A Guide on How to Start Information Technology (IT) Company in Dubai

How to Start Information Technology (IT) Company in Dubai

This is the best time to jumpstart your information and technology business in Dubai. Ever since the pandemic hit the globe, the majority of IT Companies closed, and some have withdrawn from the business completely.  Therefore, starting an information and technology business in Dubai right now will be a profound move to earn extra money.

So, here are the best steps to put into consideration when starting an Information and Technology business in Dubai;

  • Plan your business activities
  • Create an IT team
  • Select your trade name
  • Choose a company legal structure
  • Select an ideal location for your IT business
  • Obtain a valid IT license
  • Get a residential visa if you don’t have
  • Undergo medical test
  • Sign the relevant documentation for your business approval

Currently, the information and technology business in Dubai has witnessed unprecedented growth, unlike other businesses. This is because of the advanced and looming technology enabling investors to come up with new ideas on how to grow their IT Company as well.

Therefore, with approximately 93% of tech start-ups in the UAE, the information and technology business in Dubai keeps on skyrocketing. Thus, there is no better time to start an information and technology business or company in Dubai, unlike today.

Additionally, due to the high-end tech environment, the ease of doing business in the field of technology, and the advanced infrastructure, Dubai is well-known as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. On top of that, the free-tax region in some zone paints a prolific image in the Dubai marketplace.

And so, with good support and plan, it is easy to establish a successful information and technology business in Dubai. After your business is set up, you’ll have access to IT business services in and out of Dubai depending on your business location, a perfect workplace, and network with other investors amicably.

Sounds good, right?

So, the following are the detailed step-by-step guide that walks you through information and technology business set up in Dubai.

How to Start Information Technology (IT) Company in Dubai

If you are looking forward to starting an IT company in Dubai, we got you covered. In this article, we’ve documented where you need to set up your IT Company, why is it profitable to start an IT business in Dubai, and the steps to put into consideration when setting up a business in Dubai.

Information and Technology Company in Dubai

Information Technology (IT) Company


Let’s get started;

Plan your business activities

Before starting your IT company business in Dubai, you’d want to outline some of the IT business activities your company will be conducting. In most cases, your business activity will solely determine the type of license your IT Company will apply.

There are several sub-groups in the technology sector ranging from hardware development sales to software development your company can venture into. Therefore, outlining your business activities will be the first thing to start within your IT business setup journey.

Similarly, you can select specialized IT services or generalized IT services for your company. Thus, outlining your business activities will help you map out other key areas of your business.

Create an IT team

You can’t run an IT company alone. With different sub-groups embedded in this field, you may want to recruit professional IT members to join your company. That means; having the right group of professional and competent IT teams will help your business grow exponentially.

Thus, once you’ve decided on the type of services to offer in Dubai, think of creating a team to help you with different business setups in your company.

Nonetheless, this process might not be easy as it seems, but with the help of Vigor Business Company Formation in Dubai, we can make the process easy for you. Contact us anytime and get your business problem fixed just in a few seconds.

Once you’ve create your IT business team, move to the next step.

Select your trade name

There are rules governing the naming of companies in Dubai. Therefore, before naming your IT business, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the best naming conventions for your trade name. For instance, avoid copyright issues when naming your IT Company, use simple and easy-to-pronounce words, avoid offensive words, and more.

Above all, it is recommended to select a trading name that befits your IT business. This will help your clients resonate with what your business offers to them.

Choose a company legal structure

To form any business legal entity in the UAE, you have to decide on which entity your business will embrace. Enrolling in a legal entity comes with different pros including property protection. If you are not entitled to any legal structure, your assets are susceptible to being sued in case your business goes bankrupt, or fails.

Thus, these entities such as the LLC might help you when such things transpire. And so, you might choose a legal structure ranging from Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Commercial Agency, Representative Office, Branch of Foreign Company, and more.

Select an ideal location for your IT business

Business location is another major item to place in your business setup journey. Generally, the location of business matters a lot. Your business can be productive based on your business environment.

Therefore, in the UAE, there are zones that you can select to start your business. These zones include the Dubai Mainland and the Free Zone. You are recommended to select either Dubai Mainland or Free Zone based on your IT business activities.

