Benefits of a Manager Visa in the UAE- Open and Straight


The managerial position is a very critical pedigree, especially when you’re working with big and busy organizations. Such positions are sought-after in the UAE since it’s the global business hub. Often, you’ll run into an advertisement seeking to recruit workers in different organizations in the UAE.

The managerial position is one of the jobs positions UAE organizations are looking to fill. And, so, when you’re hired as a manager in any of the UAE organizations, the first thing you’ll be compelled to look for is a UAE manager visa.

Like any other visa in Dubai, they come with different benefits to the UAE residents after receiving them. Therefore, what is some of the benefits of a UAE manager visa once you receive it in Dubai?

Some of the benefits of a UAE manager visa includes the following;

  • Freedom to travel to most of the GCC countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain, etc.
  • Obtaining an e-visa to any of the GCC countries shall be simple
  • A manager visa in Dubai allows you to sponsor your family, house boy, maids, and private driver
  • Easy to apply and get loan banks approval easily
  • Permits you to get a driving license faster
  • You’ll be given more preference, dignity, and status once you get a manager visa in Dubai

Therefore, once you receive a manager visa in UAE, you’ll be bounded to a few things in Dubai compared to other types of visas including an employments visa. Additionally, a manager visa in Dubai permits you to change employers in an organization without requiring a NOC from the former employer.

Similarly, you need not a NOC approval from your employer to apply for a driving license in UAE, once you are a UAE manager visa certified.

So, if you are looking to apply for a manager visa in Dubai, we got you covered. In this article, we’ve shared everything you need to know about a UAE manager visa this year. Therefore, you’ll learn what a manager visa in UAE entails, the cost of applying for a manager visa, and the documents you’ll be required to submit when applying for your visa.

Sounds cool, right?

Let’s jump right into it;

What is a Manager Visa?

A manager visa in UAE is a document or visa category issued to employees in executive positions in an organization. Generally, the primary role of a manager in an organization included the following;

  • Leading
  • Organizing
  • Controlling
  • Planning

With the above functions, managers are always deemed to boost the performance of an organization. In the same vein, a manager will work together with employees to ensure projects are done effectively and as needed.

Therefore, the UAE devised a manager visa to permit managers to conduct their tasks for the effectiveness and convenience of the company.  Everyone in a managerial position in Dubai ought to have his/her manager visa.

So, as a new manager in Dubai, how will you execute the whole process and obtain your visa in UAE? If you’re looking forward to applying for your manager visa in Dubai, next week, or month, continue reading to see what is required.

Essential Documents required for Manager Visa in Dubai

The UAE authorities require you to submit certain documents when applying for a visa in Dubai. There are different types of visas with different rules and regulations. Usually, the visa policies will depend on the type of the visa and the particular functions it plays in the country.

That means; when applying for a family visa, the documents required by the UAE authority might differ from a manager visa and employment visa as well. Therefore, it is wise to know what is required of you when applying for any type of visa in the UAE.

Here are the essential documents required for a manager visa in Dubai;

  • Copies of your passport photos
  • Emirates ID card
  • Valid passport plus a photocopy
  • Copy of an original company card
  • Medical test and approved health certificates
  • Entry visa provided by the Ministry of Labor
  • An application form
  • Approved commercial license of the organization

So, ensure you submit the required documents as needed by the UAE authorities dealing with visa-related issues. However, you might pay some fees while processing your manager visa in Dubai.

What is the Cost of a Manager Visa in Dubai?

Generally, the manager visa cost in Dubai is roughly AED 7000.

In most cases, a company or your employer ought to cover some of your extra visa expenses including legal fees, translation services, medical tests, and more. In case you are processing the entire process solely without help, then 7000 AED is an approximate Dubai visa cost for most types of visas.

How Long Does a UAE Manager Visa Take to be processed?

It usually takes roughly five business days for the Ministry dealing with visas to issue visas in UAE. Therefore, when you submit your documents as needed, rest assured you’ll have your visa within five working days.

Nonetheless, not everyone who submits their documents to the UAE Ministry receives their visa on time. Some might take longer than required. Moreover, your visa application might be rejected or blacklisted once the authorities noticed something weird with you.

Your manager visa delay might happen because of incorrect documents submission. UAE visa application is always strict and demands all the applicants to follow the rule and regulations issued by the Ministry dealing with visas in UAE.

The UAE Manager Visa Final Thoughts

The UAE offers all the managers in their organization a visa which comes with lots of benefits, just like the other visa issued in the UAE. Therefore, once you have a manager visa in Dubai, you’ll be able to execute the following operations in the country;

  • You’ll be given more preference, dignity, and status once you get a manager visa in Dubai
  • Get an e-visa to any of the GCC countries easily
  • Freedom to travel to most of the GCC countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain, and more

In a nutshell, this article provides extensive data about everything concerning the UAE manager visa you must know before applying for it this year.