carried out through LLCs. Moreover, the reason behind LLC’s popularity in UAE is their attractive business models and benefits offered by the UAE government. If you want to establish an LLC company in UAE, you’ll have to go through a certain process prescribed by DED.

The limited employment contracts are for a definite term that terminates upon the end of a definite term. However, the unlimited employment contracts are for an indefinite term that can only be terminated in certain cases. 

The limited contracts are used by employers who want the services of their employees for a specific duration or when the employers need employees for a particular project spanning over a fixed period. These limited contracts are designed for 02 years term maximum with a notice of termination in the said period. 

The unlimited contracts are for long-term employment without any specific period. These contracts can last for a lifetime and don’t require any renewal. The unlimited contracts are only terminated with the mutual consent of both parties. If any party illegally terminates the contract, the affected party can go for legal action. Moreover, both parties are required to give prior notice 1-3 months before the termination of a fixed contract.

If you hire a business consultant, he can help you improve your business and provide ideas for a successful business. He will guide you about; how to increase revenue and how to overcome upcoming challenges. 

There are few notable services that a business consultant offers

  • Identify problems
  • Initiate required changes
  • Provides expertise in a specific market
  • Supplementing existing staff
  • Exclude unnecessary staff
  • Provide maximum objectivity 
  • Teaching and training employees
  • Influence other people for success
  • Save and organization from losses and distractions

FAQs - Starting Business in Dubai

Yes, as per the labor laws of UAE, an employee can set up his own ventures while being employed full-time. You just need to get a no-objection certificate from your employers. Otherwise, you may have to face serious legal consequences so, if you are residing in UAE with your spouse and he or she is on a spouse visa, then it would be better to start a business with his or her name. In that case, no NOC is required, and you can run a business through your spouse by appointing him or her as a co-founder cum managing director.

Obtaining a no-objection certificate from the company where you are employed can turn out to be a complicated task. This is because most of the companies don’t allow the employees to step into business while working with them. The Emirates has five zones where you don’t require a NOC, which are: Umm al-Quwain free trade zone, Ajman free trade zone, Sharjah media city free zone, Fujairah free zone, Creative city Fujairah.

If you want to sell online in Dubai and don’t have a trade license, then it is compulsory to get a business license. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is not necessarily needed to sell something online. You can simply start your online or e-commerce business under a freelance license as there is no compulsion to have an office space. An LLC is a setup where at least 51% shares of the business belong to the UAE resident.

Dubai Media City Free Zone is the best place to start a media company as it allows entrepreneurs and business owners to set up a business with 100% foreign ownership. Dubai Media City is a popular place since its official launch in 2001 and has rapidly emanated as a global media hub. It is providing a supportive environment and advanced infrastructure for businesses in the media sector to operate within and outside of Dubai without any trouble.

You can also operate jointly in Dubai that takes into account printing and publishing, marketing, and media services, film, music, news media, leisure and entertainment, information and broadcasting agencies. The Media Business Centers of Dubai Media City helps in promoting talented entrepreneurs in Dubai.

Here are the benefits that you will get by setting up a business in Dubai Media City:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No personal, corporate, or income taxes
  • World-class infrastructure and set up to support the growth of media agencies
  • Custom duty exemptions for services and goods
  • 24-hour visa service
  • Business-friendly legal framework and company laws
  • A plethora of government service like visa, traffic, licensing, and postal service
  • Networking opportunities
  • Fast-track immigration process

Yes, investing in Dubai can be one of the best decisions of your life. Dubai is the world’s fastest-growing market and has one of the most stable economies in the world. It’s a tax-free city which makes it exceptionally attractive for everyone. Many people from all over the world come, work and invest in the property sector in Dubai. Because of free zones, foreign investors keen to invest in Dubai can take benefits from the amazing infrastructure. It has many tourist attractions like beaches, five-star hotels, shopping malls.

The high standard of living, tax-free income, great weather conditions, world-class infrastructure, free zones to attract investors, strict policies against crimes, regulated market, mature and stable property market make it a great option to invest.

The MENA region is among the most transparent real estate market. The government is striving to improve transparency to increase the level of foreign investment. The Open Data Law makes an effort to promote the non-sensitive data between non-government and government bodies to ensure that the investors can make an informed decision. 

Entrepreneurs and business persons prefer to set up a business in free zones due to various associated benefits like 100% foreign ownership, tax-free zone, and the ease of establishing a business. However, there are some restrictions in expanding the business from outside the free zone.

A company established in a free zone is authorized to run business in the relevant free zone only. In order to carry out activities in Mainland, you should comply with the UAE laws.

A service company has the option to set up a brand of a business operating in the free zone or can also establish a 100% subsidiary of the company. A UAE citizen should be appointed on the position of Local Service Agent. After that, the free zone company can export the goods to the branch or subsidiary in the Mainland while following the customs procedure of the UAE.

Before starting a business, company formation is important because if you do not provide your company details before setting up a business, then people can’t approach you. For example, if they want to contact you for trade or further process, they will get all the information from the company and brief details. 

For starting your own business in Dubai, minimum costs are 34,340 AED ($9350) include a ranking note, require payments and other fees. For a general trading license, you need 15000 AED plus 10,000 AED Dubai Municipality fee,  3,000 AED ministry of economy, and 1,200 AED to Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

The current market in Dubai is offering many opportunities for foreign investors to set up their business. If you are going to plan to set up a business, you should follow some steps.

