How to Apply Online for the Dubai Virtual Company License

Dubai Virtual Company License

Thanks to the Dubai virtual company license that has simplified the global business trend. UAE has an elaborate market plan that attracts investors in large numbers to do business in Dubai. Nonetheless, since time immemorial, investors had to relocate to Dubai to start their businesses. This practice has limited several entrepreneurs who are thirsty for business setup in UAE. However, to escape the hassles that come with relocation. Dubai has started to provide entrepreneurs with the option to start their business virtually without moving from their place of origin. 

Moreover, to start a virtual company, there are rules and procedures you need to uphold that align with the UAE marketplace. And, one of the pertinent steps to consider is having the Dubai virtual company license.

Therefore, to get a virtual license in Dubai, you’ll be compelled to fill out the virtual company registration form first. Upload relevant documents needed for your company registration in UAE. Follow up on the status of your virtual company license application, and visit VFS Global for passport verification and identification. Once the process is done, pay the cost for the Dubai virtual company license.

Therefore, before unleashing the possible steps on how to apply for the Dubai virtual company license, let’s get to know what a virtual company license means.

What Does Virtual Company License Means?

The virtual company license is also referred to as the virtual commercial license. Therefore, this is simply a directive or a go-ahead that enables foreign investors to digitally stabilize their business in UAE, without staying in Dubai. 

This licensing is open to more than 101 foreign business countries and includes sectors such as technology, creative industries, and services. In the same vein, the virtual company license in UAE will permit several investors to conduct different activities such as signing and submitting documents electronically. And this will be legal within the UAE marketplace. 

Nonetheless, every market has its convections. As such, there are some requirements that you need to meet to be eligible for the new business license in Dubai. So, if you are novel longing to start a virtual company, read the following requirements to see if you’re eligible for the licensing.

Requirements for Virtual Company License in Dubai

  • Applicants of this type of license can’t be residing within UAE
  • Business proprietors of the virtual companies in UAE must be tax or national residents from the following approved 101 countries; Russia, India, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, United States, Japan, and China among others.
  • Only people with predefined business such as jewelry, computer programming, and design activities in fields of fashion, consultancy, and related activities are allowed to conduct virtual business in Dubai.

If a virtual company setup in Dubai is your heart, you can calibrate your business to correspond with the set tenets for a virtual company license in Dubai. After you’ve secured your virtual license, what are its benefits? Let’s check them out;

 Benefits of Virtual Company Business License in Dubai

As an investor, having this type of license will be of great benefits to your business as follows;

  1. Entrepreneurs can freely have access to the tremendous and lucrative market without moving from one country to another
  2. It is an affordable and quick means of setting up a business
  3.  The business gives chance also to freelancers all over the world to access the marketplace without applying for residence visas and more.

The Virtual company license in Dubai allows several investors to have freedom in what they do. Therefore, to apply for one, in this article, we’ve presented step-by-step instructions on how to apply for the Dubai virtual company license this year.

Step-by-step instruction for the Dubai Virtual Company License Application

#1 Fill out the Virtual Company Registration Form

When applying for a virtual company license, apparently you’d have decided on the nature of your business and the activities therein. Business activities are must-have facts to incorporate before applying for a business license. 

Therefore, you’ll be required to register your company by filling out the virtual company registration form. You can pay a visit to the Dubai Virtual Company’s official website to start the registration process for your company. Hence, you’ll be required to fill an online registration form for your company.

Information such as your full name, date of birth, contact details, passport details, and if you’ve ever worked in Dubai will be required if any. While filling out the form, you must remember to present your company’s business activities and the name of the trade license of the company.

#2 Upload Relevant Document needed for your Company Registration in Dubai

This will follow suit after you’ve registered your virtual company. Therefore, the following are some of the pertinent documents you’ll be required to upload;

  • Your recent photo. 
  • Passport copies
  • Proof of your address
  • Your tax residency

#3 Follow Up the Status of your Virtual Company License Application

After you have uploaded your documents, don’t relax and wait for your virtual company license at home. Follow up to ensure everything submitted is correct. Meanwhile, the UAE authorities will be conducting their authentication process through a background check. 

This process can even go for a month. So, it is always good to follow up to check whether everything is correct as stated. After the process is complete, the business owners eventually receive an email notifying them of their results. 

#4 Visit VFS Global for passport verification and identification

Passport verification and identification from the VFS Global tend to be the last step in this process of virtual company license application. Thus, after you’ve received an email with an approval sentiment, you’ll be required to pay a visit to VFS Global for your passport verification and identification as well. 

You can visit VFS by pre-booking or making an appointment from their site or shoot an email on [email protected]  Note, you’ll be charged in this process when everything is identified and verified. 


The process of applying for the Dubai virtual company license might be a pain in the neck if you are not well-versed with the proper steps to take. A virtual company gives investors room to trade productively without moving from their country of residency. Therefore, virtual business tends to enlarge the business market for different countries to participate in entrepreneurship. 

Don’t be left out, to get the Dubai virtual license, register your company by filling an online form, upload the relevant documents needed, follow up until your license is verified and identified by VFS Global.