However, to get an in-depth understanding of what the pros and cons of each zone come with; you can seek help from an expert business consultant in Dubai.

Obtain a valid IT license

License is one of the most important documents to have in your business when launching your company. Typically, you cannot start any business in the UAE without a valid license for your business.

That means; you need an IT trading license from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai for you to start an information Company in the UAE.

Obtaining a professional license is one of the processes that most foreign investors find hard to execute. Simply, there are lots of documentation needed and legal requirements to full fill. This can make your entire application process cumbersome.

Nonetheless, worry less, Vigor Business Set Up in Dubai provides business setup services to all nationals who are looking forward to starting a business in Dubai. Therefore, we help investors to obtain their trading licenses, register their companies, and get other relevant documents needed in their business.  Feel free to reach out for help at any time at your convenience.

Having said that, the following are the documents required when applying for an IT trading license in Dubai;

  • Valid Birth Certificate
  • Passport and visa copies of the proposed owner, manager, director, and legal representative of the IT company if there is any
  • A copy of your Emirates ID if requested
  • A summary of your Company’s plan

After you’re done with licensing process and find you don’t have a valid residential visa, move to the next step.

Get a residential visa if you don’t have

To be permitted to work in the UAE, you must be a holder of a UAE residential visa if you don’t have one. The UAE authorities cannot allow foreign investors to work in their country without a valid residential visa.

Thus, to live and work in the United Arabs Emirates, you’ll be required to apply for a residential visa to the immigrant department concerned with visa-related issues.

If you’ve decided to start your IT business in a Free Zone, then having a residential visa is part of the IT business setup process required to be executed with care.

Undergo medical test

After you’re done with licensing and visa application, another crucial step to undergo is medical testing. Generally, you’ll be tested if you possess specific diseases such as HIV and AIDS, hepatitis B, Tuberculosis among others if you did not undergo the process earlier.

The screening process in Dubai is prevent the spread of diseases and provides a hassle-free environment for business.

If you are detected to have any infectious diseases, your visa application and other processes will be canceled immediately. And get deported back into your country. So, ensure you take a medical test in your original country before applying for anything in the UAE. However, if you are found clean, the UAE authorities will permit you to move to the final step of the IT business setup.

Sign the relevant documentation for your business approval

This is usually the final step involved when setting up an IT company in Dubai. Therefore, you’ll be required to collect and sign documents such as the MoA, Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, and Company License.

The aforementioned points are the steps you need to adhere to when starting an IT company in Dubai. Then, why should you start an IT company right now?

Let’s find out:

Why Should You Start IT Company in Dubai?

I know you might be wondering why is it important to kick off an IT business in Dubai this year, right? The need for tech innovation and other upcoming tech events plays a huge role in starting an IT business soonest.

The good news has it technology is one of the fields which has witnessed tremendous growth even in this grueling pandemic. Online business has become the order of the day and more innovation across the globe is evident. So, here are the reasons why you should start an IT company in Dubai;

  1. Rise in technology across the globe
  2. Lack of competition in this field
  3. Ease and business-friendly environment for conducting tech activities in Dubai
  4. Experts predict there will be increased demand for tech services in the future

So, you don’t have excuses as to why you shouldn’t start IT Company in Dubai since the future for this business is promising. And so, if you want to know how much you’ll need to start an IT business in Dubai, continue reading;

How much does it cost to start an IT business in Dubai?

The cost of starting a business in Dubai differs depending on the type of business activities, the licensing application, and the zone for your business setup. The start-up cost for businesses set up in Dubai Mainland and Free zone is completely different.

Generally, the cost of starting an IT company in Dubai might range from as less as 1, 000 AED to as much as1, 000,000 AED.

However, the start-up capital for the Free Zone business setup might be approximately 50,000 AED.


Starting an IT company in Dubai might be tough, especially if you don’t have any IT skills. To gets your business up and running, you must have IT skills to propel your business and understand what is needed altogether.

Nonetheless, you can seek professional advice from an expert consultant at Vigor Business Set up Company Formation in Dubai. Here, we will walk you through the entire business setup journey such as company registration, licensing application, and other paperwork applications.

Get in touch with us for more business setup ideas; info@vigorbiz.net