You should select a local sponsor, a UAE national for local business set up. If you want to own your business 100%, then you should select a free zone. In the case of a free zone, you will get the following advantages:

  • 100% ownership
  • Speedy startup
  • Duty-free customs boundary 

The next important step is to select a suitable location for your business. Your location should be favorable for your product, business model, and trade requirements. You should also confirm your visa eligibility requirements. 

Another step is to hire a registered agent to take you through the process of business setup.

The simple answer to this question is NO. Dubai’s government doesn’t allow free zone companies to do business there. Also, free zone companies are not allowed to do business outside their permitted area. They are restricted to the free zone areas only. As per law (13) of 2011, the department of economic development, no business can operate outside the free economic zone except through a license granted by the department of economic development. This is a law, so it can’t be violated, and hence it free zone companies can’t do business in Dubai. Although if permission is taken from the concerned department, the free zone company can do business outside its area.

Starting a business in Dubai can prove to be one of your best decisions in life. This is so because Dubai is an exceptionally suitable place for business where people from all over the world gather to set their business. The profits that people in the industry are making in Dubai are significant. Although how much you make in terms of money depends on the type of business that you are doing. But if one has enough money to get his business running and enough skills to run that with full zeal, then there is no going back for that businessman. Moreover, Globally, the UAE ranks 11th in the category of ease of doing business in Dubai.

Dubai provides immense benefits to people in the business, which include ease in doing business, protection of property rights, no corporate tax, economic stability, excellent lifestyle, stable trade, best business regulations, and political stability. These things happen to be a great source of motivation for people who want to start a business in Dubai.

Although Dubai provides massive scope in many business fields, selecting the right business is the key to succeeding in this competing industry. While choosing a company may seem to be a tricky thing, but it certainly is not. This is so because various fields can make you earn a tremendous amount of money, but you have to be thoughtful while selecting it as it is a decisive factor for your future earnings. 

There is a wide range of businesses that are successful in Dubai. Opening a restaurant can be a great business initiative as Dubai is a hub for tourists, and this is one business in which you can never go wrong. You can also go for an event company as enormous events are held in Dubai. Construction or transport company can prove to be a great success as well. Furthermore, Dubai’s real estate is awe-inspiring, and one should invest in it without having a second thought. So, one should select from these fields while looking for business ideas in Dubai.

Dubai is an investor-friendly country and has made many business people extremely rich in a short span of time. It is easy to do business in Dubai as the government provides protection to its men in the industry in many ways. It offers free economic zones, less tax, more stability. There is very little vulnerability in the market as the trade is well balanced in the region. Out of all the Middle East, Dubai is best suited for business. 

The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that one has to have a considerable amount of money in the pocket to start the business as well as have a great business mindset. If you have both these things, you can quickly create and run your company in the UAE.

There are economic zones in Dubai that are free. It means that the government creates those zones to support the people and provide flexibility in terms of doing business. There are 30 free economic zones in Dubai. The rules and regulations formulated for these zones are different from the other economic zones. These have been generated explicitly for tax concessions to the men in business. These also give the businessmen edge by providing them with custom duty benefits to expatriate the investors. Business owners in the free zone areas in Dubai have 100% ownership of the business. So, this is an excellent initiative by the government which is beneficial to the people in this industry.

There are huge perks one can enjoy while living in Dubai. It is one of the best places to get employment and establish a business. Also, the best thing about Dubai is that acquiring its visa is not difficult. The Dubai government offers a flexible visa policy. There are many visa types. One of them is a freelancer visa. The freelance visa allows the person to reside in Dubai and work there. It is renewed every three years. The people who are about to work in the fields of media, education, tech, journalism, acting, screenwriting, advertising, training, education advisor, customer service, or web development should apply for this visa. It costs around 4,960 AED to get this visa. There are mammoth benefits of getting this visa. You don’t even have to set up an office as you are working as a freelancer. Furthermore, one can also sponsor family members to arrive in Dubai with this visa.

Dubai mainland and Dubai free zone visas are two kinds of visas given by the Dubai government. The mainland visa is governed by the ministry of labor and Economic department. With this visa, one can start their business anywhere in the city. As far as trading companies are concerned, you are required to get a UAE citizen as a sponsor and make him your shareholder. A person who has acquired a free zone visa can rent a small office and start working. One thing that must be kept in mind that with a free zone visa, you have to work within certain limits of the city. One has to own the business fully and explicitly without having any share partner. Also, the ministry of labor has no interference in the free zone areas. 

The simple answer to the question of whether I can start my business while being employed in Dubai is yes. You can definitely start a business in Dubai while being employed. The government of Dubai has flexible laws regarding working and running a business at the same time. There are many people who are doing a job as well as running their businesses. This is a safe option for them; even if they lose their job, they can still reside in the UAE, having pockets full of money. It is absolutely legal to work for others and run your own company. 

Starting an offshore company is quick and none complicated but may depend upon the type of shareholders. 

Register your offshore company for which you need few documents

  • Passport copy
  • Residential address documents
  • Professional background
  • Reference letter from a bank
  • Certificate of good moral characters
  • Complete set of IBC and ICC documents

Not every single offshore company can buy property in Dubai. Many companies are included in RAK International Corporation. RAK offshore companies can buy and own their properties in Dubai.

