What are the Requirements for Dubai Visa Application for Indian Citizens this (2022)

Requirements for Dubai Visa Application
Requirements for Dubai Visa Application

Do you know Dubai is ranked among the top 10 most visited cities in the globe? That means; Dubai is a land for everyone who is willing to invest or have fun. Currently, Indians are eyeing Dubai, thus, Indian citizens are flocking into this city primarily for their personal gain. With marvelous attraction sites, world-class infrastructure, desert safaris, and shopping centers, everyone wants to reside or visit Dubai.  Requirements for Dubai Visa Application for Indian Citizens However, every city in this world has its rules and policies as far as visitors are concerned. So, what are the requirements for a Dubai visa for Indians?

As an Indian citizen, here are the top requirements for a Dubai visa application for Indians this year;

  • Sized Passport photos
  • A valid passport, minimum of six months
  • A copy of your signed and completed Dubai visa application form
  • Your itinerary information
  • Authentic proof of your flight and hotel bookings
  • Your ticket copy
  • Your address proof
  • Bank statement for the last six months to ascertain you have  sufficient funds to cater for your visit
  • A cover letter having all the details about your itinerary
  • Letter from anyone who lies in Dubai, it can be your friend or relative

Thus, having the above documents required in UAE for Dubai visa application are a free ticket for your entry into the city of Dubai. One of the top-tier reasons Indians are looking forward to getting into the UAE is the freedom to enjoy the diversity that the city comes with. Here, there are diverse nationalities of people who are staying in Dubai as experts in different spectrums of their work. Additionally, the chance to use well-established infrastructure and enjoy the amazing architecture in Dubai gives it a sweet fragrance to seek a Dubai visa. 

How do you apply for a Dubai visa for Indians? This is another huge question perturbing most Indian citizens. Yes, Dubai permits all citizens from different nations to visit and be UAE residents including those from Indian, right? But how will get the Dubai visa for you to be accepted into Dubai residencies? Having the documents intact is okay, nonetheless, possessing the Dubai visa is another thing. 

To shed light on this, here are the solid steps you can implement to get the Dubai visa, just in a few seconds. 

Let’s dive in;

Steps to Apply for Dubai Visa for Indians

As aforementioned, there are some requirements you need to hold to get your Dubai visa. However, if you’re not acquainted with the solid steps on how to apply for Dubai Visa is as good as nothing. In this section, you’ll learn everything you need to know for you to get your visa effortlessly. Let’s jump in;

  • Filling a form is the first step you’ll be compelled to adhere to when applying for your Dubai visa for Indians. 
  • Thus, the following documents will be essential when filling in your form;
  • A passport copy which is scanned
  • A valid passport, preferably six months old from the date of travel
  • A scanned copy of the colored ID photo
  • A sized passport photograph with a white background

Also, be sure to have a relative or friend, which is referred to as a sponsor in Dubai. Essentially, your application form might look different depending on your current sponsor. 

So, after you’ve successfully finished submitting your valid documents for attestation, you’ll be required to move to the second phase which involves payment and revising your application for your Dubai visa application. 

Finally, you might upload any relevant additional document to increase your likelihood of getting your visa faster. 

Now that you’re deeply informed about the nitty-gritty needed for a Dubai visa application for Indians, you might be asking, how much does it cost to get a Dubai visa from Indian, right?

Let’s find out:

How Much Does a Dubai Visa Cost from India?

The cost of a Dubai visa always tallies with the type of visa you want in the UAE. Since people have different intents when visiting Dubai, their cost also might vary as per how long or short they will be staying in Dubai. 

So, here is the cost of a Dubai visa depending on the type of visa you’ll have opted for in the country.

Ninety Days Visit Visa Rs.14,100
Multi-Entry Short-Term Visa Rs.13,580
Short-Term Visit-Single Rs.5,690 Rs.7310
Multi-Entry Long-Term Visa  Rs.34,300
48-hour Visa Rs.820


From the table above, the type of visa you’ll apply for will determine the amount you’ll spend. Therefore, it is easy now to select the type of visa as per your needs and what you are going to do in the city. In case you are looking to spend 48 hours in Dubai, Rs.820 is the exact amount you’ll pay unless otherwise. 

Do Indian citizens need a Visa for Dubai?

The simple answer is yes. If you’re a passport holder in India, this means you can visit Dubai any time of your choice provided you have a Dubai visa for Indians. You can either apply offline or online depending on the methodology that will suit you. 

Therefore, any Indian citizen in possession of a valid Visa, normal passport, or a Green Card provided by the UK, USA, or EU Residency is eligible for a Dubai visa on arriving in the city for a maximum stay of fourteen days. 

Final Thoughts

Visiting seems intriguing to almost everyone, especially those who cherish investment and seeing the world through traveling. And, one of the best ways to explore the world is by visiting Dubai. The city is full of world-class infrastructure, architects, a sunny climate, and a stable economy among others.  Therefore, with a huge influx of people in the UAE, including Indians, the UAE nationals decided to provide visas for every tourist or person entering their country.

And, so, one of the visas issued out by the UAE authorities in the country is a Dubai visa for Indians. Indian citizens are also privileged to visit UAE when they wish. However, when applying for a Dubai visa, there are several specs as an Indian citizen you need to have for you to apply for your visa in Dubai. Some of the requirements include your address proof, itinerary information, and bank statement for the last six months to ascertain you have sufficient funds to cater for your visit, and more. 

For more information, you may check our visa services in UAE.