7 Benefits of Dubai Permanent Visa that Every (Tourist) Must Know

UAE Employment Visa
UAE Employment Visa

Are you longing for a country, which can offer you and your entire family world-class services, excellent life, and family security? Do you want to have freedom over your business by paying zero tax? And, are you looking for a city that doesn’t hold you back but permits you to live and enjoy life to the fullest? If the answer is, yes. Look for no other city but Dubai. Benefits of Dubai Permanent Visa Nonetheless, for you to enjoy all these things in UAE, you must have a Dubai permanent visa so that you may be allowed to enter and reside in UAE.

Thus, it is needless to say a Dubai permanent visa comes with lots of benefits once received. In this article, we’ve done in-depth research and documented the top seven benefits of a Dubai permanent visa every traveler must know this year. So, a Dubai resident visa comes with the following benefits;

  • Easy access to financial services in UAE
  • Simple to open your preferred bank account
  • You can apply for a Dubai driving license
  • Permitted to access UAE government health services and insurance plans
  • You can enroll your children in government and private schools in the UAE
  • Eligible to invest and work in Dubai
  • Access to travel visa-free to specific destinations

Similarly, UAE has been permitting visitors from all walks of life to reside and invest in Dubai. Through UAE authorities, they have simplified lots of things and made life easier for foreigners to stay in Dubai without imposing complicated strategies onto them. Having said that, what is the secret behind people relocating to the UAE? Continue reading to find more…

Best Reasons Why People Relocate to the UAE

UAE has registered several visitors in their country in the last 1-2 years. Currently, it is among the top five most visited countries in the world. By now, I know you might be wondering, why is UAE in the limelight despite the hard times gripping the earth?

So, here are the top-tier reasons why people relocate to the UAE in large numbers;

  • Exceptional tax benefits
  • Good at keeping residents financial information intact without disclosing it to other third parties
  • You are permitted to apply for a Dubai residence visa even for your family, partner, or spouse
  • Eligible to open more bank accounts and hold some in the other countries as your desires 
  • There are no restrictions as to how long you should stay in UAE

The above points slate UAE among the top countries in the world since the majority of the nations are off the bait in relation to what UAE offers its visitors and residents. So, before diving into the most frequently asked questions about Benefits of UAE New Green Visa, let’s dig deeper into the benefits the Dubai resident visa offers its residents and travelers.

Benefits of Dubai Permanent Visa 

It has dawned in your mind Dubai is the city to visit or resident if given a chance. However, it will require you to apply for a Dubai permanent visa in order to enjoy the benefits of possessing a permanent visa in UAE which include;

# Easy access to financial services in UAE

Imagine how difficult it can become when you don’t have the guts to withdraw or deposit money while staying in a foreign land? This is something no one wants to encounter. Thus, to avoid these hassles, you must apply for a Dubai resident visa, so that you can easily access financial services in Dubai easily. 

  • Wealth management
  • Advisory
  • Banking
  • Insurance 
  • Mutual funds and more

# Simple to open your preferred bank account

Saving is part and parcel of human life. And, so, you’ll need the best bank for your savings and other financial transactions. Luckily, having a Dubai permanent account allows you to open a bank account of your choice while in UAE. 

Therefore, there are several reputable banks in Dubai you can choose from ranging from CBI Saver Account, Emirates NBD Standard Savings Account, National Bank of Fujairah Max Saver Account, ADCB Active Saver Account. United Arab Bank Ultra Savings Account and more.

# You can apply for a Dubai driving license

Another important element is a driving license. Usually, some organizations might require you to submit your driving license, in case you miss your national identification card. That means; a driving license has a monumental role also in Dubai. However, as a resident in Dubai, you can’t have a driving license if you don’t hold a Dubai resident visa. 

Resident visa in Dubai helps you to access and apply for deeper and more confidential items in UAE. And, this is how it is most valued, especially if you want to reside in UAE. Additionally, UAE authorities don’t allow anyone to drive a car without holding a valid driving license. Hence, driving a car in UAE without having a driving license is deemed an offense by the authorities.

# Permitted to access UAE government health services and insurance plans 

Having access to government health services always assures you proper medical services. Moreover, you are allowed to access the insurance covers in Dubai for your health condition. Treatment and other health services in Dubai are superb but require you to have a Dubai permanent visa to be allowed to access their medical services. 

In terms of medical facilities and services, Dubai is also considered one of the best public health care systems in the entire globe.  Some of the best hospitals in the UAE include Latifa, Dubai, Rashid, and Hatta.

# You can enroll your children in government and private schools in the UAE

Education brightens kids’ brains and transforms them to be the best version of themselves. It goes without saying, UAE has top and well-equipped schools offering the best educational services in the globe. So, residing in UAE might give you a chance to register your children either to private or public schools in Dubai. 

Enrollment of your children into the best school in the UAE as a Dubai resident is solely dependent on the Dubai permanent visa. Meaning, it is not obligatory in Dubai to have a Dubai resident visa but mandatory to have it. 

# Eligible to invest and work in Dubai

Investing and working in Dubai is something everyone wishes they could do. With a plethora of jobs opportunity in the UAE, it is easy to land a well-paying job, unlike in other countries. Investors are all over the city trying to boost the UAE economy by engaging in different businesses. Here, there is something for everyone. And when you diligently search for it, you may land a gig and later invest in Dubai.

But, there are rules and regulations controlling the entire spectrum in UAE. Therefore, for you to be allowed to work and invest in the UAE, you must comply with their policy of holding a Dubai resident visa

# Access to travel visa-free to specific destinations

The majority of individuals visit Dubai to see excellent designs of architecture, enjoy the sunny climate, and explore the city to the fullest. Thus, in case you don’t possess a valid permanent visa in Dubai you cannot explore and enjoy the remarkable items Dubai incorporates. The resident visa accords you the freedom to use what is in the city and the country at large. 

UAE is a great place provided you’ll be compliant with all the rules, regulations, and policies set aside to govern the entire population in the country. Some rules might be only applicable to foreigners, so, before engaging in any activity in Dubai, ensure you are on the right track.

Indeed, a Dubai permanent visa is so crucial to the residents of the UAE. Nonetheless, how does it cost? 

The cost of a Permanent Visa in Dubai?

Though the cost of a resident visa in Dubai might change depending on some factors, the fee for one year of the permanent visa in Dubai is AED 100. Similarly, you’ll also be charged the processing fee, which is not fixed. The processing fee normally changes depending on your final place of visa application, which can be approximately AED70 for a single person or AED40 in case you are applying online.

Also, when applying, you ought to factor in the cost of insurance and medical insurance.

Which countries are Dubai free residence visas?

Are you puzzling where your next destination will be? UAE residents have got added advantage because they can tour visa-free to certain selected destinations. Thus, this comes as one of the most added advantages of having a permanent Dubai visa. So, as long as you are residing in UAE, you can bypass your resident visa process to some other outstanding destinations.

Therefore, the following are the visa-free destination you can reach while having a Dubai permanent visa;

  • Mauritius
  • Maldives
  • Georgia
  • Sri Lanka 
  • Azerbaijan


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