You can register your Dubai offshore company by following these 05 simple and easy steps:

  1. Select Tradename: In the first step, you should select a tradename of your company according to the guidelines by DED (Department of Economic Development). You should provide three names at least, and one will be selected by the authorities.
  2. Select Business Type: You also need to select the type of your business you will carry out with your offshore company outside the UAE.
  3. Select the Capital Investment: There is no limit for capital investment in law; you can choose the capital investment as required by you. 
  4. Documentation and Legal Attestation: All the required documents to be submitted with the application must be duly attested by the concerned authorities.
  5. Application Form Submission: After completion of the above steps, you’ll have to apply to the Dubai offshore authority for incorporation of your offshore company.

FAQs - Business License UAE

Before applying for a trade license application, you should outline your business activity first. To make sure that you list every business activity that you want to execute, you should take help from a business formation company on the stage. The next step is to select a company name. Although this is not an easy task, no matter in which country you intend to set up your business, there are a few more considerations to take care of in the Emirates. Strict and easy to follow conventions regarding company name should be kept in mind as you need to adhere to them.

With your finalize company name and the list of business activities, you can apply for a business license. The application can be submitted directly to the department of economic development or the managing authority of the Emirate in which you are setting up the business. You are generally required to provide the following details and documentation along with your application;

  • Two passport size colored photographs 
  • Passport copy of owners
  • Accurately filled application form 
  • Trade license fees ranging from 13500 AED to 19000 AED

It is a simple and fast process to get an E-Trader license in Dubai. If you intend to apply for an E-Trader license in Dubai, then you can just simply apply it on the DED (Department of Economic Development) Trader website.  These steps should be followed: 

  • Create a DED Trader Account
  • Register on it
  • Make the payment 

While registering for the license, you will be required to submit information of your social media accounts as well.  It’s a very quick process, and usually, you will get a confirmation within five to ten minutes. You can then take a printout of that confirmation. 

Currently, the fee for an E-Trader license in Dubai is 1,070 AED, and you will be required to get it renewed every year. 

To start any business in Dubai requires a relevant license from authorized government bodies because authorities of Dubai don’t allow people to establish an e-commerce store and to start selling products online without a license. If you have the plan to start an online business in Dubai, then you will be required to get an E-Commerce license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. You will be required to follow the procedure while applying for a license, and it’s mandatory, or else your business will not be taken as a legal business in Dubai. To apply for an e-commerce license, these steps must be followed:

  • Decide what type of legal structure you want for your business
  • Select a location
  • Get a trading name registered
  • Prepare application for a license
  • Submit an application for initial approval
  • Draft a Memorandum of Association
  • Develop Local Service Agent Agreement
  • Get a physical office registered in Dubai
  • Get final approval of the license
  • Fulfill Import/Export Requirements
  • Set up your corporate bank account

Fees to get an e-commerce license ranging from 15,000 AED to 50,000 AED as per the requirements.

If you want to set up and operate a business in Dubai, a trade or business license is needed. From multinational corporations to startups, every venture needs a trade license to operate on the premises legally. The cost of a business license varies greatly depending upon the type of business you are planning to set up, along with the scope of service.

The setup cost of a small business can be somewhere between 8,000 AED to 10,000 AED. However, there are a lot of factors that result in the fluctuation of the cost. 

The cost of a business license also varies depending upon the location. Whether you need to set up a company in one of the free zones or in the Dubai Mainland also affects the total cost. The three common types of licenses are commercial, professional, and industrial.

The trade name registration fees are also to be included in the total fee amount if the chosen name is non-Arabic. Trading names in English and other foreign names might incur extra costs. DMCC free zone offers an 80% reduction on the total setup fee and a 50% reduction on the cost if you choose the option to rent a Flexi desk.

Type of Business

Total Setup Cost

Service License Fee (Stole Establishment)

AED 19,474

Service License Fee (Civil Company)

AED 17,474

Trading License Fee

AED 24,683

General Trading License Fee

AED 41,683

There is a total of six types of business licenses that are issued by the Dubai economic department;

  • Commercial license: for businesses like real estate, transportation, healthcare, contracting, and general trading 
  • Agricultural license: for businesses like fisheries, livestock farms, and agriculture  
  • Craftsmanship (or occupational) license: for businesses like printing, blacksmithing, and carpentry
  • Professional license: it’s for lawyers, auditors, and consultants
  • Industrial license: for factories and industries
  • Tourism license: for businesses like restaurants, tourist camps, hotels, cruise boat rental, floating restaurants, and travel agencies

Before starting a business, you have to follow few things:

  • Register a company
  • Upload all required documents
  • Track the status of your application
  • Confirm your legal identifications at VFS global 
  • Pay the charges for a virtual company license

Acquiring a business license is a vital step to start your business in Dubai. After getting a license, one may run his business in the Emirates without any difficulty. There are four types of licenses that are given on the basis of the type of business being started. These include Professional License, Commercial License, Industrial License, and Tourism License. The license is provided to the person in their specific field in which they want to run the business. The license is given in order to provide full ownership of the business to their executive by the government. It costs around 10,310 AED to get the license in the United Arab Emirates. All in all, it is worth it to spend this money on getting your license as it is a prerequisite to start your business.

You need to contact business set up consultants in Dubai for getting a trade license. 

A trade license in Dubai costs from 15,000 AED to 50,000 AED. Renewal charges are from 8000 AED to 15,000 AED.

Business and trade activities in Dubai are carried out either in Dubai Mainland or Free Zones. The administrative bodies for each zone are different; hence the trade license application and renewal requirements and process are also different. 

