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Have you ever pondered setting up a business on your own in UAE, but did not know how or where to start to have a business formation in dubai? Or perhaps you have already taken all the necessary steps towards starting a company but looking for someone to help out with the contract formalities? Formation of a local company in UAE, or an offshore company in the UAE and the other GCC countries are possible with the right guidance, expertise and connections. Our range of company formation and business setup in Dubai services includes helping you with operating procedures such as book-keeping, management of your accounting records, sales and purchase transactions (proper documentation/transaction history), transporting goods to and from the country, as well as fund transfers into your own bank account so that you don’t have to rely on outside providers for these services. With the Vigor Business Setup and Company formation solutions, you get a local sponsor to support your company in a simple yet nominal cost as we know setting up a business in Dubai can take a toll on your budgets.

Vigor business setup up consultants in dubai Services consist of basic formation of your company according to basic annual sponsorship fees and Will suffice your business to establish in Dubai and become the business and banking hub of the region in a short span of 2-3 working days. Vigor Business Setup and Company Formation is a full-service firm based in the UAE that specialized in helping foreigners with their business setup requirements. It is run by professionals who advise on the best ways to minimize risks and save time and money while setting up your new business setup in dubai. The knowledge, skills and experience of company formation in Dubai at Vigor Business Setup are often needed to ensure you make the most of your new business in UAE. With Vigor business setup consultants in Dubai, you receive complete virtual office services if you don’t wish to have a physical office in the country. All you need is a physical presence in the country and you can access a work address as well as mail handling facilities from anywhere in UAE or the world. You have unlimited access to all the business support around your new enterprise.


On the other hand, the benefits of hiring a UAE company formation agent are excellent, mainly because they have local connections and knowledge which is why Vigor is ranked as the best business setup company in dubai  to lower your Dubai trade license cost which is required for a Dubai mainland license. They can also set up your “one-stop shop” in any area of your choice because we are optimized in terms of time required and the cost of setting up a business in dubai. They have specialists that can assist you with all the necessary paperwork for any llc company formation in dubai. Our Partners offer business registration service to establish your new, or existing business in Dubai. Our flexible services allow you to appoint a local partner or deal directly with us, giving more control over the management of your business.

Our business setup services in dubai also assist you to obtain a trade license for free and offer legal guarantee of payment to suppliers and contractors before you start trading in Dubai freezone company formation.

Our comprehensive package of services allows you to focus on your business operations, allowing us to stay in touch with all the latest legal developments that concern businesses in Dubai. With the help of Vigor Business Setup, you can setup your business in Dubai within 1 or 2 business days. Our legal agreement is a part of Business Setup and binding to both parties. Both parties must fulfill each other’s obligations while setting up a company in dubai. As a new or existing business in Dubai, you will need to have at least one local partner. To register for all trade licenses and permits, we act as that partner be it a mainland company formation or a freezone company. We are businesses ourselves and understand what is involved with starting up. We have been through the process many times, hence you can rest assured knowing that your business will get off to a good start and lower your Dubai freezone company setup cost. With Vigor Business Setup and Company Formation Services, you get the best value of your money. It is a cheaper but comprehensive business setup package offered by the company formation experts here in Dubai for Middle East businesses. The total price depends on the type of business you are setting up, its location and nature of investment.

Our local partner does not interfere in the day to day management of your business. You may terminate the services of your local partner at any time, and will never be obligated to use our services beyond six months’ time. Under this arrangement you can start your business in a few hours and be open for business on the same day. Establishing a business in Dubai can be an overwhelming task, which is why we offer a wide range of services. Our services include registration with the relevant government departments when required, and also assist you in obtaining permission certificates from the Ministry of Labor, trade licenses from DIFC-LCIA (Dubai International Financial Center) & DED (Dubai Economic Department), visa / residence permits for key personnel and procurement of utility services such as telecoms, electricity, water and Etisalat for your landline and Internet. In accordance with UAE laws and regulations we cooperate with different government departments to provide you with the most efficient services. The main services we offer, according to local laws, include company formation, license acquisition and PRO services for government bodies. Our full service law firm offers corporate law advice and assists foreign companies to setup local business in UAE. Our client includes companies from the US, UK, France, Italy & Russia to mention a few.

Find The Best Opportunities

We will help you identify the best opportunities and structures for you, ensuring that you are in compliance with all applicable UAE laws and regulations. Our local experts will help you to establish your company and business in this region with a low cost business setup in Dubai or be it for offshore company formation in Dubai.

Reach us today to discuss your business requirements and benefit from the various tax saving schemes in the UAE. Our professional team of consultants will be able to help you expand your business to the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

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