Documents required for trade license renewal in Dubai Mainland:

  • BR/1 Form
  • Ejari Registration Certificate
  • Tenancy Contract (Photocopy)
  • Current Trade License (Photocopy)
  • Passports of all stakeholders/partners (Photocopy)

Documents required for trade license renewal in Dubai Free Zones:

  • Trade License (Photocopy or original as required in your zone)
  • Audit Reports (If required in your zone)
  • P.O Box Confirmation Renewal
  • Passports of all stakeholders/partners (Photocopy)
  • Additional documents if required 

Here’s how you can pay your Dubai trade license renewal fee online:

  • Go on to the DED website to generate your E-payment voucher
  • Sign in to your account
  • Choose renew license option
  • Generate your E-payment voucher

Using this E-payment voucher, you can pay your Dubai trade license renewal fees through any of the following DED online payment services:


You can renew your trade license online using the DED e-services. You’ll have to visit the DED website and click on renew the license and enter the license number you want to renew. Once you click renew, a window will appear asking for additional information and required documents. Fill out the information and attach the documents to process your renewal application. 

DED or Department of Economic Development is a government entity responsible for regulating trade and business activities in Dubai Mainland. DED offers various licensing and other business-related services in the wake of better economic development.  

Before starting a business or conducting any trade activity in Dubai Mainland, you are required to have a trade license. The DED license refers to the trade license issued by DED allowing you to trade and carry out other business activities in Dubai Mainland. 

The DED license is part of the government initiative to regulate trade and business in Dubai and make it feasible for everyone. The DED authorities make you strictly adhere to all the trade guidelines; if you fail to do so, they will impose hefty fines or blacklist your business. 

The DED also offers an online trader license for individuals or parties trading online in Dubai. It can be obtained online on the DED website.

UAE pass is a digital identity of UAE residents; it allows the residents to access UAE government online services through this single pass. The UAE pass has streamlined the various digital identification modes by providing a single digital I.D. that can be used to access all the e-services in the UAE. As the smart pass and Dubai ID expired in 2020, the UAE pass has become the sole digital I.D. of UAE residents. 

The UAE pass is the replacement of smart pass; the UAE pass and smart pass are not the same. The smart pass was only used by residents of Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates; however, the UAE pass can be used by every UAE resident. It is a joint initiative of Smart Dubai and Abu Dhabi digital authority to provide UAE citizens with a single digital I.D. This UAE pass is validated for all transactions and online documentation in UAE. 

Ras Al Khaimah is a free zone that is potentially strong for trade and business activities. It is currently housing over 7500+ companies and emerging as a business hub outside Dubai Mainland. Here’s a step-by-step to get a trade license in Ras Al Khaimah.

Note: The documents and requirements vary with the type of company or business you want to establish.

  1. Submit the completed application form along with required documents at Ras Al Khaimah DED. The mandatory documents are as follows:
  • Passport of all business partners (Photocopy)
  • Approvals from various government bodies
  • Other documents, i.e., lease contracts, NOCs, Memorandum, etc. (As required)
  1. Once you submit the application, it’ll be reviewed by the DED authorities and processed if everything is in order
  2. After submission and processing of your application, you’ll be required to pay the license fee and get your license in fair time

FAQs - Business License in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development recently announced a two-year permit and made it easy for skilled professionals in different categories to apply for it. The best part of this permit is that you won’t need any company sponsorship for this work permit. As per the announcement by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), UAE citizens, residents, and non-residents can get this freelancer permit, and it will let them apply for a residence visa. Also, this permit has not the obligatory requirement of having office space as per the announcement. The stated cost to get this freelancer permit by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) is 530 AED, and its validity is for two years. A freelancer permit will allow you to sponsor your family in UAE under a family visa, and it will also be valid for two years.

Creating and setting up a business in Abu Dhabi can be a daunting process if you are stepping into the business world for the first time.

Some of the key stages involved in the process are:

Step 1: Decide on the activities and legal structure of the business

Step 2: Apply for registration of the trade name

Step 3: Make efforts to get initial approval from authorized bodies

Step 4: Decide and plan office lease

Step 5: Apply for business or trade license and regulatory approvals 

Step 6: Obtain the trade license from the Department of Economic Development 

Step 7: Get your company registered with Labour and Immigration

Step 8: Open a bank account under your business name

Step 9: Apply and get employee visas

You will find that there are different types of legal forms that a business in Abu Dhabi can take. The commonly known categories are:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Representative Trade Office
  • Branch Office
  • Free Zone Agents
  • Professional Service License
  • Commercial Agents/Exclusive Distributors

The most common type of business venture in UAE is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). A maximum of fifty shareholders can share the liability of an LLC, and at least 51% of the share should be under the ownership of UAE nationals. 

Yes, Abu Dhabi offers a freelance visa to help self-employed people to reap the benefits of the industry. From a tax-free economy to a business-friendly environment, Abu Dhabi is popular among business enthusiasts. Business owners and working individuals get attracted to the lucrative market due to its flexibility. Freelancers and self-employed have given a reason to rejoice by offering a freelance license. 

The freelance permit covers around 48 types of activities that a person can perform while being in Abu Dhabi. The Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi allows freelance visa holders to take part in corporate activities from their place of residence or an authorized location.

Thus, applicants can easily get their work permits without needing any sponsorship from an organization. The freelance visa also enables the holder to reside in Abu Dhabi even without having an office space. UAE citizens, non-residents, and residents can get a freelance permit in Abu Dhabi.

FAQs - Online Business License

No, you can not sell anything without having a relevant license from authorized bodies, and it will be considered an illegal business. If you are caught up selling anything online or offline, It may lead to heavy fines. All companies, whether operating online or from a storefront, need a business license to operate in UAE. The city or state may cease operation till the time you may complete the required paperwork.

LLC is abbreviated as Limited Liability Company, where you should have a UAE resident having at least 51% of the shares of the business. If you want to sell online, it is better to have an LLC, but this is not a compulsion. Business owners who are already running a business can start selling online without fulfilling any extra requirements. 

If you are looking for a quick answer, then yes, you need a license to sell on an eCommerce site. E-Commerce penetration in the UAE is higher in the MENA region at about 1.9%. The eCommerce license in UAE can cost around 5,750 AED to 12,000 AED, depending on the location. Having an eCommerce license in  UAE means you can conduct commercial transactions electronically over the internet.

You need to get an e-Trader or eCommerce license from the Department of Economic Development to be able to start selling goods or services online. GCC and UAE nationals can get their business license by following a simple procedure to practice business activities on social media or digital platforms. The eTrader or eCommerce license needs to be registered under the name of only one business owner. However, in 2018, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has expanded the license package by including three legal forms of GCC and UAE nationals, which are:

  • One-person company
  • Establishments
  • Limited Liability Company

Yes, if you choose the right product and execute winning marketing strategies, then you can make massive profits from the e-commerce business. Starting an eCommerce business is not only about investment; you need to put a lot of effort into attracting relevant customers by creating quality content and infographics. 

Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to investing in not only the money but also efforts and time can make a great success out of the eCommerce business. Starting your own eCommerce business can be beneficial if you want to be your own boss.

To start your e-commerce business in the UAE, you should follow the following step-by-step procedure:

  • Choose the right jurisdiction
  • Apply and get a trade license
  • Develop and launch your website
  • Set up online payment gateways 
  • Secure logistics
  • Sort out storage and delivery methods
  • Market your products and services

No, you can not sell anything, whether online or offline, without having a legal business. The laws pertaining to the business industry are quite strict in the UAE. If you are caught selling anything on social media or other digital platforms without any business license, you can get a penalty of up to 500,000 AED. This is also for mothers or women who are running online beauty, catering, tailoring, or home improvement businesses. 

There is no straightforward answer to this question. But yes, if you are operating in the UAE without having any business license, then it will be considered illegal. No matter in which sector you want to set up your business, you need a license for online shopping and e-trading in the UAE.

There are a few ways to look at this. You should define the ways through which you will be receiving the money on things sold on the e-commerce site. For instance, a bank account is needed to collect payments from customers. And to open a bank account, you need to register your business. So, long story short, if you are selling online without having a business license, then it will be considered illegal, and you might end up paying hefty fines. You can also operate an online business under a freelance license as well because you will be doing your job while sitting at home. 

In short, to carry out business transactions legally, you must have a company account and license to operate in the UAE premises.

Setting up a business anywhere in the world can be a difficult task for you; however, it doesn’t have to be challenging with the help of the right business setup consultants. Consultants will help you through every step of the way.

A consultant can help you to decide whether to set up in the Mainland or in a free zone. They can help you to choose the right business activity. You can choose a name for your company, see through all the paperwork to get your business license, and open your corporate bank account. 

A business consultant will help you to manage the process from start to finish. It means you don’t have to meet the countless government authorities to set up and run your business. At the end of this consultation, you will have a deep understanding of your business and all its requirements. With the help of a business consultant, you will know the best path to take.

FAQs - Free Zone and Mainland Business Setup

Yes, if you are going to establish a free zone business, then you must have an office space in UAE. But office detailing comes with flexible options.

Setting up a company in the free zone of UAE can provide great advantages to the business owners. It will allow you to enjoy full ownership rights over your company. Moreover, it will also create mammoth revenues for your company. There are also some other benefits which include exemption from taxes and many other networking opportunities. Some top free zones include DMCC Authority Free Zone,  Creative City Fujairah, Dubai South, UAQ FTZ, SHAMS. The financial times awarded DMCC Authority Free Zone ‘Global Free Zone of the Year’ no less than four times. This clearly means that this zone is ideal to operate in. Furthermore, Creative City Fujairah is the ideal option for business working in media, events. Publishing, marketing, or communications. Dubai South covers business in the aviation and logistics sectors. UAQ FTZ doesn’t focus on a few select industries but also caters to businesses from all sectors. The UAQ FTZ is not in Dubai, so there is less competition in this economic zone. Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) is largely famous in the entrepreneurial industry. It is not extremely cheap, and it is also a fast-growing economic zone. All these free zones have been acting as a great place for entrepreneurs all over the world to generate profits from their business. These zones have been a hub for the richest businessmen. Many great companies are running in these free economic zones. These zones provide great benefits to the owners.

A free zone company can give you a lot of benefits. Free zone companies have been running the United Arab Emirates for years now. Their business owners have been getting extremely high profits. This is so because the trade is stable over there. Although one should have an ample amount of money in the pocket as it is required to set up the business in the free zone. The approximate cost is 3,000 AED to 6,000 AED per person. This cost is yearly, inclusive of renewal fees. A person having this amount of money can easily start a business in the free zone of Dubai. This also comes with many other advantages by setting this company. These include creating huge revenues, living in one of the best places in the world, having a great repute in the business industry, and living a lavish life.

Starting up a company in the Mainland is also a great step to increase your revenues over the years. The mainland companies have to go through some procedures to run the business. It includes finding a local shareholder who is residing in the Emirates. When one has found a shareholder, then he can set up his business with ease. The benefit offered to these companies is that they can set their offices anywhere in the city. The total initial cost comes out to be approximately 25,000 AED to start a business in mainland Dubai. The best thing about this is that you can operate anywhere in the city. It doesn’t restrict you to a specific area.

Many countries are running free zone businesses to offer cash flow advantages without import-export taxes, trade levies, and import controls.

A free zone company is a limited culpability company run by the rules and regulations of the free zone in which it is established. UAE commercial company law does not apply to free zone companies. 

Free zone business is one in which trade is without any currency restrictions, and there are no import and export taxes upon trade. Free zone business is also exempt from personal taxes and VAT that is currently at 5 percent. 

Free Zone Company or free zone trade in Dubai includes businesses exempted from customs taxes, value-added tax (VAT), income tax, and corporate tax. Business owners with free zone companies in Dubai have 100 percent ownership of their company or business. 

More than 30 free zones are operating in Dubai. Few examples are given 

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Dubai Design District
  • Dubai Healthcare City
  • Dubai International Academic City
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
  • Dubai Knowledge Village
  • Dubai Media City
  • Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
  • International Media Production Zone
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Dubai Production City
  • Dubai World Central (Dubai South)
  • Dubai Studio City
  • Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone

Every free zone is designed accordingly around few specific industries and only offer license to those companies that come in those specific industries list. 

Any individual or organization looking to run a free zone business must apply for a visa first for further proceedings.

A free zone visa comes with few more benefits

  • Businesses owners get 100 % foreign national ownership
  • No need to pay import and export taxes
  • Exemption from corporation taxes for some time 
  • No charges upon funds transfer
  • Long term leasing availability up to 25 years

There are uncountable advantages of establishing a free zone company in Dubai like full ownership, no taxes, no transfer fee on funds, etc. 

For maximum profits and gains, you need to know about the best free zone in Dubai.

Dubai Multi Commodity Center (DMCC) Authority free zone is the top free zone in Dubai. This zone is awarded by financial times as the “global free zone of the year.” It is situated in the heart of Dubai’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers district.

It is the top highest free zone and largest region and a perfect place for companies operating their commodities businesses.  

You can cancel your free zone visa in two ways 

  • Cancel it via a registered typing center or online by filling the application form 
  • Or you can visit a typing office registered by GDRFA in the emirates. The typing center will fill a cancelation form and further process it online on your behalf. 

You can get the most common residence type Visa via an employment contract with a free zone company in a free zone. UAE residence visa is valid for three years. New and emerging business people looking to register their company in Dubai can obtain residency through an employment Visa or investor visa.

FZE or FZC refers to a limited liability company LLC established in any free zone across UAE. The FZE or FZC indicates the number of partners/shareholders in the company. Both terms are used with the company’s tradename, for example, XYZ LLC FZE or XYZ LLC FZC.

Here’s the difference between FZE and FZC:

FZE – Free Zone Establishment: A limited liability company established in the free zone with a single owner is termed FZE

FZC – Free Zone Company: A limited liability company established in the free zone with multiple owners (up to 5) is termed FZC

FZC and FZE are technical terms used by UAE authorities to classify the companies with single and multiple ownership. If any of these terms are used with your company’s tradename, don’t get confused.

The term FZE LLE refers to a Free Zone Establishment Limited Liability Enterprise. In simple words, it means an LLE established in UAE Free Zone with single ownership. The FZE LLE is a combination of two terms, FZE which is used by UAE authorities to classify companies in the free zone with single ownership, while LLE is an acronym of Limited liability Enterprise, a type of legal entity.

The free zone visa is canceled by the termination of your employment contract in any company established in the free zone. The employer and employee are required to be present at the free zone headquarter for the termination employment contract followed by visa cancellation. In the process, all protocols must be followed, and the contract must be terminated with the consent and mutual agreement of employer and employee.

When going to the free zone headquarter, you must carry your passport and I.D. card issued by Emirates authorities with you. Once your employment contract is terminated, your free zone visa will also be canceled. Moreover, you’ll be given a grace period to sort out everything before evacuating the free zone and departing for your home country. If you fail to leave the country after visa cancellation, you will be fined per day while you overstay.

JAFZA or Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority regulates the trade and business activities in Jebel Ali Free Zone also issues trade licenses to companies established in the free zone. Recently, JAFZA has reviewed and reformed its employment rules and regulations pertaining to the employment contract. The authority has introduced unlimited employment contracts from September 2019. The changes are made according to the UAE federal laws to align with other free zones. 

The JAFZA’s new unlimited employment contracts allow companies to hire employees for unlimited time without the need for contract renewal. This contract is not only for new employees, but the companies can also shift their existing employees to this contract. It can be done by submitting an application at JAFZA Headquarter; the authorities will review the application and give a decision accordingly. The companies can also apply for this new contract while applying for the new residence visa of the employee.

FAQs - Bank Account

Yes, you have to close all your bank accounts while leaving Dubai. Close your accounts if you are not further using or not required. All these proceedings will take up to two months. 

Before leaving Dubai, remember few things to do

  • Clear all your Debits and loans
  • Cancel your credit cards, bank loans, and overdrafts with banks 

To close your bank accounts can be a daunting task. You have to follow a detailed procedure to close your account.

Find a new bank and transfer your payments or credits to your new account

Then close your account by submitting a written request

Required documents to close an account are; 

  • I.D. verification card/ document such as driving license or passport having your identity picture
  • Detailed records having your information and account details
  • Bank statement or account card

Few banks do not charge any fee at the time of account closure. Charges may vary from bank to bank.

You can call or visit your bank or send a written letter to the bank office to close your account. Bank officials will assign you an account closing form. 

Fill the form and submit with required documents.

If you don’t close, your bank account bank will inform you with a legal letter if an account is inactive and then send a letter declaring the version is closed.

FAQs - RAK Business Setup

RAK or RAS Al Khaimah is a business zone in off skirts of Dubai Mainland; it has emerged as a business hub for both local and international companies. The RAK offshore company refers to the international business companies (IBCs) established in Ras Al Khaimah. The RAK is an ideal business zone in UAE to establish an offshore company; it is offering tons of advantages for international business owners. 

Here are some good benefits of having an offshore company in RAK:

  • No corporate or income taxes at all
  • No requirement of local ownership
  • No restrictions on currencies for business
  • No need for a local office or employees

Apart from these good benefits, your RAK offshore company is allowed to own real estate in UAE, and the company can also act as a holding company. Moreover, your company will be part of over 1200 offshore companies registered in RAK.

Starting a business in a RAK-free zone is quite easy and quick. The business regulatory authorities in RAK free zone don’t require hefty paperwork or long processing time; you can come and get started with your business. Here’s how can you start a business in RAK free zone:

  • Choose the type of company you want to establish for your business
  • Select a tradename according to the guidelines from the authority
  • Submit an application for the business license
  • Choose your business location in RAK free zone
  • Get the required approvals from government bodies and arrange all additional documents
  • Establish your business, get your license, and start your business


Ejari is an online registration system approachable through the web, designed to perform all the legal requirements, including the vision and mission of creating a strong regulatory system to control and handle all the tasks in the rental market of Emirates.

All the rental and lease projects are recorded at this portal. This system can protect the rights of everyone in this rental market. 

You need few documents to register on Ejari;

  • Tenancy contract (originally signed)
  • Passport of Tenant
  • Tenant’s UAE Visa
  • Security deposit slip
  • Email ID of Tenants
  • Power attorney document’s copy
  • Premises number (9 digits DEWA)
  • DEWA bills and last Ejari if needed
  • Trade license 
  • Landlord’s passport copies

Yes, you can do Ejari online. It is an online established system that offers quick and easiest to register and cancel tenancy contracts in Dubai.

You don’t need to visit the Ejari office or any rental authority for your registrations. You can handle the entire process on the internet such as document submission, registration, documents check, Ejari certificate’s delivery and payment of government fee all can be done online.

For your convenience and time-saving, Ejari has specialists who proofread your application and documents, complete all the necessary paperwork and submit your application to RERA on your behalf. So you receive a registration certificate online. If required, applicants can get a scan or hard copy of the certificates.

Ejari is an electronic registration system initiated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). This system is built to record all rentals and lease project data at this portal. It legalizes and handles unpleasant relations between landlords and tenants and protects the rights of persons involved in the rental market. 

The price for online registration on Ejari is 365 AED only. Along with the registration fee, you have to pay for the Ejari license, certificate registration fee, including other charges. Total RERA charges plus Government charges are 585 AED. 

Yes, a tenant can register Ejari online at www.ejari-online.com. Ejari online registration is available publically all the time. A tenant has to submit an Ejari registration request for getting registered. 

But you have to fulfill all the requirements of registration, such as;

  • Details of applicants (first and last name, email ID, permanent address, undertaking form)
  • Details of tenants (phone number, email I.D., tenant’s type, passport, UAE Visa, license)
  • Tenancy contract
  • Supporting documents and all additional information
  • In the end, check and proofread your documents for final submission

Registration on Ejari is mandatory; otherwise, you may lead to a penalty.

Ejari is a complete and organized system that deals with the registration of rental and leasing contracts with a proper record system. Real Estate Regulatory System (RERA) has implemented this system via an online portal.

If you are looking for residential and commercial lease contracts, then you must get registered at Ejari; otherwise, in case of failure, you will be responsible for circumstances. The fee is affordable, and the registration process is quick, user-friendly, and helpful.

You need few documents to renew your Ejari

  • Copies of Emirates ID
  • Copies of passport
  • Copies of UAE Visa
  • Copy of last registered Ejari (only in case of renewal)
  • DEWA bill
  • Copy of title Deed

The price for online registration on Ejari is 365 AED only. Along with the registration fee, you have to pay for the Ejari license, certificate registration fee, including other charges. Total RERA charges plus Government charges are 585 AED. 

But for a renewal process, Ejari charges only 170 AED, including 5% VAT. So you can renew your tenancy contract anytime effortlessly.

Yes, Ejari is mandatory for Visa renewal.

You need Ejari certificates for multiple tasks such as for Visa renewal, for new trade license or renewal license, for getting a family visa, or for family visa renewal and different municipal transactions. 

To get your Ejari is very easy. You have to follow few steps;

  • Download Ejari mobile app
  • Get registered with your Emirates ID, passport, or visa copy
  • Upload your documents (copies of Emirates ID, copies of passport, copies of UAE visa, DEWA bill, copy of title deed)
  • For making a contract, your landlord must register on Ejari

For online renewal Ejari, you required documents such as copies of Emirates ID, copies of passport, copies of UAE visa, DEWA bill, copy of title deed, and last Ejari contract copy also. The process is almost the same as you follow while registering.

No, you cannot do Ejari for three months. You can rent for six months. Anything having a rental period of fewer than six months comes in short term lease. For three months, you have to register for a short-term lease; otherwise not permissible. 

No, it’s not possible having two different Ejari at different names because all rental contracts have been prepared in one name.

Making a contract involves tenants, landlords, and maybe a company. Tenants registered their contracts and paid the required charges.

The Ejari certificate is a confirmation that the tenancy agreement has been registered with the Dubai land department. The landlord or Property Management Company must cancel the Ejari. They should cancel the Ejari on the expiry of the tenancy if the property is vacant. The Ejari certificates do not expire automatically when the lease is expired. Ejari can be canceled via an online portal or the external Ejari office, and if any Ejari is not canceled, it ought to prevent a new tenancy contract registration. It is good for property owners to join the services of professional property management companies that can help to cancel Ejari timely and in line with government regulations.

There may be some situations such as a family emergency, company relocation, or any other factor that can compel you to terminate the tenancy agreement before its expiry date. In these cases, you can break a tenancy agreement by negotiating with your landlord.

Check your contract for any exit clauses or penalties mentioned. If you don’t have such clauses, you should approach your landlord and negotiate to reach a mutual understanding. Explain the situation to find an exit deal. You may have two options. Either provide a tenant replacement or pay the penalty to overcome the situation.

Yes, you can get your Ejari certificate online. You should visit ejari-online.com and follow these steps;

  • Upload your documents
  • Pay the Ejari fees online
  • Wait for one or two days
  • Now you are registered for the Ejari certificate
  • Your certificate will be emailed to your mailbox

RERA stands for real estate regulatory agency. It is a government agency to regulate the real estate sector in Dubai. It’s a head agency that sets plans and policies in the real estate sector to increase foreign investments. Vice president and prime minister of UAE and ruler of Dubai Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the founder of RERA.

Both tenants and landlords can file a rental dispute case at the rent dispute resolution center.

Let’s see how you can complain?

First of all, you have to familiarize yourself with Dubai tenancy law. Inform the other party and try to negotiate a solution. You need the following documents to register a complaint;

  • Ejari tenancy contract and certificate
  • Latest DEWA bill
  • Title deed and passport of the landlord
  • Passport and visa copy of the tenant
  • Emirates ID
  • Rental deposit slips
  • Proof of correspondence between the parties
  • Any other supporting documents 

Now register a case online. There is also a cost of filling a rental dispute in RDC Dubai.

The first step to get a RERA certificate in Dubai is to obtain a valid residency permit in Dubai. Once you have the visa, you have to sign up for the training with Dubai Real Estate Institue (DREI). There are various modules covered in DREIs training like history and development, the business of a broker, sales process and agreement, etc. You can take classes online. Once you complete the four-day training, you will have to appear in a written RERA registration exam. After clearing the exam, you will get a RERA certificate.

FAQs - DMCC Dubai

The abbreviation of DMCC is Dubai Multi Commodities Centre and was established by the Government of Dubai in 2002 to provide financial infrastructure and market that was needed to set up a hub for worldwide commodities trade. It encourages trade from diamond, goods from gold and other valuable metals to small goods, tea, food, and all industrial materials. As of 2021, it is the largest free zone in UAE, with approximately 18,000 registered members. DMCC was named as the number one top global free zone in 2018 by Financial Times FDI magazine. 

DMCC member portal offers you various helps in managing your business-related tasks at one place by doing it online. You can simply apply online for different company services through this portal, such as;

  • Amendment in company details
  • Applying for approvals
  • Get NOCs
  • Applying for licenses 

This online DMCC portal for members makes the work more efficient, easy, and quick. It eases your workload and provides you more time to sort out other important tasks for your company. DMCC online portal also processes visa applications and usually takes three to five working days to get them issued, which depends upon approvals from the Immigration department. 

First of all, it depends on either you are applying for a visa while you are in UAE or outside UAE.

The process for people who are inside UAE is as follows;

  • Complete your application
  • Upload all required documents
  • Pay fee and submit S.R.
  • Double-check the type of visa you are going to apply for and then submit an application in the immigration system
  • Receive your visa and then upload your e-visa on the online member portal
  • Visit the DMCC counter to submit your passport

The process for those who are outside of the UAE is as follows;

  • Complete your application fully
  • Upload all the required documents
  • Do pay the fee and then submit S.R.
  • Verify the type of visa and submit your application to the immigration system
  • Once you receive your e-visa, then upload it on the member portal
  • You can enter in UAE by showing a copy of your e-visa
  • Visit DMCC counter to submit passport 

It totally depends on the type of visa an applicant applied for and either the person is in UAE or outside the UAE. All visa applications on DMCC’s online portal usually take three to five working days for issuance. But it is also subject to the approvals granted by the Immigration department. 

If you want to start a DMCC company, then you have to follow these steps;

  • Decide on your business activity and then choose the relevant license
  • Complete your online application carefully
  • Pay the initial fee of 1,035 AED 
  • Submit your application 
  • After getting a company name and other approvals by DMCC, pay registration and license fees
  • Sign the legal documents
  • DMCC will then issue a provisional approval letter along with a bank letter (which will be used to open a company bank account)
  • DMCC will issue your e-license after five working days 
  • You are now good to do business in DMCC